Marcy Kuehn

Serving her community

Port Huron Police Officer Marcy Kuehn takes leadership role

Marcy Kuehn
Marcy Kuehn

Marcy Kuehn remembers sitting through her first criminal justice class at St. Clair County Community College.

“It was intimidating,” said Kuehn, a 1989 Marysville High School graduate. “First of all, I wasn’t use to classes going an hour and a half long. But I really enjoyed it. From that first day, I was hooked.

Kuehn earned her associate degree in criminal justice in 1993. She said her career direction classes kept coming up criminal justice. It has turned out to be a very rewarding career.

“It took me four years to get my degree, but I was working three jobs and going to school. I would have loved to go off and enjoy college life. But the beauty of it was everything I needed was right here.”

In April 2014, she was promoted to lieutenant with the Port Huron Police Department. She is the first female lieutenant in the history of the department.

“I was part of the cadet program at the Port Huron Police Department when I was going to SC4,” Kuehn said. “It was great. In class, you would learn how to handle a police accident and get to do it a few hours later at work.

“I had the opportunity to work with Officer Diana Tramski at the police department. She was a great mentor to me, and just an awesome role model.”

After graduating from SC4, Kuehn worked the night shift with the police department and took classes at Eastern Michigan University. She earned her bachelor’s in criminal justice at Eastern.

Kuehn also stayed close to home for her master’s degree in science and administrative communication leadership at Central Michigan University. She attended master’s classes through the SC4 University Center on campus.

Kuehn and her husband, Mark Caza, live in Marysville with their three children, Troy, Taylor, and Tyler.