Brent Moore

Transferring success starts at SC4

Brent Moore began at SC4 and will earn his engineering degree at Michigan Tech

Brent Moore
Brent Moore

Brent Moore started college in his hometown and now can afford the bachelor’s degree that will enable him to work across the globe.

Moore started at SC4 before transferring to Michigan Technological University to pursue his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

“I really like the idea of building infrastructure around the world. You can work anywhere in the world with an engineering degree,” said Moore, 21, of Avoca.

Moore came to SC4 first because his dream career wouldn’t have been within reach otherwise. “I saved $50,000 by starting at SC4,” he said of the tuition savings.

But SC4 set him up in ways beyond dollars and cents. The one-on-one attention he received from advisors and professors has prepared him well for the challenges of a bachelor’s degree program at Michigan Tech.

“The way they tended to you, if you need something, SC4 was there for you,” he said.

Starting at SC4 also gave Moore a chance to develop study habits needed at college. He encourages students to study early and often at SC4. He also encourages students to meet with SC4 advisors as often as possible to ensure the transfer process is smooth.

“If you put the work into it, and you come from SC4, you will be fine,” he said.