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Financial Aid Forms and Resources

Financial aid

Financial aid forms and resources

Federal Application for Federal Student Aid


2023-24 Academic Success Financial Aid Appeal Form fillable*
2023-24 Additional Funds Request Form Fillable*
2023-24 Dependent Verification Worksheet Fillable*
2023-24 Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose Fillable*
2023-24 Income Worksheet Fillable*
2023-24 Independent Verification Worksheet Fillable*
2023-24 Resources Form Fillable*
2023-24 Special Circumstances Form Fillable*
2023-24 Student Loan Request Form Fillable*
2023-24 Unusual Enrollment History Fillable*


2022-23 Academic Success/Financial Aid Appeal fillable form*
2022-23 Additional Funds Request fillable form*
2022-23 Dependent Verification Worksheet fillable form*
2022-2023 Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose fillable form*
2022-23 Income Worksheet fillable form*
2022-23 Independent Verification Worksheet fillable form*
2022-23 Resources fillable form*
2022-23 Special Circumstances fillable form*
2022-23 Student Loan Request fillable form*
2022-23 Unusual Enrollment fillable form*
2022-23 Verification of Non-Filing Statement fillable form*
2023 Summer Financial Aid Application and Loan Request form

Futures for Frontliners and Michigan Reconnect continued eligibility appeal form*

*These forms have fillable fields that you can either save or print your entries.

Completed forms can be emailed, dropped off, faxed or mailed:


Financial Aid Office
Room 105, SC4 Welcome Center

Fax: (810) 989-5774

SC4 Financial Aid
323 Erie St.
PO Box 5015
Port Huron, MI 48061-5015