Current Student Loss of Life Policy

St. Clair County Community College
Policy and Procedure

Name: Current Student Loss of Life
Effective: 5/25/2018
Initiator/Author: David Goetze, director of Behavioral Intervention

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Definition of Student Loss of Life
Any current student who dies during an academic semester at the college.

1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this procedure is to demonstrate how the college will respond in the event of a student’s untimely death while currently enrolled at the college. This process is to be implemented and followed by all college staff and faculty immediately following a current student’s death during that respective academic semester.

1.3 Responsibility
It is the responsibility of the vice president of student services (or designee) to ensure that this procedure is followed and updated as needed.

2.0 Procedure

2.1 General Expectations
Faculty and staff will use the Current Student Loss of Life procedure as outlined below.

2.2 Reporting a Current Student Loss of Life
A. First responder to the scene of a Current Student Loss of Life

  1. Call 9-1-1
  2. Call Campus Patrol – 5757
    a. Campus Patrol will contact director of Behavioral Intervention (or designee).
    b. Director of Behavioral Intervention will notify vice president of Student Services and chief operating officer.

2.3 Addressing a Student Loss of Life
The director of behavioral intervention and/or vice president of Student Services will work with local authorities to notify the next of kin in the untimely death of a student. The director of Behavioral Intervention may assist with facilitating a debriefing/grief share for staff, faculty and/or students involved who may have been impacted by the student’s loss of life. Further support may also be provided to grieving family members and/or friends of the deceased student.

2.3 Student Referrals and Counseling
Student referrals and counseling resources may be found on the SC4 Portal, as deemed appropriate for supportive grief/loss follow up care.