Shelby Metheny

Ready to work

Metheny said SC4 prepared her for a career in accounting

Shelby Metheny
Shelby Metheny

When she started at St. Clair County Community College, Shelby Metheny knew she wanted to go into business.

A class with then professor Julie Armstrong confirmed her feelings.

“I had always been on that path and really wanted to do the (Certified Public Accountant) thing,” Metheny said. “Once I got into Mrs. Armstrong’s class she was really big on telling us real-life stories about what she had done. That’s what made me really interested in it, when she would tell those real-life stories.”

Metheny graduated from SC4 in 2014 and transferred to Walsh College. She still has three classes remaining to finish her bachelor’s degree in accounting processes, but she has already secured a full-time job as an accounting specialist at ZF Friedrichshafen in Marysville. The St. Clair High School graduate had a pair of internships with ZF, working in materials and accounting before being elevated to full-time status on Dec. 5, 2016.

“I was very lucky to have that opportunity,” she said. “I found the materials internship on SC4 Job Connect.”

Metheny said she has several tasks at ZF working with multiple departments. It’s something she said SC4 helped prepare her for.

“Teachers always put a lot of confidence in me,” Metheny said, specifically mentioning professor Michael Belleman and Armstrong, who is now the Dean of Occupational Studies at SC4. “I loved how Mr. Belleman would always call on us in class. At first it was terrifying, but it really helped because you had to know your stuff. Now my boss is kind of like that. She puts you on your own and gives you a chance to prove yourself. She always says either you sink or you swim. Mr. Belleman always prepared me for that.”