David Hebner

Hockey Player, 1975-77

David Hebner
David Hebner

David Hebner played Little League and Babe Ruth baseball as a youngster, along with spending weekends during the summer on Lake Huron sailing.

But Hebner’s real sports passion was hockey. From travel teams with the Port Huron Minor Hockey Association, to Silver Stick tournaments to SC4, Hebner enjoyed success on the ice.

“I was a center throughout my career,” said Hebner, a 1974 Port Huron Northern graduate. “I guess I had a good shot and had a lot of moves.”

Hebner wanted to continue his playing career following his days with the Fogcutter Junior team. He hooked up with coach Tom Clark and left winger Bob Fitzgerald at SC4.

“Bob and I worked well together,” Hebner said. “I would yell ‘boards’ and he knew I was going to fire the puck off the boards. He would skate right to it and get it before the defensemen could react. We wanted up with a lot of breakaway goals.

“It was great fun playing for the college team. We had some really good teams and would get big crowds at the junior arena.”

Following a trip to the nationals, Hebner received a letter and a certificate for First Team All-American honors.

“It sure was a nice honor,” Hebner said. “I was so surprised by it. That was 42 years ago. That’s a long time.”

Hebner headed to Michigan State to continue his education. He attended the first meeting for the hockey team, but didn’t pursue it and played in recreation leagues around the Lansing area.

Hebner, whose father, Robert, was a past commodore of the Port Huron Yacht Club, grew up sailing with Tom and Terry Vigrass. He continues to sail with his brother, Bob, in Tennessee. He lives in Erwin, Tennessee, with his wife, Jennifer.