Changes to Fall 2020 schedule

SC4 has changed many sections that were originally scheduled to meet on-campus for the Fall 2020 semester. Affected sections were changed to online or partially remote formats. A list of the classes that are affected are available here.

Classes that will still meet on campus are primarily in the areas of health services, engineering technology, graphic design, and lab components of certain classes.

You should check your class schedule for Fall 2020 using your Student Planner in the SC4 Portal.

If you are registered for one or more of the class sections that are affected by this change, you have been moved to the online or remote delivery version of that section. You may choose to:

  • Stay in the online or remote delivery section (you will not be charged an additional online fee)
  • Drop the class (prior to August 28 your tuition charge will be refunded to your account)

All online fees will be removed for the Fall 2020 semester only.

Your instructor will have additional information and will contact you through your SC4 email account. If you have additional questions about your class, please contact the instructor directly.

For more information on online classes and the technology used to deliver class materials, please visit this page.

Helpful resources

The SC4 campus is open for many classes in health sciences, engineering technology, graphic design and other areas including labs. Support services are being provided both remotely and in-person in the SC4 Welcome Center, as they have been since the building reopened in July.

Here are some resources available to assist you in adjusting to these changes.

  • The most important resource is your instructor. They will contact you with information regarding the revised class schedule and online tools being used in each class. This information will be sent to your SC4 email account, so be sure to check that regularly. Contact your teacher with any questions you have; they are the experts to turn to first! Email is best, which can be found in your syllabus or via our SC4 directory​.
  • If you have challenges with internet connectivity, remember that the SC4 campus is open though many classes have moved online. You may use the wifi available in our parking lots and exterior spaces around campus or go into a building after completing the screening process to access wifi.
  • SC4 Advisors are available to discuss concerns about completing your degree or certificate, working with academic challenges, transfer situations and other questions. Visit the Advising page on the SC4 website to connect with your advisor via email and make arrangements to meet them virtually.
  • The SC4 Achievement Center is available both online and in-person. They are open for students Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to work on homework or connect remotely with a student navigator or tutor. Call (810) 989-5759 for more information.
  • Questions or concerns about how changing your class schedule might affect your Financial Aid awards? Visit the Financial Aid page for additional information.
  • SC4 still has funds to support students available through the CARES Act. Get more information and apply by visiting this page.
  • Quick questions can always be handled using our online chat available at​.