College Housing application

Application information

Thank you for your interest in College Housing. Before completing the application, please note the following items:

  1. Applying to live in College Housing is free.
  2. By submitting an application, you are not guaranteed a placement in housing. Housing assignments are reserved by submitting a housing contract offer. You will receive this offer to your SC4 student email after your submitted application becomes processed and approved. If housing becomes full prior to the housing office receiving your signed contract, you may choose to be added to a wait list and re-offered a placement as vacancies occur.
  3. You can cancel a signed and submitted housing contract for free prior to July 1, 2019. If you cancel July 1, 2019 or after, there is a $500 cancellation fee.
  4. New students to campus will be required to submit a copy of their unofficial or official transcript from the educational institution most recently attended (high school, former college, etc.). This transcript can be submitted digitally via this application, emailed to or mailed to the community college. Returning students to campus and/or College Housing are not required to submit a transcript as current SC4 grades will be checked.
  5. An application will not be processed until the whole application has been submitted (transcript included).
  6. All College Housing communication will be sent to the student’s SC4 email account and only to the student’s SC4 account. Due to Family Education Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations, College Housing is not allowed to disclose student education records or housing information to anyone except the student.
  7. If you would like to update any of your general information after submitting this application, please email
  8. Items may be mailed to the housing office via the below address:

Housing Application
St. Clair County Community College
P.O. Box 5015
Port Huron, MI 48061-5015

Application process

  1. Fill out the below application. If you do not include a digital copy of your transcript via this application, please submit it via email at, by mail or in person in SC4’s Welcome Center, Room 250.
  2. College Housing will process your academic and background check, which generally takes about a week.
  3. Once approved, College Housing will send a housing contract offer email to your SC4 email account.
  4. Please submit your signed housing contract back in one of the three below ways.
    1. Print off the contract, sign and submit in person to Welcome Center, Room 250.
    2. Print off the contract, sign and submit a clear photo via email.
    3. Download the contract, sign it electronically, and send back via email.
  5. Provided vacancies remain, you will receive a confirmation email that the contract was submitted and approved. At this point in time, the student will have a placement reserved for the academic year.

Housing application

Must be a “” email
Please attach most recent official or unofficial transcript of the former education institution (high school, transfer school, etc.) you attended. If you do not have a copy of your unofficial transcript, you may submit it digitally to or send a physical copy to the following address: Housing Application St. Clair County Community College P.O. Box 5015 Port Huron, MI 48061-5015
(Check all that apply)

SC4 College Housing residents are required to fulfill the following.

1. First-year and transfer students applying to housing must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA from their previously attended high school or higher ed institution. New applicants are required to include either an electronic copy of their transcripts (official or unofficial) in this application or send in a physical copy to the housing office. Housing applications will not be processed until the transcript has been received. Applications not including a passing transcript will be placed on hold in the housing application process. Current students must have a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA to be able to live in housing, and returning residents must be off of housing academic probation. Current and returning SC4 students do not need to submit a transcript.
2. Students living in housing are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits or contact hours for fall and winter semesters. Accepted students will not be allowed to move into housing until after meeting enrollment requirements. Note: Students using financial aid to assist in paying for housing or tuition should note that financial aid is based solely on credit hour enrollment (12 credits or more for full aid), not contact hour enrollment. Please refer to the Office of Financial Aid at 810-989-5530 for questions.
3. Students who apply to live in college housing must be able to pass an authorization background check. Students will fill out an authorization background check form in this application. Any applications with present items on the background check will go through additional review before either being denied, placed on hold, or put through the housing application process. This background check is to ensure the overall safety and security of the college housing community.
4. Housing is a substance-free living environment. Residents who live in housing agree to abstain from the use of alcohol and other drugs regardless of age. Drinking, smoking, or the use of alcohol and/or other drugs is not permitted in housing.
I certify that I acknowledge and agree to the requirements of living in the College Housing of St. Clair County Community College.

Emergency contact information

Additional contact:

Missing person contact

Housing room-type selection and rates

Roommate request

Housing accommodations

If you have any medical, physical or health needs you wish for College Housing to accommodate, please fill out a request for housing accommodations form with the Coordinator of Academic Success and Disability Services, Anne McPherson, located in the Achievement Center. Call her at 810-989-5558. Please submit this form within three business days of submitting your housing application. (Submitting a request will not adversely impact your housing application and does not guarantee that the college will be able to provide the accommodation.)
Note: There are no elevators in the building (only stairwells leading up to the second floor). If you require to live on the first floor of the building please indicate so below.

Lifestyle survey

This lifestyle survey helps us match roommates with similar living habits are are considered prior to the room assignment process. Please fill out the following and we will do our best to match you with like traits (second to roommate requests). In the event that your requested roommate drops out of the application process, please fill out this information regardless.
(Please note, SC4 is a non-smoking campus and smoke/tobacco products are not permitted in or on College Housing property. Students who choose to smoke are asked to do so off and away from college and housing property.)

Winter break housing request

For an additional fee, housing offers students who are required to be on campus during winter break the option to stay in housing – such as athletes, international students, and those involved in student organizations. Note: Students are permitted to stay over Thanksgiving and spring break free of charge.

Monday, Dec. 2 – Last date extended winter housing stay requests can be submitted – due by 5 p.m.

Noon Saturday, Dec. 14 – All non-winter housing residents and non-returners must be moved out.

Early arrival request information

For students required to move into housing earlier than the listed move-in dates, students may request to move-in earlier. (Required athletic practices, international students, etc.)
This is a great way to get settled in before the move-in rush, meet new friends early on, and serve as a student leader. Please note, however, that selecting “yes” above does not guarantee this early move-in option. It is dependent on limited and available spaces. Please refer to SC4 email for further details.

2019-2020 Residential Agreement Information

By choosing to live in housing, residents are expected to understand and abide by the 2019-2020 Residential Agreement, viewable at The expectations laid out in the residential agreement includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Regardless of age or legal status, any and all members residing in housing agree to abstain from the use and/or consumption of alcohol, drugs, and/or other substances while living housing. Additionally, to be illegally under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while in housing is not permitted.
College Housing reserves the right to mandate resident drug testing if College Housing has reasonable cause to believe the resident may be using prohibited substances. If a resident rejects to comply with a College Housing requested drug-screening, the college will assume the rejection is an admission of guilt, at which the college reserves the right to terminate the resident’s contract. College Housing will pay for the requested drug-screening.
College Housing is college property. The actions students take while on College Housing property can affect student status on campus, including but not limited to, athletics, student organization leadership positions, student employment and scholarships. For this reason, it is important that residents conduct themselves in College Housing to the same standards, if not higher, that they act on campus. Additionally, a resident’s presence and/or involvement of other resident infractions is a conduct violation of the 2019-2020 Residential Agreement.
If accepted into housing, residents are responsible for attending Housing Orientation on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019. Specific times and location will be emailed to residents via the student’s SC4 email later on in summer.
If accepted, I am agreeing to the obligations, dates and deadlines regarding my housing student status and responsibilities as outlined in the 2019-2020 Residential Housing Agreement.
Please understand by not agreeing to this you are voiding your application to College Housing.

Authorization for Background Check

I certify the information given by me to St. Clair County Community College in the application process to be approved for student housing is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any falsification or misrepresentation of material facts will be grounds for rejection of my application for student housing. I authorize St. Clair County Community College to verify with all third parties all of the information supplied by me and authorize such third parties to release the information requested. I hereby consent to the release of such information and release all third parties from any liability, which may rise or exist as a result of providing the information requested.
I agree I will comply with the policies, procedures, rules and regulations of St. Clair County Community College including, but not limited to, all rules and regulations applicable to college housing. I acknowledge, agree to and authorize St. Clair County Community College to conduct criminal background checks, education and degree verification, and to investigate all references and secure additional information regarding myself that St. Clair County Community College deems necessary to evaluate my application for student housing.
I understand that St. Clair County Community College may, in its sole discretion, deny my request for student housing based on the results of a criminal background check. I further understand that St. Clair County Community College will not approve any applicant for student housing who has a conviction resulting from a felony charge, criminal sexual conduct charge or who has a similar pending charge.
Please understand by not agreeing to this you are voiding your application to College Housing.
If applicable

NOTE: SC4’s current Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available. The Annual Security Report discloses information concerning campus safety and security policies and procedures, as well as statistics regarding certain types of crimes, per Clery Act requirements, reported to the campus and local law enforcement during the prior calendar year. SC4 also will provide a paper copy of our most recent Report upon request.