Academic Calendar

2021 Winter Semester

Nov. 2, 2020: Registration for 2021 Winter begins (midnight)

Nov. 20: Final payment due for Winter 2021 semester (for those registering between Nov. 2 to 13)

Jan. 11: Classes begin

Jan. 11-15: Drop/add and late registration (web registration for 16-week courses ends at 11:59 p.m. on Jan. 15)

Jan. 15: End of drop/add for 16-week classes

Feb. 8: Late-Start 12-week classes start

Feb. 22: Summer 2021 registration begins (midnight)

March 8-12: Spring Break

March 15: Classes resume

March 15: Late-Start 8-week classes start

April 9: Final payment due for fall semester classes (for those registering between Feb. 22 and March 26)

April 12: Fall 2021 registration begins (midnight)

April 23: Last day to withdraw from 16-week classes with a grade “W”

May 3: Finals begin

May 7: Winter semester ends

May 10: Final grades available

2021 Summer Semester

Feb. 22: Registration begins (midnight)

April 9: Final payment due for 2020 Summer classes

May 17: Classes begin

May 17-21: Drop/add and late registration (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for in-person assistance; web registration for all classes beginning the week of May 17 ends at 11:59 p.m. on May 21)

May 31: Memorial Day (no classes)

July 5: Independence Day observed (no classes)

July 23: Last day to withdraw from late-starting (e.g. second 6-week courses) and 12-week Summer classes with a grade of “W”

Aug. 2: Finals begin

Aug. 6: Summer semester ends

Aug. 9: Final grades for Summer courses available

2021 Fall Semester

August 23: Classes begin

September 6: Labor Day (no classes)

October 4 at noon: Early Alert grades due

November 24-26: Thanksgiving break (no classes)

December 13: Finals begin

December 17: Fall Semester ends

December 20 at noon: Final grades due

2022 Winter Semester

January 10: Classes begin

February 21 at noon: Early Alert grades due

March 7-11: Spring break (no classes)

May 2: Finals begin

May 6: Winter semester ends

May 9 at noon: Final grades due

2022 Summer Semester

May 16: Classes begin

May 30: Memorial Day (no classes)

July 4: Independence Day (no classes)

August 5: Summer Semester ends

August 8 at noon: Final grades due

This calendar applies to all instructional divisions and departments of the college, on- and off-campus, with the following exceptions: In fall semester, no class which is scheduled to fulfill all its weekly requirements of contact hours on Tuesday shall be required either to schedule or meet more than sixteen Tuesdays, and Weekend College classes are excluded from this calendar.