Andrew Pathic

Finding his calling

Pathic found career path he loved at SC4

Growing up, Andrew Pathic enjoyed taking small electronics apart to see how they worked. It wasn’t until he started classes at St. Clair County Community College, however, that he realized he could turn his hobby into a career.

Andrew Pathic
Andrew Pathic

Pathic, a Peck High School graduate, recently graduated cum laude with an industrial automation technology degree and two certificates in engineering technology and electrical/industrial. He said this wasn’t the direction he was going to go when he first sat down with advisor Scott Watson.

“I was pretty lost and was leaning more toward healthcare, but after I talked to Scott about all of my experiences he said I sounded more like a hands on, get dirty and work hard kind of guy, and an automation tech degree would be perfect for that,” Pathic said. “Scott was a great help throughout the program, he kept me motivated and pushed me. He’s an awesome advisor.”

Watson said he nominated Pathic for the Student Recognition Ceremony because he felt he was a good student who showed a lot of determination when it came to completing his degree.

Shortly after graduation Pathic got a job at Huron Inc. in Lexington, as an industrial automation technician. He said his role is to troubleshoot when a machine goes down in order to get it back up and running.

“I work with the programmable logic controllers or PLCs which are the brains of the machine,” he said. “It communicates with the machine using sensors and makes the machine go in the right sequence so it can perform its operation. It’s awesome to get to tear things apart to see how stuff works.”

Pathic said SC4 helped prepare him greatly for his new role and, aside from Watson, credits SC4 professor Matt Morabito with helping him achieve success.

“He taught my basic electronics classes and was the first teacher in the first class I ever took at SC4,” he said. “He was very motivational and pushed me to not only get my work done but get it done right. He made sure you knew the material and overall he was a great teacher.”

Pathic spoke highly of the program and said he would recommend this degree to anyone.

“What was nice about the program is every class tied together somehow and it’s hands on,” he said. “So if you love working with machines and getting your hands dirty then you would love this degree.”

What is Pathic’s advice for current students? “Stick with it! As long as you work hard you will achieve your goals, especially in this field. This is a great program with great teachers, and your hard work will pay off in the long run.”