Randy Fernandez

Community leadership

Randy Fernandez helps grow city of Marysville

Randy Fernandez
Randy Fernandez

SC4 wasn’t just a bridge for Randy Fernandez to transfer to a four-year university.

The college also was an opportunity for Fernandez, now Marysville’s city manager, to meet new people from across the area.

“It was going to a new environment. It’s more of a melting pot, where I got to meet kids from downriver and Canada,” said Fernandez, who lived in Port Huron at the time.

“We are blessed to have a community college in our back yard,” Fernandez said. “I wasn’t ready after high school. I was ready after the two years at SC4.”

Fernandez earned his associate of arts degree from SC4 in 1976. He went on to get his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and his master of arts in management and supervision from Central Michigan University in 1985.

And although he attended two universities after SC4, it’s the close-knit feel that makes him proud to have started at a community college.

“My allegiance is with SC4,” said Fernandez.

More about Randy: Randy was named the Alumnus of the Year in December 2018.