Regina Light

Prepared to succeed

SC4’s radiologic technology program had Light ready for the workforce

Regina Light, a mother of three with a husband in the Coast Guard, used the word blur to describe the past four years.

Regina Light
Regina Light

She began at SC4 in 2012 after transferring from a community college in Washington. By 2015 she had not only graduated Suma Cum Laude with associate degrees in radiologic technology and science, she also had a job waiting for her as a radiologic technologist at McLaren Hospital of Port Huron.

Light said it was a seamless transition from student to employee, and she attributes this to the strong education she received at SC4 and how director Monica Rowling structures her program.

“They told us right away this is more than clinical time, this is a two-year job interview so do the best you can,” Light said. “You start out under very close supervision but at the end of two years you are expected to be able to perform exams independently, know the flow of the department and know where you fit into the team. Everyone is always nervous when you get your first patient and no one is watching you, but I didn’t feel nervous at all because I felt prepared to do what I had been trained to do.”

Light said the program at SC4 is unique because of the multiple clinical sites which give students exposure to different machines and equipment, as well as exposure to diverse settings and paces of work which she feels provides a well-rounded experience.

“Some people get a year into it and decide it’s not what they want to do and then they move on,” Light said. “People don’t expect it to be that difficult. They think ‘It’s just X-rays; you are just there pushing a button and taking a picture,’ but it’s not. You have science and physics behind it and if you’re not willing to put hard work behind that, regardless if you have nice patient skills, you aren’t going to make it.”

Light’s advice to current students?

“Work hard, don’t give up and enjoy it even when it seems tough or difficult, because those moments are what will make and break you.”

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