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Experience Center

Experience Center

Explore, innovate and engage.

SC4’s 17,000-square-foot Experience Center inspires learners of all ages through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programming that explores the past, present and future, igniting curiosity, innovation and interest in higher education and STEM career possibilities.

Self-directed opportunities include exploration of college exhibits including the Dr. Bassam H. Nasr Natural Science Museum, a bird and mineral gallery, an array of ambient learning exhibits, and flexible study spaces. Comprehensive guided programs that meet national science standards are also available through reservation. In Spring 2022, the Experience Center expanded to include the Challenger Learning Center at SC4, a fully immersive, space-themed simulation experience. The comprehensive breadth of programming and flexible learning environment encourages the pursuit of knowledge and engagement throughout the community.

Located in SC4’s Clara E. Mackenzie Building, the Experience Center is constantly evolving, provides fixed featured exhibits, limited showing period exhibits, and customized learning experiences for groups. Visitors throughout the year may experience a familiar and popular exhibit or have an opportunity to experience something new.

Plan a visit

The Experience Center is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, during which time select features are available for viewing and engagement. For a more robust experience and guided tour, however, schedule a visit, school or community trip! For more information, contact (810) 989-5789 or Visit the Challenger Learning Center online to sign up for a mission experience.

Tarbosauras bones
Stugeon in tank
Anatomage table in Experience Center

Michigan’s only Challenger Learning Center

A fully immersive, space-themed STEM experience