Tammy Hall

A fresh start in a growing field

Hall found new career after completing SC4’s HIT program

After leaving a career in customer service, Tammy Hall set her sights on working in health care. She just wasn’t so sure about certain parts of the field.

Tammy Hall
Tammy Hall

“I was starting in the nursing program,” the Fort Gratiot resident said. “I’m not too keen on people’s bodily fluids, so I knew I had to do something else.”

Thankfully, Hall was able to find a home in St. Clair County Community College’s health information technology program. She graduated from the program in December of 2014, and works as an inpatient and outpatient medical coder for Physician HealthCare Network in Port Huron.

“Health care will never go away,” Hall said. “It’s always going to be there, and you’re guaranteed, pretty much, employment wherever you go.”

Hall recently passed her Registered Health Information Technician exam, something she was able to take after SC4’s health information technology program became accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education.

In her new career, Hall said she deals with patient records, making sure they’re accurate and in order.

She said the program at SC4 was difficult in the early going, but she soon began to understand not just what she was learning, but how important it was for the health care industry.

“It’s a necessity in the health care field, and we need more people in it,” Hall said. “I would recommend it to anyone that wants to go into the health care field, but doesn’t want to be on the (clinical) side. It’s a very rewarding program.”

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