Financial aid forms and resources

Federal Application for Federal Student Aid


2019-20 Academic Success/Financial Aid Appeal Form
2019-20 Additional Funds Request Form
2019-20 Dependent Verification Worksheet
2019-20 High School Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose
2019-20 Income Worksheet
2019-20 Independent Verification Worksheet
2019-20 Resources Form
2019-20 Special Circumstances Form
2019-20 Student Loan Request Form
2019-20 Unusual Enrollment form
2019-20 Verification of Non-Filing Statement
2019-20 Verification Worksheet Signature Page

Completed forms can be emailed, dropped off, faxed or mailed:


Financial Aid Office
Room 105, SC4 Welcome Center

Fax: 810-989-5774

SC4 Financial Aid
323 Erie St.
PO Box 5015
Port Huron, MI 48061-5015