Careers at SC4

Eight of SC4's great faculty members

Current staffing needs:

Winter Semester
Adjunct, Economics
Adjunct, Geography
Adjunct, Geology
Adjunct, Health Information Technology
Adjunct, Music Appreciation (MUS 106)
Adjunct, Physical Science
Adjunct, Practical Nursing Medical Surgical
Adjunct, Psychology - Intro (PSY 180)
Adjunct, Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
Adjunct, Sociology (online course)
Adjunct, Speech
Adjunct, Theatre - Oral Interpretation (THA 105)
Advising and Career Specialist
Assistant Coach, Baseball
Assistant Coach, Bowling
Industrial/Manufacturing Trainer, Workforce Development


See a list of other career opportunities. To obtain additional information about jobs at SC4, such as compensation and qualifications, please select the job link that interests you. 

Note: Adjunct positions are offered on a semester-by-semester basis.  Therefore, postings remain open at all times.  Current faculty needs are noted above. Qualified applicants will be contacted as opportunities become available.  It is recommended that applications older than two years be updated to ensure credentials are accurately reflected. 

Should you have any questions regarding employment opportunities at SC4 or desire additional information, please contact Human Resources at