SC4 President’s Honor List for Summer 2020

A total of 218 St. Clair County Community College students earned a spot on the President’s Honor List for the 2020 summer semester, which ended Aug. 7.

Students must take at least six credits and have a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher to make the list.

President’s Honor List for the 2020 summer semester, ordered by hometown:

Algonac — Alexis Semaan.

Allenton — Shelby Husovsky.

Almont — Chelsee Berger, Maria Bussone, Alyssa Soave and Timothy Wolf.

Armada — Kayla Campis and Nicole Sawitzky.

Attica — Miranda Pekala.

Avoca — Samantha Chauvin, Camryn Griffith, Emily Kean, Sarah Koch, Joseph Robinson and Doug Schoenberg.

Berlin Township — Dylan McCarroll.

Birmingham — Olivia Freshwater.

Bloomfield Hills — Roxanne Martin.

Brockway Township — Abigail Westrick.

Brown City — Isabel Woodall.

Burtchville Township — Brooklynn Wilton.

Capac — Kari Bastian, Benjamin Geliske, Dakota Killingbeck, Priscilla King, Terra King and Kathryn Oliver.

Casco Township — Daley Boyd.

China Township — Katie Tyrrell and Kristin Malcolm.

Clay Township — Anya Gerstenberg, Jenna Graham, Ashley Huber and Marianne Karos.

Clifford — Amanda Pratt.

Clyde Township — Jordan Berg, Madison Berg, Melissa Graham, Kelly Peters, Emma Purdy and Mackenzie Witt.

Columbus Township — Kimberly Berman, Alison Billeaudeau, Amber Delor, Kalie Foxwell and Carrie Rush.

Cottrellville Township — Kelly Bonam.

Croswell — Pertrilla Brown, Eden Jenkins, Matthew Kerrigan and Breanna Ngow.

Deckerville — Mitchell Noble.

East China Township — Desaray DeSnyder, Daniel Ferrone, Adrianne Henderson, Elsa McClure, Charles McKay and Kelsey Russell.

Emmett — Angela Heiden and Matthew Wetter.

Fair Haven — Matthew Privaloff.

Fort Gratiot — Zachary Brockway, Bailey Compton, Julia Cope, Dofonso Fernando, Ryan Hunt, Amanda Isaac, Larissa John, Ethan Kane, Taylor Kelley, Hope Knowlton, Jordyn Knowlton, Jon Laffrey, Madison Loviska, Roman Lucido, Michele Niehaus, Clara Scheid, Alexis Shreeve, Jennifer Steinke, Sophia Vani, Ian Wilson and Luke Zeller.

Goodells — Eva Wiegand.

Greenwood Township — Morgan Asselin.

Harbor Beach — Skylar Deer.

Imlay City — Dominique Perreault, Kayla Schocke and Shelby Webb.

Jeddo — Heather Porter and Maxwel Terry.

Kimball Township — Allison Cole, Andrea Dunn, Gale Kicinski, Davon Morris, Garrett Royce, Jenna Russell, Beth Seibert, Brianna Swantek and Paj Yang.

Lexington —Riley Bongard, William Patterson and Naomi Wildey.

Marine City — Hailey Butler, Melanie Carlson, Emily Dart, Thomas Kaminski, Conner Mathews, Jamie Stanislawski and Alyssa Westrick.

Marlette — Rebecca Jar.

Marysville — Mathew-James Alcorn, Sirena Bond, Aric Chojnowski, Eric Decker, Hunter Fite, Karlie Franz, Jacob Gilbert, Gwyneth Glombowski, Kaitlynn Kindsvater, Zane King, Kirsten Kish, Isabella Mills, Ashley Nevarez, Cade Perrin, Angella Rathsack, Adam Tuckey and Hannah Wiegand.

Melvin — Caitlin Houde.

Memphis — Taylor Kreger, Jenna Lesch and Casondra Sumpter.

Miami, Fla. — Ariel Dominguez.

Mussey Township — Sherri Domzalski, Pamela Lerash and Danielle Sawyer.

New Baltimore — Ashley Kraft.

New Haven — Christene Marcum.

North Branch — Katrina Guldi.

Port Huron — Morgan Alexis, Christopher Ballard, Kiera Barnes, Alexander Bird, Alexzandra Carr, Kayla Cartier, Faith Chmielewski, Noel Cosby, April Cox, Lindsey Crane, Elizabeth Dewey, Kaitlyn Douglas, Shylah Drouillard, Rachel Dubs, A.J. Fagan, D. Hope Galarza-Amaro, Porfirio Garcia, Latonya Harmon, Camille Harrison, Katherine Hollingsworth, Morgan James, Desiree Markopoulos, Syrys Molesworth, Remy Reynolds, Niurka Rodriguez, Dawn Silk, Adrienne Slossar, Daniele Soper, Lindsay Thoms, Lily Vella, Kobi Voelker, Stacey Wahl, Haley Werth, Nicholas Wik, Cheyna Williams, Julia Wing and David Wolven.

Port Sanilac — Olivia Espinoza.

Richmond — Regina Long and Isabella Tollis.

Riley Township — Shelby Enders and Emily Wyszczelski.

St. Clair — Avery Aiello, Katelyn Bartholomew, Julianna Cataldo, Maranda Decker, Brenda Domagalski, Julie Felbarth, Andre Fleury, Zacchaeus Gilbert, Joshua Hilton, Allison Kaczperski, Sharon Kalbaugh, Therese Kalbaugh, Leigh Knox, Sumner Malcolm, Morgan Mead, Zachary Nicholson, Robert Pelka, Bailey Sazehn, Jeffrie Seros, Sarah Shell, Jacqueline Sikora, Noah Simone and Brendan Weeks.

Sandusky — Rachael Roff.

Smiths Creek — Ross Hinkley.

Swartz Creek — Kallie Albert.

Toronto, Ont. — Jamal Armstrong.

Troy — Jen Minchella.

Wales Township —Emily Marchand, Alexandra Smith and Jacob Weidner.

Yale — Caleb Bollaert, Jada Janes, Joseph Nunley, Carleigh Randolph, David Regan, Kaycee Reid and Franki Whittaker.

Social justice educator Jen Fry to speak to SC4 campus community Oct. 9

St. Clair County Community College invites the community to attend a presentation by social justice educator Jen Fry at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 9. The presentation is offered through SC4’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and will take place via Zoom.

Social justice education assists everyone in critically thinking of how to become culturally competent, how to self-reflect on one’s position, power and privilege, and how to create an inclusive culture that allows diversity to be a part of the culture, not BE the culture.

Jen Fry is a native of Arizona, a Division II athlete, and veteran volleyball coach with over 15 years of experience at the collegiate level with coaching stints at Elon University, the University of Illinois (2011 National Runner-Up), Washington State University, and Norfolk State University. She turned social justice educator when she realized there was a need for educating not only our student-athletes of all ages, but the administration, staff, and coaches who train them through an antiracist lens on issues of race, inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, and equity. She is also working on her Ph.D. in Geography at Michigan State University.

She spoke at TEDxDuke in February 2019 on the topic of “Radical Social Justice Education Through High Fives.” A video of her presentation can be viewed on YouTube at

To reserve your spot and receive Zoom login information, email SC4’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at The deadline to reserve your spot is Thursday, Oct. 8.

Students overcome online lab limitations

Students in Professor Carrie Dollar’s BIO 272 class recently completed their own blood typing tests at home. Even though COVID-19 has presented challenges to our faculty and students, learning is continuing!

SC4 student finds college success in TRIO program

When Mikayla Phetteplace decided to restart her college career in 2018, she attended an orientation session for the TRIO program. With a six-month-old baby girl, Mikayla’s schedule wasn’t flexible enough for on-campus classes and she was going to need some help getting back into the swing of college classes. SC4’s TRIO Student Support Services program looked like a great choice.

“After [the TRIO] orientation, I had an advising appointment,” Mikayla explains. “The advisor highly recommended TRIO. I was amazed at the opportunities and benefits of being in the program, so I didn’t hesitate to fill out the application.”

Mikayla has been in the TRIO program for five semesters, and she’s sure she wouldn’t have had the success she’s had at SC4 without it. “Shawne (Jowett, then-TRIO advisor and current Interim Director of the program) kept me on track and made sure that the classes I was taking were online and needed for me to graduate. The early enrollment opportunity and the tutoring were the services I benefited from the most.”

With a full-time job and family responsibilities, Mikayla’s biggest challenge is time, and the help provided by her instructors and the TRIO team has been essential. “There are never enough hours in the day,” she says. “I have found that the trick to having the time is making it. It has seemed impossible sometimes, but things always get accomplished by the deadline. I try to remind myself to breathe and always ask for help when I need it.”

While it was important that she was able to complete her associate degree in computer information systems completely online, being able to travel 30 minutes to campus if she needed additional help was also important to Mikayla’s success. “SC4 is local, so unlike some online schools where literally everything is done online, if I need to come to campus I can.”

Mikayla has had support from many SC4 faculty and staff, but she is particularly thankful for the support of three people. “I’m most grateful for Professor Colleen Forsgren. She has been the most supportive, informational, and just all-around the best professor I’ve had at SC4. I’ve learned so much under her instruction,” Mikayla says. “I’m also grateful to Amy (Hengehold, TRIO Support Staff Member) and Shawne. They’re both so wonderful.”

Because of her overall success at SC4 and the impact that the college’s TRIO SSS program has had on her, Mikayla is the TRIO Student of the Month for September 2020.

Mikayla is planning to graduate in December with her associate degree, and eventually hopes to transfer to a university to complete her bachelor’s degree. She currently works as an administrative assistant and she and her husband hoping to buy a home in the area to give their daughter a place to grow up in and enjoy.

“TRIO has been one of the brightest spots of my college career,” Mikayla says. “There is nothing not to like about TRIO. They are helpful, kind, supportive, and always there if anyone has questions or concerns.”

SC4 receives $1.3 million TRIO grant

St. Clair County Community College recently was awarded a $1.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to continue its TRIO Student Support Services program. This is the third time SC4 has been awarded funding for its TRIO SSS program, following grants in 2010 and 2015.

The Student Support Services program is one of eight TRIO programs funded by the Department of Education, which share the goal of providing opportunities for academic success and motivating students toward completing their postsecondary educational goals. TRIO’s primary clients are low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and individuals with disabilities. A major goal of SC4’s TRIO SSS program is to increase retention and graduation rates of the students involved with the program.

SC4’s TRIO SSS program provides individualized tutoring; academic advising; financial aid assistance; and assisting with students’ long-term academic plans, including transferring to four-year colleges and universities after completing their SC4 degree.

“I’m so proud of our TRIO SSS students,” said Shawne Jowett, interim director of the program at SC4. “These students come from a variety of backgrounds, each with their own challenges, but with the help of the TRIO program, and as importantly, the support they give each other, they’ve been successful at achieving their college goals at SC4.”

The program more than 140 SC4 students participating during the 2019-20 academic year.

“The TRIO SSS program has provided outstanding support to SC4 students over the past decade, helping hundreds achieve their goal of earning a college degree,” said Pete Lacey, vice president of student services. “I’m excited to receive this new grant award and look forward to our team continuing to help students successfully navigate college.”

For more information about SC4’s TRIO Student Support Services program, visit

A TRIO student call bingo at the St. Clair County Council on Aging.
A TRIO student calls bingo at the St. Clair County Council on Aging.

TRIO student keeps a focus on big goals

Nelson Thorn has big goals, but it hasn’t always been easy to keep moving toward them. Loss of close relatives and the financial burdens of being an independent student have meant that he’s had to keep focused on what he wants to accomplish in life. Fortunately, SC4’s TRIO program has been there to help, along with many other sources of support and encouragement on campus.

Initially, Thorn was attracted to the flexibility SC4’s nursing programs offered to students.

“I chose SC4 because of the programs, class sizes, resources, and student involvement,” he said. “And with the addition of the student housing, I had a place to call home for my first year. (Manager of college housing) Nathanial Shrapnell helped me tremendously.”

When personal difficulties happened, Thorn turned to SC4 campus resources for help.

“One of the hardest barriers to face was losing a few relatives. The staff and my professors helped me to stay in school and keep up my grade point average. And then I applied to the TRIO program.”

“TRIO gave me more personalized, hands-on help. I was struggling with deciding a major and planning my transfer pathway, and TRIO supported me in my academic success,” Thorn said. “I was also interested in the events TRIO holds for its students, including college tours, concerts, plays, and volunteer experiences.”

Thorn has plenty of people to thank for his success as a student at SC4, starting with TRIO staff support Amy Hengehold and director Jessica Brown and especially his TRIO advisor Shawne Jowett.

“I don’t know if I would be graduating without her help!” he said. Others who have been particularly inspirational are his first academic advisor Stacy Healy, SC4’s coordinator of student activities and services Sherry Artman, director of behavioral intervention and support services David Goetze, and Testing Center staff members Kim Heering and Kelly Lindsay.

“They have been unconditionally supportive and have been mentors to me, from just talking with me and allowing me to express myself to helping me find additional support and resources,” Thorn explained. “And special thanks to my friends who have become family and have been my rock for the past two years.”

Thorn plans to transfer to the University of Michigan to pursue bachelor’s degrees in psychology and business administration, with a concentration in entrepreneurship. He’d also like to complete a master’s degree before he turns 30.

He recommends TRIO to anyone who’s eligible for the program. “With longer advising appointments, support services, and tutoring, any college student would find TRIO beneficial.”

TRIO program student well-positioned for career success

St. Clair County Community College’s accounting program, along with the college’s proximity to home and student-to-instructor ratio, attracted student Jessica Gottschalk to SC4’s campus.

The Imlay City High School graduate first enrolled at SC4 in 2002, earning her Associate of Arts in 2006. She recently came back to the college to earn an Associate of Applied Arts & Sciences in General Business and is taking advantage of the college’s TRIO program, among other campus opportunities.

“A friend of mine spoke highly of the TRIO program, so I thought I would check it out,” Gottschalk said. “I like the tutoring option and the lab dedicated to just TRIO students. Both resources are major advantages.”

She added, “I would recommend TRIO to a classmate, particularly if they were feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of subjects that they were required to take. I was most concerned with Excel Spreadsheets and Federal Income Tax classes, and it helped to know that there is a tutor available that is a practicing accountant.”

In addition to the TRIO program, Gottschalk is grateful for the assistance she has received across SC4’s campus.

“I am thankful for all the amazing staff members that take the time to get to know the students and make sure that we are aware of all the resources available to us,” she said. “Many instructors will go the extra mile to make sure that we understand the course material, and that helps immensely.”

Gottschalk, who also credits her personal support system made up of family and friends, said she appreciates SC4’s many learning spaces.

“The Experience Center and Natural Science Museum in the Clara E. Mackenzie building is my favorite place on campus, other than the library,” she said. “I’m not taking any science classes, but I love science and I will make detours to wander through there from time to time.”

Moving forward, Gottschalk is excited about a number of potential options after earning her degree from SC4.

“I’m considering pursuing additional degrees in accounting and business management,” she said. “I have been interested in opening a bookstore downtown for quite some time, and that’s still a thought and possible goal. For now, though, I will be looking for work in bookkeeping, payroll and any other office type jobs to put this degree to use.”

SC4 nursing program recognized for excellence in two recent rankings

St. Clair County Community College’s nursing program continues to be recognized throughout Michigan and the nation for its excellence in preparing students for rewarding careers in health care.

SC4 again was ranked one of the best in Michigan by, a nursing advocacy organization that analyzes past and present first-time National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX®)-RN pass rates. Its 2020 ranking listed SC4 eighth of 59 among the state’s two- and four-year institutions.

The college also just secured the rank of third best among Michigan nursing schools for an associate degree by, an online nursing educational resource. The ranking is based on academic quality, the NCLEX-RN first-time pass rate for the past four years, affordability and reputation.

“SC4’s strong reputation as a leader in nursing education continues to grow,” said Jenny Giles-Voss, SC4 dean of health sciences. “Our faculty are experts in their fields and our students are sought after for their skills and experience upon graduation. We’re thrilled that the hard work and commitment of all those involved in our program has been recognized.”

A recent Georgetown University study ranked SC4 as the No. 1 community college investment in Michigan, based on 10 years after enrollment, as well.

More than 1,300 SC4 students earn honors

A total of 1,372 St. Clair County Community College students from 88 cities and towns in Michigan and beyond earned a spot on the President’s Honor List for the 2019 fall semester, which ended Dec. 13.

Students must take at least six credits and have a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher to make the list.

President’s Honor List for the 2019 fall semester, ordered by hometown:

ALGONAC — Trevor Arneil, Molly Bartolomucci, Hannah Blackburn, Jane Blair, Laura Buchs, Hannah Carithers, Veronica Cook, Rachel Davis, Caitlyn Diss, Cara Diss, Erica Erdmann, Emily Escobar, Sarah Falke, Nathan Gillette, Lauren Hodnett, Miles Hojnacki, Maria Jones, Sanja Jovanovska-Hall, Jasmina Jovanovska-Spence, Ashlee Juengel, Emily Kemp, Brett Leuffgen, Jadine McCullough, Calvin Meadows, Evan Melick, Timothy Merlo, Rachel Metcalf, Erica Milot, Nicole Minhinnick, Kacey Nowaczyk, Brendan Pittiglio, Hayley Richardson, Madelynn Saddler, Alexis Semaan, Kassandra Sepanski, Hunter Sicken, Mary Spooner, Corey Strickland, Dennis Swejkoski, Natalie Thomason, Jocelyn Wetzel and Tristin Wiegand.

ALLENTON — Sarah Brown, Megan Gibson, Alexis Hill, Leanna Konarski, Aubree Smith and Morgan Woods.

ALMONT — Chelsee Berger, Curtis Ouillette and Alyssa Soave.

APPLEGATE — Tabitha Flitton, Susan Gavagan, Scott Kochanski, Dylan Kuhn and Alexander Lewis.

ARMADA — Daniel Barfell.

ATTICA — Miranda Pekala, Colton Ruhlman and Cori Weidman.

AVOCA — Hunter Abram, Ethan Bartee, Levi Beaver, Cheyenne Cani, Angela Clark, Reagan Clark, Cole Crawford, Madison Desloover, Lee Frantz, Timothy Frantz, Darla Grabowski, Camryn Griffith, Nathan Hazel, Jamie Hill, Mackenzie Hiller, Kelsey Hollenbeck, Makenna Joppich, Russell Keuning, Sarah Koch, Jenna Kuhlman, Garrett Lauzon, Sean Lauzon, Haley Matthews, Julia McMillin, Regan O’Boyle, Nicholas Preston, Olya Rybak, Doug Schoenberg, Brendalle Smith and Robert Wessel.

BAD AXE — Melissa Bischer and Ellen Ingram.

BERLIN TOWNSHIP — Olivia McCarroll and Steven Sly.

BROCKWAY TOWNSHIP — Brittany Brookins.

BROWN CITY — Emily Aldridge, Alexander Carpenter, Makenna Childers, Breanna Cooper, Alexis Crenshaw, Joseph Gingell, Sara Guarneros-Castillo, Joseph Hermann, Nicole Jones, Madalynn Kohler, Zoe Mathews, Chealse Miller, Jordan Palmer, Ethan Titcombe, Jenna Titcombe, Amber Trowbridge, Mark Vaerten, Kendra Webster, Isabel Woodall and Sarah Woodall.

BURTCHVILLE TOWNSHIP — Abigail Britz, Brenda Cracknell, Samantha Dennison, Paige Evans, Nolan Lacey, Tyler Maxfield, Nolan Odom, Brooklynn Wilton and Jennifer Wiswell.

CAPAC — Trevor Boers, Paityn Clor, Anna Dalessandro, Timothy Edie, Hannah Feys, Tarah Gaier, Benjamin Geliske, Veronica Hall, Dakota Killingbeck, Terra King, Theresa Klein, Stephanie Kluger, Laura Lindsay, Grace McCarthy, Alondra Munoz, David Oliver, Kathryn Oliver, Alyssa Orlando, Megan Orlando, Nicholas Ramirez, Samantha Rhein, Alexandra Roehrer, Sage Senyk, Joshua Trojanowski, Cassidy Tullio and Ava Vancil.

CARO — Rylee Thane.

CARSONVILLE — Taylor Barrett, Quinn Bobbio, Sydney Clark, Emily Cross, Adam Eugster, Anna Hill, Robert Knobloch and Chandler Rizzo.

CASCO TOWNSHIP — Anthony Ales, Daley Boyd, Keara Bruyneel, Elisha Cielecki, Gina Cipriano, George Clark, Robert Gorniak, Alexis Jarvis, Jill Schrade and Stephanie Shirey.

CHESTERFIELD — Amanda Connelly, Leah Rospierski, Christina Shumaker and Christine Snyder.

CHINA TOWNSHIP — Kendra Causey, Alexander Currie, Jack Kammer, Kristin Malcolm, Joseph Spencer, Riley Stephenson, Katie Tyrrell, Colby Walker, Riley Wood and Olivia Young.

CLAY TOWNSHIP — Riley Brandt, Allyson Donnellon, Abigail Folkerts, Jenna Graham, Hanna Harlow, Ashley Huber, Katlyn Koach, Jerrold Maxwell, Amy Oliver, Jarred Paquette, Riley Petit, Tosha Sabbagh, Morgan Shelton and Nathanal Thorson.

CLIFFORD — Anhaella Hinojosa and Courtney Rosell.

CLINTON TOWNSHIP — MaKayla Burton, Erica Coady and Irina Schiappacasse.

CLYDE TOWNSHIP — Rachel Arnold, Celestial Atherton, David Baird, Joseph Baslock, Blake Burgess, Hannah Clink, Jenna Louise Cooper, Megan Debuf, Rebekah Delmedico, Abigail Diller, David Gardner, Molly Hillis, Tyler Holbrook, Aiden Horn, Julia Hubble, Seth Kamendat, Alexa Kanikowski, Jordan Kelly, Alexander Kilbourn, Katelyn Leonard, Nickolas Leonard, Destiny Lewis-Hicks, Brandon Mack, Katie Marcero, Rebecca Maxfield, Sarah May, Kelly Peters, Emma Purdy, Autumn Reece, Camry Robtoy, Cameron Sanders, Samantha Sawher, William Schieman, Diann Smith, Leatha Smith, Riley Soulliere, Thomas Stevens, Danielle Stockwell, Adam Sullivan, Evan Vandenbossche, Makenna Visga and Jacob Wilson.

COLUMBUS TOWNSHIP — Jackson Allen, Alison Billeaudeau, Cody Blumenthal, Allison Cole, Hunter Grippe, Alyssa Hoist, Dean Kalebjian, Lucy Kalebjian, Heather Kook, Emme Kutchey, Rylee McGuffin, Ian O’Neill, Vernon Patterson, Austin Roland, Maria Sanchez-Cerda, Christina Thomas, Nicholas Thomas, Carlee Watson and Katelyn Wright-Vespie.

COTTRELLVILLE TOWNSHIP — Elizabeth Coverdill, Hailey DeMerritt, Hunter Ketterer, Derek Kierszykowski, Danielle Laporte, Heather LeFaivre, Nathan MacKenzie, April Storey, Amy Watson and Julie Wettlaufer.

CROSWELL — Christian Alexander, Haylee Anecki, Kateland Baker, Mackenzie Beauchamp, Alexandria Biscorner, Courtney Brooks, Pertrilla Brown, Matthew Burns, Jarrod Bushong, Hannah Caldwell, Rhiannon Carter, Jordan Chrzanowski, Susan Cornwell, Nathanael Cote, Benjamin Cudney, Austin Deview, Niilo Fenner, Meredith Francis, Eden Jenkins, Andrea Kensley, Alexis Knofski, Julia Krawczyk, Hanna Longerbeam, Grayson Manczyk, Taryn Mathis, Kelly Norman, Adam O’Mara, Mikayla Phetteplace, Carla Reimel, William Romine, Thomas Short, Austin Smith, Chris Smith, Deanna Sweet, Alexandrea Walters and Lauren Witham.

DECKER — Calsi Henry.

DECKERVILLE — Taryn Bowerman, Carson Bowling, Mitchell Noble, Riva Phillips, Kyla Smith and Marshall Stone.

DRYDEN — Jacklyn House.

EAST CHINA TOWNSHIP — Michael Beck, Allison Bica, Shelby Biscorner, Megan Bishop, Jessica Bohm, Heather Burt, Kayle Cole, Joshua DeCoste, Desaray DeSnyder, Brandi Doherty, Brenda Folkerts, Denver Gohr, Jessica Hopkins, Amy Jabe, Randall Kammer, Kristin Knockeart, Mallory Lynch, Eric Marshall, Donald Mason, Elsa McClure, Tyler McGaugh-Dupont, Charles McKay, Jacob Moore, Kennedy Osterland, Rose Ostrowski, Matilyn Pieper, Gabrielle Quackenbush, Taylor Raymo, Allison Schunk, Aleia Thomas, Michelle Thomas, Mariah Vo, Jaclyn Yost and Katelyn Zoeplitz.

ELKTON — Tanisha Peyerk.

EMMETT — Hannah Austin, Michael Cowhy, Katelyn DeMink, Mark Donnellon, Jessica Falk, Elizabeth Fleming, Marie Frohriep, Jessica Greene, Angela Heiden, Whitney Hughes, Karly Jones, Christina Keegan, Jordan Kelly, Kathryn Lozowski, Fisher Maul, Joseph McCall, Kaycee Miller, Joshua Newsom, Matthew Pohlman, Makenzie Porter, Graceanne Powell, Madison Raymo, Bradley Schaefer, Wade Smith, Garrett Snider, Chad Soucek and Matthew Wetter.

FAIR HAVEN — Anna Campbell, Madison Campbell, Maria Cejmer, Ashley Howard, Matthew Privaloff, Andrew Robinson, Miranda Starr, Marjorie Walt and Elizabeth Wells.

FLINT — Heather Wagar.

FORT GRATIOT — Natalee Anderson, Kyla Archer, Tyler Bajis, Jeannette Baker, Caroline Banka, Grace Barrett, Jacob Beem, Lydia Bonney, Brooke Booth, Aleeya Boychuck, Alexander Brady, Christine Bright, Michael Brittain, Zachary Brockway, Giovonni Carden, Mandy Chrzanowski, Cameron Clark, Sarah Conant, Whitney Cook, Megan Cronce, Melissa Dekett, Matthew Doan, Ryan Duda, Jaden Dunn, Jordan Dunn, Emma Farnsworth, Dofonso Fernando, Colton Fockler, Lucy Forlastro, Nicole Forlastro, Miah Fulton, Skyler Goodman, Sayge Grant, Hunter Guilds, Brooke Harrington, Abbigayle Haskell, Julie Hedges, Michael Heifner, Angelina Hill, Roman Holbrook, Seth Houle, Alisa Ide, Larissa John, John Kaercher, Taylor Kelley, Troy Kendall, Zaya Krajewski, Sean Kreda, Jonathan Laffrey, Loretta Latimer, Ila MacLean, Cameron Mango, Tyreice McArthur, Abigail McClelland, Joseph McElwain, Jenna -Star McKeever-White, Hannah McNary, Caleb McNeill, Connor Medford, Charlotte Mehnert, Audrey Mitchell, Marley Munoz, Taylor Murawski, Holly Niemi, Benjamin Nofs, Sara Nofs, Evelyn O’Donnell, Baffour Opoku, Lindsay Ottowitz, Nicholas Platzer, Mitchell Porte, Allyson Prange, Conner Reinhold, Haley Relken, Blake Rosso, Cassidy Schott, Kassandra Sepsey, Sydney Sepsey, Kelleigh Shanahan, Evan Showler, William Simpson, Sarah Snook, Kirsten Sparks, Zachary Stacks, Joshua Staples, Peyton Stein, Amethyst Stevens, Danielle Szkudniewski, Madison Taylor, Hanna Teeple, Tyler Tidwell, Nathan Tomlinson, Selena Torrez, Nicole Truscott, Kristine Tyson, Justin Vanbibber, Sophia Vani, Ethan Wahl, Devin Walker, Karla Warshefski, Amy Weaver, Benjamin Wentzel, Racheal Wilkie, Alexandra Williams, Alexis Williams, Amaya Williams, Megan Wojciechowski and Xiao Zhang.

FOSTORIA — Keegan Bonesteel and Benjamin Hulley.

GOODELLS — Lukas Bugajski, Erica Chesney, Jeremy Darling, Michael DeLacy, Gabrielle Deshon, Nathan Dickerson, Jennifer Freigruber, Allison Groff, Maranda Kuffa, Tracy Lepak, Destiny McCall, Ethan McMahon, Noelle Okalski, Ryan Peters, Emilee Peyerk, Alex Runnals, Lydia-Marie Runnals, Kimberly Rylander, Paul Sharpe, Erin Skonieczny, Victoria Smith, Jessica Smoot, Dawson Stier, Bradley Strunk, Anna Wahls and Brandon Webb.

GRANT TOWNSHIP — Lori Aftab, Alexander Morris and Christopher Radford.

GREENWOOD TOWNSHIP — Morgan Asselin, Alyah Cain, Kayley Cain, Garrett Krikorian and Kaylie Wilt.

GROSSE POINTE WOODS — Margaret Dollar.

HARBOR BEACH — Skylar Deer, John Legaspi and Paige Wolschleger.

HARRISON TOWNSHIP — Mackenzie Bryant, Samuel Delisi, Madison Dunn and Dana Feeney.

HOWELL — Jackie Gibbs.

IMLAY CITY — Timothy Caudillo, Shayla Goddeeris, Dominique Perreault and Anna Ross.

IRA TOWNSHIP — Matthew Bishop, Jennifer Darga, Miranda Gonyeau, Katherine Janusch, Rachel Rhein and Adrianna Zerillo.

JEDDO — Bailey Adams, Abby Babel, Brooke Bowerman, Austin Farris, Kristen Fleury, Megan Fleury, Taryn Frey, Miranda Jaskoski, Valeena Lynch, Monica Mullally, Alexis Scott, Katherine Stevenson, McKenna Sweeney, Cory VanBuskirk, Daria Vaughan and Katilyn Yeager.

KENOCKEE TOWNSHIP — Logan Davies, Elizabeth Ling and Shannon Romero.

KIMBALL TOWNSHIP — Faith Aguinaga, Kristin Archibald, Sarah Ardoin, Charles Balkwill, Diane Barden, Jessica Beattie, Devin Bergman, Tara Blount, Masen Burch, Alexis Cantu, Princess Alaina- Collins, Robin Deman, Ashley Doan, Austin Dunn, Ethan Dunsmore, Darien Durette, Topanga Evans, Madison Fleming, Taylor Fogarty, Patricia Forrester, Cheyenne Francisco, Lauren Gaffigan, Michael Glambin, Katie Gossman, Michael Graham, Brieanna Hartzell, Cameron Hill, Olivia Hudson, Alexandra Hunger, Kayla Hunger, Mary Hunt, Jessica Justice, Julian Justice, Daniel Kennedy, Damien Kidd, Nina Kindle, Vera Klimovich, Tiffany Ladmirault, Hannah Landschoot, Makayla LaVere-Radatz, Kendall Leverenz, Jessica Maes, Shane Markel, Gabrielle Martin, Brynn Meadows, Breanna Moore, Kassandra Nelson, Lillian Nelson, Aaron Oakley, Elias Pagurko, Matthew Pringle, Nadine Ritchey, Lauryn Roff, Katrina Roy, Garrett Royce, Gabrielle Sanchez, Abram Schneider, Beth Seibert, Adam Senyk, Selena Senyk, Shawn Sessa, Lydia Severini, Marcus Severini, Evan Sinelli, Rosalyn Smith, Brianna Swantek, Emily Swierkosz, Michael Swindlehurst, Audrey Sylvia, Jillian Sylvia, Kaitlyn Szukala, Tiffany Taylor, Max Thoennes, Emma Thurman, Jasmine Walerych, Michaela Walkowski, Angel Webb, Alyssa Wehner, Tabitha Welsh, Cheyene Williams, Kyle Williams, Jessica Wilson, Paj Yang and Brett Zobl.

LAKEPORT — Jade Anderson and Asmara Miron.

LAPEER — Amanda Lombardo, Tristen Mann, Kayla Schocke, Paul Stewart and Hanna Vaubel.

LENOX TOWNSHIP — Erika Schwanitz and Kristin Tober.

LEXINGTON — Matthew Acre, Brooke Albrecht, Cameron Allan, Bailey Anson, Avery Falter, Andrew Ficht, Jeffery Fuller, Trevor Herbert, Alesha Hibbs, Cody LaFave, Sarah Lawson, Tommie Elizabet Long, Benjamin Marinez, Kayleigh Mifsud, Dayna Murphy, Marissa Pennington, Andrew Perpignon, Connor Pink, Kylee Rankin, Kenton Rickerman, Dylan Schwartz, Brendon Shaffer, Paige Stribling, Trevor Tabin, Bradley Wilkins, Jessica Willing, Alison Wojnarowicz and Andrew Wojnarowicz.

LYNN TOWNSHIP — Mellan O’Connell.

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MARLETTE — Rebecca Jar.

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Longtime SC4 Professor James Jones honored with national AACC award

St. Clair County Community College Professor of Criminal Justice James Jones has been awarded the American Association of Community Colleges’ (AACC) 2020 Dale P. Parnell Faculty Distinction Recognition for his work in making a difference in the classroom.

As a Faculty Distinction recipient, Jones will be recognized on the AACC Faculty Wall of Distinction, on the AACC website and at AACC’s 100th Annual Convention in March, where he will be honored with a private reception.

“Jim has devoted his life to giving back to others, and we are thrilled to congratulate him on this prestigious award,” said SC4 President Dr. Deborah A. Snyder. “His dedication to the success of SC4’s criminal justice program is admirable as is his devotion to ensuring that his students gain hands-on knowledge and experience with criminal situations and scenarios.”

Jones has been teaching at SC4 since 1997 both as an adjunct instructor and a full-time professor. In addition to his full-time teaching, he also serves as a part-time police officer with the Marine City Police Department. Jones previously served as a full-time officer for the Port Huron Police Department for 28 years.

At SC4, he organizes off-campus learning experiences for students, including visits to the city of Detroit to shadow the Detroit Police Department on ride-alongs. He also is actively engaged in other college activities as well, including leading and serving on event, recruitment and curriculum committees.

According to Snyder, Jones is known for going out of his way to ensure that his students succeed and complete their goals.