Kristie Lynch

Fresh start

Lynch returned to SC4 after more than a decade to pursue a new, fulfilling career

Kristie Lynch had an associate degree from SC4 that she wasn’t using and 14 years of factory work on her résumé when she decided to change her professional life.

Kristie Lynch
Kristie Lynch

“While I was in the factory, I decided I didn’t want to work there, I wanted to work with kids,” said Lynch, who earned an associate degree in early childhood education in 1992. “I started going back to school to get the corrections degree. I would have never got on the career path I’m on now without the degree. I really love my job.”

Lynch, a Clyde Township resident and Port Huron High School graduate, earned her second associate degree – in corrections – in 2011, and finished her bachelor’s degree on the SC4 campus, taking classes through Ferris State University in the SC4 University Center.

All of her degrees are paying dividends as Lynch is an at-risk youth worker in the St. Clair County Day Treatment Night Watch program, where she’s been since 2013. Prior to that, Lynch interned with St. Clair County Juvenile Probation, and worked for about one year at the St. Clair County Juvenile Center before it closed.

“I just wanted to do something where I could help somebody,” she said. “(The Day Treatment Night Watch program) is an awesome program for kids that are having difficulties in school and legal issues. It’s a great program because it focuses on getting kids an education, and helping them with whatever different things they’re going through.

“I like working with the kids, and I get to work with them in a school setting and in a home setting.”

Part of Lynch’s job is to give advice to the students she works with, but much of that advice could be helpful to most any student.

“The first thing they say is, ‘I don’t know what I want to do,’” she said. “My first reply to that is, ‘You’ve got at least a year. Don’t panic. Take your English 101s – get the basics out of the way. Then go talk with a college counselor.”