College celebrates 62nd edition of Michigan’s longest-running, student-led literary and arts magazine

PORT HURON — St. Clair County Community College students are being recognized for their work in the 62nd edition of Patterns magazine, Michigan’s oldest literary and arts publication aimed at showcasing student writing talent and works of art.

Patterns is completely designed, proofed and published by SC4 students. Melissa Dekett, Sophie Steinborn and Emily Swierkosz led the publication’s design team, while faculty members Sarah Flatter, Jim Frank and Gary Schmitz provided direction and support to students.

Patterns is an opportunity to celebrate being creative and to recognize the unique talents of our next generation of artists,” said Flatter, professor of fine arts at the college. “We congratulate all of those who contributed to the 62nd edition of Patterns and honor their success while at SC4.”

In recognition of student efforts, a rescheduled exhibition is planned as a showcase in the college’s Fine Arts Gallery from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Thursday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday from Aug. 24 to Oct. 1. Copies of Patterns will be available for the public visiting the exhibition. Masks are required on campus.  See for additional safety protocols at SC4.

Patterns award winners:

Special honors

Patrick Bourke Award

  • Sophie Steinborn, Port Huron

Eleanor Mathews Award

  • Mackenzie Hiller, Avoca


  • First place (Kathleen Nickerson Award) — Remy Reynolds of Port Huron for “A Modern Odyssey”
  • Second place — Mackenzie Hiller of Avoca for “Share It Fairly”
  • Third place — Zacchaeus Gilbert of St. Clair for “Failure Leads; Success Follows”

Short stories

  • First place (Richard Colwell Award) — Rilee Meyers of Goodells for “Bakery Box”
  • Second Place — Mackenzie Hiller of Avoca for “Our Circumstances of Being”
  • Third Place — Skyler Streeter-Fye of Port Huron for “Monday Massacre”

Visual arts

  • First place — Soren Swegles of Port Huron for “Descension”
  • Second place — Vera Klimovich of Smiths Creek for “Change In Climate”
  • Third place — Eva Kue of St. Clair for “Sushi box Packaging”


  • First place (Blanche Redman Award) — Brendan Pittiglio of Algonac for “A Walk in the Forest”
  • Second place — Kayla Plenda of Yale for “Bedside Table”
  • Third place — Kaitlyn Ziehm of Memphis for “Keepsake”

Literary selections of merit

  • Breanna Sylvia of Port Huron for “Season of Mystery”
  • Stephen Muzzi of Marysville for “Ballade”
  • Kayla Plenda of Yale for “Romance from a Science Book”
  • Kathryn Oliver of Capac for “My Name is Depression”
  • Kaitlyn Ziehm of Memphis for “Existential Bliss”
  • Makenna Joppich of Kenockee Township for “Remember the Name”

Visual arts selections of merit

  • Alejandro Bueno of Port Huron for “Sadness without Cause”
  • Sabrina Mason of Clyde Township for “By the Docks,” “Lola” and “Island”
  • Rebecca Wend of Marine City for “Untitled”
  • Alexis Scott of Jeddo for “Montage”
  • Katriana DeAngelis of Lake Orion for “Moss Tea Cup”
  • Ann Mole of Marysville for “Peaceful Scene”
  • Emma Thurman of Kimball Township for “Crow of Pride”
  • Melissa Dekett of Fort Gratiot for “New Life”
  • Elaina Penn of Port Huron for “A Study of Fabric”
  • Kirsten Brown of Port Huron for “Muschboghdotlhbech”
  • Virginia Regan of Marysville for “Purple Plight”
  • Soren Swegles of Port Huron for “Self-Portrait”
  • William Patterson of Lexington for “Objects in Motion”
  • Skylar Todd of Port Huron for “Journey”
  • Natalie Loznak of Port Huron for “Untitled”

Production of Patterns is made possible by financial support by St. Clair County Community College and SC4 Friends of the Arts. A digital copy is available to view and download at

SC4 Foundation awards $186,233 in scholarships

The SC4 Foundation has a long history of helping area students from all walks of life succeed. This spring the Foundation continues that tradition by awarding $186,233 in scholarships for the upcoming academic year. Recipients are pursuing a variety of majors, from health sciences to business to communications.

“Education changes lives, and providing access is even more crucial in these uncertain economic times,” said SC4 President Dr. Deborah Snyder. “Our donors contribute to the future of individual students and to our community through their generosity.”

Two of this year’s recipients were awarded scholarships from newly established funds – the Marysville Police Explorers Scholarship Fund and the Janet S. Albrecht-Hillaker Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Established by Dick Hillaker in memory of his late wife, Janet, the Albrecht-Hillaker Memorial provides scholarships to full-time SC4 students who are graduates of Port Huron High School or Port Huron Northern High School. Janet taught kindergarten for more than 30 years, so this scholarship has a preference for supporting education majors.

The first student to receive the Albrecht-Hillaker Memorial is Port Huron High School graduate Jenna Holzberger. She plans on attending SC4 for two years before transferring to a 4-year university to pursue her bachelor’s in elementary education.

“My desire is to return to St. Clair County and start my career as a kindergarten teacher and coach,” Holzberger said. “I had the incredible opportunity of having a kindergarten teacher at Michigamme Elementary who inspired me to become a teacher.”

The Marysville Police Explorers Scholarship Fund was created by Officer Dan LeVey of the Marysville Police Department for criminal justice majors at SC4 who are current or former participants of an Explorers or Cadet Program in St. Clair County.

Natalie Stroh is a recent graduate of the Marysville Explorers program who has had a life-long passion for law enforcement. She will continue her criminal justice studies this fall at SC4 and is the first student to receive the Marysville Police Explorers Scholarship.

Natalie Stroh
Natalie Stroh

“One of the noteworthy improvements to the scholarship process for the SC4 Foundation is application cycles that are open year-round. Any remaining scholarship dollars at the end of a cycle are made available to eligible applicants,” said William Oldford, President of SC4 Foundation. Check the SC4 website for more information.

Scholarships are a big part of what the SC4 Foundation does, but it’s not the only way it helps students pursue their educational goals. The Foundation also supports other projects and programs that provide students with better learning experiences.

Unrestricted giving to the SC4 Foundation allows greater flexibility to how dollars are used to better meet current college priorities. In recent years, the Foundation has helped expand the SC4 Experience Center programming, provided funding for local students to visit the Experience Center, as well as grants towards the Tarbosauras skeleton cast added to the Nasr Natural Science Museum.

“The greatest gift a donor can leave is an unrestricted gift the SC4 Foundation can use for greater impact on campus,” Oldford said. “SC4 Foundation is proud to offer donors the opportunity to support the college’s priority areas, including their long-term vision for student success and enhancements on campus.”

The St. Clair County Community College Foundation started in 1963 to raise friends and funds to benefit SC4 and the students it serves.

SC4 Creates Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

PORT HURON – A new Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has been created at St. Clair County Community College to advance the college’s efforts in providing educational access and support for all. As part of the enhanced focus, a national speaker series will be launched on campus to support diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness and action this fall.

The series will kick-off October 9 with Jen Fry, a nationally recognized social justice educator speaking on campus. Another initiative is a campus book discussion. The college has ordered several books suggested by Ms. Fry on topics of equity, white privilege, and racism which will be available for faculty and staff to read this summer and fall. Informal book discussion sessions will be coordinated on campus this fall through the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to foster understanding.

SC4 also will officially recognize Juneteenth, the commemoration of the emancipation of slaves after the Civil War, as a college holiday on June 19 each year.

“The trustees are very supportive of these efforts to ensure that the college is a place where all are welcomed to learn and grow,” said SC4 Board of Trustees chair Dr. Nicholas DeGrazia. “The new Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will be instrumental as we continue toward our goals of growth, sustainability, and creating a stronger community that reflects the world we live in.”

Jessica Brown will lead the office as Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and will work to develop a comprehensive and cross-functional emphasis on these critical issues at SC4. Brown has more than a decade of higher education experience, having worked previously at Davenport University, Rochester College, and Macomb Community College before joining the SC4 team in 2014. She has served as the director of the college’s TRIO Student Support Services program since September 2015. The program works with first-generation and other high-risk college students to support them throughout their college career and has been very successful in increasing student retention and graduation. She also is a member of SC4’s Global Diversity Advisory Council. Brown has Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Strategic Management degrees from Davenport University.

Skippers Esports looks to continue its success in the fall

The St. Clair County Community College Esports team found tremendous success in its inaugural season, claiming three top-four finishes this past April in the National Junior College Athletic Association Rocket League and Super Smash Bros. tournaments.

Skippers Jarod Graham and Mitchell Lumpford finished second in the country in the doubles for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Graham finished fourth in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate single player tournament. Kylar Marinez, David Roy and Philip Winterbauer finished fourth in the country in Rocket League.

The teams were launched in the fall, and through their first season continued to grow under the direction of coach James “Jimmer” Jordan. When COVID-19 closed campuses throughout the country cancelling other sports, SC4 Esports team members were fortunate enough to have their own systems at home so they could continue the season.

Each of the players began Esports at different ages, some using the Nintendo 64 console when they were younger than 10 years old, while other team members picked up on video games in junior high school. Most stated they really began taking Esports seriously late into high school, and one just a few months before when they joined the Esports team.

“I never really took competing in games seriously or thought that I had a chance. When some of my friends talked to me about playing for SC4, I decided to give it a try,” Winterbauer said. “It was a cool opportunity to get involved with Esports through my college, with a professional-level coach to mentor us and really step our game up to the next level.”

Winterbauer said he began the season at a low rank in Rocket League and in the past four months has climbed three ranks while competing for the Skippers.

“Anybody is capable if you put your mind to it,” he said. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, why not give it your all? Maybe you’ll find your calling.”

Being on the team and competing together helps with real-world skills.

“(Esports) helped me improve and grow relationships and learning abilities. It teaches you diligence – to do things the right way, every time, even if it is harder that way when you first start,” Marinez said. “Things like that are really going to help me in the future and transfer over to job training.”

Added Graham: “It gives you the feeling of always wanting to do your best, not just for you but for the college, too.”

With a stay-at-home order in place, playing at home for the remainder of the playoffs wasn’t quite the same as the team atmosphere they have in the facilities at the college. The team had formed a family-like bond over the last few months.

“Competing with this team, and for the college, really gives it purpose for me,” Roy said. “It’s different than playing alone.”

Most of the team plans to come back next season, except for sophomore Mitch Lumpford, who completed his Associate of Arts degree at SC4 and will be continuing his education at Oakland University in the fall.

Jarod Graham, Mitch Lumpford, Kylar Marinez, David Roy and Phil Winterbauer
Jarod Graham, Mitch Lumpford, Kylar Marinez, David Roy and Phil Winterbauer

SC4 faculty, staff honored for years of service

St. Clair County Community College honors 31 faculty and staff members for their dedicated service to SC4.

“SC4 faculty and staff are dedicated to doing everything possible to provide students with a great learning experience,” said SC4 President Dr. Deborah A. Snyder. “We are pleased to honor and recognize retirees and employees for their continued commitment and service.”

Retiring employees

  • Suzanne Bacheller of Clyde Township, science, technology, engineering and math secretary, 22 years.
  • Mary Hawtin of Port Huron, executive assistant to the President, 27 years.
  • Patricia Macey of Port Huron, social science secretary, 35 years.
  • Darlene Pauly of Fort Gratiot, veteran and sponsorship billing representative, 30 years.
  • Kathy Ruby of Fort Gratiot, psychology professor, 23 years.
  • Holly Sanchez of North Street, graphic designer, 33 years.

Employees honored with service awards

5 years

  • Paul Costanzo of Fort Gratiot, assistant director of admissions.
  • Katarzyna Mantha of Sarnia, biology instructor.
  • Katherine McCullough of Algonac, associate degree nursing clinical instructor.

10 years

  • Michael Belleman of Port Huron, business and economics professor.
  • David Goetze of Port Huron, directory of behavioral intervention and support services.
  • Lisa Haerens of Brockway Township, library technician.
  • Martha Pennington of Port Huron, advising and retention specialist.
  • Rita Radzilowski of Port Sanilac, business professor.
  • Mark Rummel of Port Huron, digital and creative services coordinator.

15 years

  • Mary Kay Brunner of St. Clair, chief financial offices and vice president of administrative services.

20 years

  • Kraig Archer of St. Clair, sociology professor.
  • Paul Bedard of Fort Gratiot, mathematics professor.
  • Colleen Forsgren of Marysville, computer information technologies professor.
  • Robert Hunckler of Fort Gratiot, geography professor.
  • Kim Kelley of St. Clair, humanities secretary.
  • Tom Kephart of Marine City, director of admissions and marketing.
  • Chrystal Lilly of Chesterfield, marketing and communication secretary.
  • Jacalyn Rummel of Port Huron, accounts payable clerk.
  • Suzanne Schiappacasse of Clinton Township, psychology professor.
  • David Sheldon of Fort Gratiot, biological science professor.
  • Tamara Turney of Fort Gratiot, associate degree nursing professor.
  • Scott Zeller of Fort Gratiot, library and technology services secretary.

30 years

  • Joseph Gibbons of Jeddo, chemistry professor.
  • Kelly Lindsay of Port Huron, testing center representative.

35 years

  • Patricia Macey of Port Huron, social science secretary.
  • Laurie Smith of Port Huron, cataloging and acquisitions technician.



SC4 honors the 96th annual class of graduates

Commencement is an opportunity to honor our graduates who have worked hard to achieve their goal of earning a college credential. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our May 8 Commencement event was cancelled.

“We are very proud of our graduates and look forward to recognizing their hard work and determination. The College has begun planning a future event to acknowledge the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of our graduates,” said Vice President of Student Services Pete Lacey.

Details regarding a new commencement date will be shared with all graduates via a special letter of invitation once finalized.

Visit to view the lists of our December 2019 graduates and the graduation candidates for May and August 2020 (as of April 23, 2020). The faculty and staff of St. Clair County Community College are proud of our students’ achievements and wish everyone the very best in their next ventures.

Literacy and Beyond partners with SC4 and Stebbins Family Fund to provide Scholarship Support to graduates of the 2GEN GED Program

Literacy and Beyond is proud to announce the formation of the 2GEN G.R.A.D.S. (Graduates Receiving Associate Degree Support) Scholarship in partnership with St. Clair County Community College (SC4) and the Stebbins Family Fund of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan (CFSEM).

The competitive 2GEN G.R.A.D.S. Scholarship is available for graduates of the 2GEN GED program and is renewable for up to three years while recipients are attending SC4. The 2GEN G.R.A.D.S. Scholarship provides each student with yearly stipends of $500 for books and $1200 for transportation needs or to help cover the cost of childcare while attending classes.

SC4’s Kim Foxwell will serve as a dedicated college and career advisor for 2GEN G.R.A.D.S. recipients. She will guide students from application through graduation at SC4. Foxwell will spend 15 hours weekly divided between the 2GEN Learning Center and on SC4’s campus providing recipients with comprehensive advising and assistance with other campus services including tutoring, scheduling, workshops, and other support services designed to ensure student success and degree completion.

“I’m honored to join the Literacy and Beyond team and their visionary 2GEN program, because I’m committed to helping students achieve their educational and vocational dreams,” Foxwell said. “St. Clair County Community College aims to create conditions for student success through the personalized support of students from application to graduation.”

“We are extremely grateful to SC4 and the Stebbins Family Fund for partnering with us in this innovative project to support our amazing 2GEN graduates,” Literacy and Beyond Executive Director, Mike Hinkley shared. “We continue to be inspired by the commitment and resilience of our 2GEN graduates and are committed to supporting them as they pursue their next educational goal of earning an associate degree at SC4.”

SC4 honors more than 160 students for academic achievements

St. Clair County Community College is proud to honor more than 160 students for their outstanding accomplishments in and out of the classroom during the 2019-20 academic year.

“I’m extremely impressed by our students, who chose to attend SC4 from cities throughout Michigan and beyond. I commend them for their ongoing commitment and hard work throughout the year to achieve their goals,” said Vice President of Student Services Pete Lacey. “The students being recognized by SC4 faculty and staff for their accomplishments are wonderful examples of what can be achieved in the classroom and out in our community.”

Achievement awards in academics, leadership, service and personal accomplishments

Algonac — Timothy Merlo

Allenton — Aubree Smith and Morgan Woods

Armada — Amy Henderson

Attica — Janel Schuh

Avoca — Jamie Hill and Haley Kettlewell

Bad Axe — Bethany Alderman and Melissa Bischer

Capac — Benjamin Geliske, Terra King, Megan Orlando and Candy Vigiletti

Casco Township — Alexis Jarvis

Chesterfield — Amanda Connelly

Clay Township — Tosha Sabbagh

Clyde Township — David Baird, Hunter Davis, Abigail Diller, Nickolas Leonard and Sarah May

Cottrellville Township — Hailey DeMerritt and Amy Watson

Croswell — Eden Jenkins, Mikayla Phetteplace and Thomas Short

East China Township — Randi Adams, Lisa Bassett, Joshua DeCoste, Elsa McClure, Allison Schunk, Michelle Thomas and Katelyn Zoeplitz

Emmett — Renee Bishop, Joseph McCall and Lindsey Tabor

Fort Gratiot Giovonni Carden, Jaden Dunn, Dennis Embo, Taylor Kelley, Delgertsetseg Myagmarshagdar, Kelly Prososki, Haley Relken, Justin Vanbibber and Darrell Washington

Goodells — Tara Peters and Jessica Smoot

Grant Township — Taisha Mentzer

Harsens Island — Kathy Brady

Ira Township — Katherine Janusch

Jeddo — Abby Babel and McKenna Sweeney

Kimball Township — Molly Aguinaga, Allison Cole, Bonnie Hoffman, Alexandra Hunger, Shane Markel, Kaitlyn Meldrum, Lillian Nelson, Rosalyn Smith, Jacob Sroka, Max Thoennes and Paj Yang

Lakeport — Brenton Hisscock, Asmara Miron and Daniel Rich

Lenox Township — Kristin Tober

Lexington — Naomi Wildey and Jessica Willing

Macomb — Michelle Tremper

Marine City — Bonnie Baker, Adriannah Lee and Ryan Scott

Marysville — Brian Bourcier, Shallyn Dasharion, Luke Jolly, Kelly Long, Justin Miller, Ann Mole, Aaron Rogers, Matthew Schaaf, Rachel Schmaltz and Troy Walcott

North Street — Joseph Marcero

Peck — James Welch

Port Hope — Laura Iseler

Port Huron — Chantal Abdou, Morgan Alexis, Jamal Armstrong, Yaneli Besse, Katherine Bosma, Riley Bugg, Maria Bussone, Helena Cage, Kevin Conley, Jack DeMara, Evan Dodge, Jayone Fletcher, Morgan Fulgenti, Porfirio Garcia, Montserrat Garcia-Pajaro, Andrew Geiger, Cortez Giles, Jessica Gottschalk, Dontay Graham, Jennifer Guertin, Ann-Marie Hicks, Cameron Hudson, Joanna Jones, Adam Keller, Alicia Kolman, Drew Mayes, Taylor McDonald, Jalen Miller, Kobi Miller, Jonah Mitchell, Darshana Nathan, Maryssa Nichols, Rebecca Reese, Laura Richert, Caio Rodrigues, Jackson Schenk, Noah Schumaker, Trent Sheldon, Isaac Smith, Daniele Soper, Maleena Stewart, Skyler Streeter Fye, Jacquelynn Tesch, Nelson Thorn, Candelaria Tibble, Dane Vos, Matthew Wedlake, Monique Williams, Kaitlyn Willis, Jessica-Ann Woodard and Jeremy Zimmer

Riley Township — Krissa Cabral and Robyn Heffner

Sandusky — Renee Young

Smiths Creek — Tara Brown, Christina Robinson and Jennifer Winkler

St. Clair — Genevieve Decker, Leigh Knox, Eva Kue, Mario Mejia, Nicole Miller, Mary Newberry, Timothy Ries, Jacqueline Sikora, Noah Simone, Jared St. James, Ashley Stone and Stacy Young

Yale — Peter Eldracher, Craig Gerlach, Breanna Mason, Kayla Plenda and Edward Takacs

All SC4 Academic Team, All Michigan Academic Team winners

Maria Cejmar of Fair Haven and Lillian Nelson of Kimball Township

Faculty Memorial Awards

Thomas Short of Croswell is the award winner of the Faculty Memorial Award for a continuing student. Other nominees included Katherine Bosma of Port Huron, Maegan Donajkowski of St. Clair, and Kathryn Oliver of Capac.

Shannon Dinsdale of St. Clair is the award winner the Faculty Memorial Award for a graduating student. Other nominees included Elsa McClure of East China Township, Lillian Nelson of Kimball Township, and Brendan Pittiglio of Algonac.

$1 Million fund created to help SC4 Students

PORT HURON – SC4 is providing $1,000,000 in emergency aid funding to support SC4 students impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The money is available to currently enrolled SC4 students who are experiencing additional financial need caused by the public health emergency. Awards are available to help students who are working toward the completion of a certificate or degree.

This one million dollars in funding to support SC4 students includes $954,739 received as part of the Federal Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act recently approved by Congress, as well as additional college emergency scholarship funds dedicated to supporting students. Awards are in addition to any other financial aid support the student may have received.

Students experiencing challenges are asked to complete a brief form online at Additional details about the program are also available on that webpage.

Emergency aid is intended to help students with expenses that may affect their ability to attend SC4, including things such as housing, transportation, basic living needs and other college-related costs. Students experiencing hardships due to unemployment or reduced financial support from their families are encouraged to apply.

Registration for SC4 fall classes is open — Start Here. Go Anywhere.

Registration for fall classes at St. Clair County Community College is open, meaning it’s time for you to schedule the classes you need to get your degree, transfer to a four-year college or start on your path to a new career.

Fall semester begins on Monday, Aug. 24. There is no deposit required to register for fall classes through May 15.

So how do I register?

If you’re a current student at SC4, or you have already gone through the steps for enrollment, you can register online through your student Portal or on the SC4 mobile app.

Not sure which classes you need to take?  Have questions about degree and certificate programs, class selection or other concerns? New college students and those transferring from other schools can set up a phone or virtual advising appointment by visiting

If you’re not quite ready to register and want to get an idea of what’s out there, you can also browse available classes for the fall semester by visiting

Not a student yet? Or maybe you haven’t even applied. Don’t worry, there’s still time. Visit and fill out your free application today.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the college is waiving initial advising appointments and placement testing requirements in order to make it easier for you to enroll for classes. Our staff continues to work remotely to assist you with questions. If you have other questions related to registration, email

Attending SC4 is a smart decision, one that will help you go anywhere. SC4 students benefit from affordable tuition, flexibility, a high-quality education, a vibrant campus community, and faculty and staff dedicated to maximizing student success.