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Transfer Students

Transfer Students


Transfer credits to save time and money.

Transferring to or from SC4 is a smart move—one that could save you thousands of dollars in tuition and fees. Whether you stay at SC4 for one, two or three years before transferring, or come to SC4 to earn or finish your degree, SC4 credits are accepted at many institutions. Plus, as a transfer student, you’ll be more prepared to succeed.

SC4 Associate Degrees for Transfer Students

Did you know that the median annual wage after five years of earning an associate degree is more than double that of a high school diploma here in Michigan? Or that a bachelor’s degree results in, on average, another 33 percent increase on top of that?

For more than a century, we’ve helped students start here and transfer on to four-year colleges and universities across Michigan and beyond—whether they were interested in taking courses or earning degrees at SC4. All of our programs are designed to move you along on the career path of your dreams or take the next step in your studies. SC4 transfer degree options include:

Transferring from SC4

Students transferring from SC4 have many opportunities and paths, including earn one of the above SC4 transfer degrees, taking advantage of the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), the Michigan Transfer Network, university partnerships and articulation agreements, and more. With so many transfer pathway options, be sure to plan ahead and work with SC4 advisors to ensure all your credits transfer with you. Contact our advisors with questions at (810) 989-5571 or

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Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

SC4 is a member of the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), which simplifies the transfer of credit for SC4 students between community colleges, four-year public colleges, and some private colleges in Michigan.

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University Partners

SC4 partners with a wide array of four-year colleges and universities to offer seamless transfer pathways. These include 3+1 programs, articulation agreements and more.

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MiTransfer Pathways

MiTransfer Pathways build on the MTA, outlining additional courses that are guaranteed to transfer to participating institutions for SC4 students.

Transferring to SC4

Transferring credits to SC4 from K-12 institutions and four-year colleges and universities is easy—but we’re here to help with any questions you may have. Contact our advisors with questions at (810) 989-5571 or

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Transferring Credits to SC4

Many students transfer their credits to SC4 from area high schools or other colleges. It’s an easy process thanks to a number of partnerships and agreements.

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Reverse Transfer

Reverse-transferring allows students to transfer back credits from four-year institutions so that they can officially earn an SC4 degree.


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