SC4’s Lambda Mu Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa receive awards

The national Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK) recognized SC4’s Lambda Mu Chapter with the Distinguished College Project Award during PTK Catalyst 2021, the Society’s annual convention, which was broadcast live from Orlando, Florida, from April 8-10.

Only 51 of PTK’s chapters worldwide received the Distinguished College Project Award this year. The purpose of the College Project is to establish or strengthen a supportive relationship between the chapter and college administration. Lambda Mu’s project, “Tips for Success in Online Learning,” compiled online learning advice offered by SC4 faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The advice was edited into 30 “tips” and shared online.

Successful completion of the College Project is one of the criteria needed to be a Five-Star Chapter, a status the Lambda Mu Chapter maintained for the 2020-2021 academic year. Lambda Mu is also a REACH Chapter, which signifies a membership acceptance rate of over fifteen percent.

Additionally, the Blue Water Alumni Association (BWAA) was recognized as a Five-Star Alumni Association for 2020-2021. BWAA is the PTK alumni chapter for the St. Clair County area.

The Lambda Mu Chapter was also honored with the following awards at the PTK Michigan Regional Convention 2021, held virtually March 24 to 26:

  • Distinguished Chapter Officer Team – 3rd Runner Up: Tara Brown, Lisa Green, Lillian Nelson, Rachel Schmaltz
  • Honors in Action Theme 4 Award: Expressions of Truth – 1st Runner Up
  • College Project Award – 1st Runner Up
  • Angela Heiden, SC4 PTK Advisor, was honored for thirteen years of service

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, is the largest honor society in higher education with 1,285 chapters on college campuses in the United States and internationally. More than three million students have been inducted since its founding in 1918, with approximately 134,000 students inducted annually.

If you’d like to be a part of an award-winning chapter, both the Lambda Mu Chapter and the Blue Water Alumni Association are currently looking for new members and officers for the 2021-2022 academic year. Contact PTK Advisor Angela Heiden at for details.

Naima Turner’s winding road to success included a stop at SC4

Naima Turner arrived in Michigan in August 2009. She had an eight-day-old newborn and three other children aged ten, nine and two and was facing a new life as a single mother after separating from her husband. She had no income, no car, no furniture, and her only support system was her mother.

Turner had one thing going for her, though, and that was her certainty that she knew what she wanted to become, though she wasn’t quite sure how she would get there – yet. She was starting her life over again with nothing but love and determination.

She and her children stayed in her mother’s one room basement for three months until she got her own place in a trailer home. She had to ask for assistance from the Michigan Department of Human Services to survive. In order to get help from Michigan Works she needed to volunteer. So, she volunteered, cared for children, and started going to school full time at SC4, taking the prerequisite courses needed to get into the Associate Degree Nursing program.

Although Macomb Community College was closer, Turner’s aunt Crystal was already in the SC4 nursing program and recommended it to her niece. She told her that the instructors were outstanding, which Turner found out was absolutely true.

“Tami Turney, Kim Murphy, and Laurie Lamont were amazing!” Turner recalled. “They were personable, yet professional. Their compassion as nurses shone through in their roles as educators, as well. Their teaching styles were exactly what I needed to drive the subject home and help me remember. They used stories – and laughter – to help us recall difficult content and make it more applicable.”

Turner was so inspired by her SC4 instructors that she decided to follow in their footsteps and become a nursing instructor herself.

“Nursing is about so much more than just skills and knowledge,” she explained. “It’s also about the standards and characteristics that the profession requires and demands. I love being able to contribute to the development of extraordinary nurses who go out and serve our communities.”

Turner completed her ADN degree at SC4 in May 2013, then continued her education at Chamberlain University, getting her BSN and her MSN degrees there. For her MSN, she majored in nursing education. She’s currently completing her DNP degree at Chamberlain and expects to graduate this year.

She’s served for nearly eight years as a staff nurse in obstetrics, including labor and delivery, antepartum, and post-partum care; as a clinical instructor in OB and pediatrics; a didactic nursing instructor, and is currently the Director of Nursing for a program in California.

Her experience getting started at SC4 left a lasting impression of the value of a community college education.

“It’s priceless,” Turner said. “It’s vital for communities to accommodate adult learners, their schedules, and their lives, while enabling them to reach their goals and dreams. Community colleges aren’t as costly but are just as reliable and valuable when it comes to the education and experience gained. Students who choose community colleges receive a great educational experience and go on to do great things.”

Turner is certainly an example of that. Despite her difficulties when she moved to Michigan a decade ago, her current success is inspiring and shows the power of self-determination and hard work.

“It was extremely rough and difficult, but I persevered despite all the difficulties and barriers,” Turner said. “God is merciful, and he saw me through it all. If someone is determined to reach their goals, no circumstance or obstacle can deter or stop them. No matter where you are, where you’re destined to be and who you’re destined to become is a realty that only you can make come true.”

SC4 President’s Honor List for Fall 2020

A total of 1,301 St. Clair County Community College students earned a spot on the President’s Honor List for the 2020 fall semester, which ended Dec. 18.

Students must take at least six credits and have a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher to make the list.

President’s Honor List for the 2020 fall semester, in alphabetical order:

Hunter Abram, Matthew Acre, Luke Acton, Hanna Adamczak, Madison Addington, Savannah Adkins, Faith Aguinaga, Gina Ahrens, Avery Aiello, Payton Aiello, Ashlyn Albert, Brooke Albrecht, Mathew-James Alcorn, Skylar Aleman, Hannah Ales, Kara Alexander, Cameron Allan, Jackson Allen, Melissa Allen, Naomi Amey, Christopher Amiels, Elyssa Anderson, Emerald Anderson, Jade Anderson, Courtney Angebrandt, Elizabeth Angell, Sydney Anger, Nicole Antenori, Shawnna Apley, Robert Arbuckle, Kristin Archibald, Trevor Arcieri, Jacob Armstrong, Jamal Armstrong, Marissa Ashcraft, Allie Ashley, Morgan Asselin, Celestial Atherton, Kaytlyn Atkinson, Sahib Aubdoollah, Zoe Autore, Richard Avers, Shayla Avers, Amanda Avery, Brandi Avery, Jessica Badley, Larissa Bailey, Kari Baker, Arezoo Bakhtiari, Makayla Balduck, Stacy Baldwin, Robert Balwinski, Caroline Banka, Samantha Banks, James Barden, Cameron Barlass, Christopher Barnes, Justine Barnette, Sara Barr, Grace Barrett, Kaitlan Barron, Zachariah Barrows, Ethan Bartee, Katie Bartley, Molly Bartolomucci, Samantha Bass, Stephanie Bass, Adam Baszewski, Cassidy Bates, Caitlyn Baum, Brent Baysinger, Luke Baysinger, Jessica Beattie, Mackenzie Beauchamp, Dylan Bechtell, Lillian Beckman, Kayla Beecherl, Daniel Beedon, Madison Beedon, Jacob Beem, Nathaniel Belau, Bruce Belich, Ashley Bell, Eli Bell, Joshua Bemiss, Emiley Bender, Miranda Benner, Madison Berg, Sean Berg, Kelsey Best, Michelle Biberston, Cody Bieth, Sarah Bilinski, Megan Bishop, Amelia Black, Ian Blackstock, Jane Blair, Tara Blount, Quinn Bobbio, Kaelee Bobcean, Trevor Boers, Alecia Boland, Brendan Bolduc, Caleb Bollaert, Amanda Bolotta, Emily Bombard, Matthew Bombard, Keegan Bonesteel, Lydia Bonney, Zach Booth, Katherine Borgne, Gabrielle Borneman, Lauren Borunda, Sarah Borunda, John Bostater, Samantha Boughner, Alexandreia Bourbonais, Elizabeth Bowen, Danielle Bower, Taryn Bowerman, Samuel Bowers, Nathen Bowling, Aleeya Boychuck, Tianna Boyd-Cleaver, Kayla Brabaw, Kyle Bradley, Amber Brafford, Zachary Bral, Riley Brandt, Zachary Brockway, Courtney Brooks, Aiden Brown, Jill Brown, Katherine Brown, Kimberly Brown, Samuel Browne, Cayden Bruno, Keara Bruyneel, Mackenzie Bryant, Jared Bryson, Laura Buchs, Hannah Buckley, Jonathan Buckmaster, Lukas Bugajski, Riley Bugg, Talia Bulgrien, Brandi Burch, Nichole Burgess, Paige Burgos, Ronald Burke, Olivia Burkhardt, Megan Burns, Noah Burns, Alexandria Burson, Zachary Burt, Angela Bussone, Maria Bussone, Therese Bussone, Garrett Butler, Hailey Butler, Timothy Butler, Hannah Caldwell, Mikayla Cameron, Madison Campbell, Samantha Campbell, Alexandria Canas, Skyler Cangemi, Jenna Card, Noah Carlin, Matthew Carlson, Melanie Carlson, Chase Carnahan, Alexander Carpenter, Alexzandra Carr, Cece Carrothers-Lutz, Rhiannon Carter, Kayla Cartier, Zenaida Castillo, Cassandra Chance, Dakota Chappel, Jeremy Charbeneau Jr, Amanda Chase, Austin Chase, Isaac Chase, Jessica Chase, Lucas Chase, Ashley Chattick, Katy Chauvin, Austin Chesney, Alison Child, Aric Chojnowski, Victoria Christopher, Ryan Churchill, Elisha Cielecki, McKinzee Cisneros, Cameron Clark, George Clark, Kent Clark, Reagan Clark, Melissa Clay, Hailey Clink, Nathan Clos, Jenna Cloutier, Tanner Cobb, Jenna Cobbs, Dominic Cocco, Andrew Coleman, Giovanni Coletti, Carah Colley, Gina Collins, Princess Alaina- Collins, Austin Comstock, Lily Connelly, Abigail Cook, Whitney Cook, Lauren Cooney, Malaysha Cooper, Curtis Corby, Andrew Cordes, Susan Cornwell, Alicia Coronado, Crystal Corwin, Jacob Corwin, Hunter Cosgrove, Nathanael Cote, Marcos Coucke, Elijah Coulter, Jack Course, Joseph Cowan, April Cox, Olivia Cox, Kylee Crane, Lindsey Crane, John Criger, Matthew Cronce, Paige Cronce, Evan Crosby, Kevin Crosby, Melissa Cross, Austin Currie, Cameron D’Alessio, Kyle Dalton, Jeremy Darling, Logan Davies, Abigail Davis, Erin Davis, Rachel Davis, Chelsey Daws, Madelyn Day, Michaelia Day, Cristina De Gregory, Alexandra Dean, Katelynn Deater, Megan Debuf, Eric Decker, Grace Decker, Madison Decker, Maranda Decker, Joshua DeCoste, Alanna Dedenbach, Amber Delor, Claire Delpy, Ann Demaray, Hailey DeMerritt, Katelyn DeMink, Madison Desloover, Kelsey Desnyder, Erica Devigili, Kathleen DeVigili, Natasha DeWitt, Brian Dey, Stephen Diaz, Makayla Dickinson, Gabrielle Diehl, Jessica Diller, Caitlyn Diss, Cara Diss, Derek Distelrath, Daisi Dixon, Samantha Dodson, Cameron Doenges, Janiece Dominek, Sherri Domzalski, Maegan Donajkowski, Mark Donnellon, Paul Donnellon, Chloe Doroh, Kobie Down, Nolan Downey, Alexandria Downing, Conner Downing, Brittany Drouillard, Megan Drummond, Jerriette DuBay, Rachel Dubs, Joel Duckert, Austin Dunn, Averie Dunn, Jordan Dunn, Ethan Dunsmore, Presley Dupuie, Jada Duren, Darien Durette, Rachel Dusett, Mikaylie Earl, Tanya Earl, Julia Edgington, Ricki Edwards, Nicholas Eggers, Theodis Ellis, Brooklyn Elsholz, Shelby Enders, Carley Engel, Gavin Enright, Olivia Espinoza, Steven Ettinger, Kaitlyn Evans, Nyssa Eveland, Jonathan Everitt, A.J. Fagan, Maria Falleti, Avery Falter, Brooke Fantin, Rachael Farr, Joseph Farrow, Karissa Fay, Autumn Fehn, Robert Felster, Dirk Fenner, Savannah Fenner, Kaci Ferguson, Alysia Ferrier, Austin Ferrier, Daniel Ferrone, Lauren Fiedler, Amber Fields, Madelynn Fisher, Michael Fisher, Hunter Fite, Elizabeth Fleming, Madison Fleming, Natalie Fler, Kristen Fleury, Aedan Forbes, Emma Forest, Lucy Forlastro, Patricia Forrester, Holly Forton, Alicia Fortuna, Alena Foster, Allie Foucher, Jessica Fowler, Lydia Fowler, Joshua Francis, Meredith Francis, Eliza Frank, Savanna Frank, Haylee Frantz, Lee Frantz, Timothy Frantz, Zach Franzel, Kaylyn Fraser, Rae Fredendall, Jennifer Freigruber, Francesca Frey, Kelsey Frisbey, Mikayla Frisbey, Michael Fritz, Kyle Frizzle, Marie Frohriep, David Frost, Morgan Fulgenti, Miah Fulton, Jenna Fye, Chalsie Gaffke, Joeleen Gaffney, D. Hope Galarza-Amaro, Molly Gallagher, Jordan Galvan, Carlos Garcia, Courtney Garcia, Matthew Gardner, Theodore Garneau, Holden Gauthier, Kassie Gaytan, Juliet Geck, Makayla Geer, Andrew Geiger, Elliot Geiger, Joseph Gentner, Craig Gerlach, Anya Gerstenberg, Jackie Gibbs, Jessica Gibson, Megan Gibson, Lorin Gierman, Zacchaeus Gilbert, Joseph Gingell, Haley Girardeau, Adam Godinez, Amy Golm, Ashley Gonder, Miranda Gonyeau, Nickalos Gonzales, Shaina Goodell, Skyler Goodman, Lydia Goold, Devyn Gordon, Samuel Gordon, Melissa Gorman, Robert Gorniak, Katie Gossman, Spencer Gould, Kennedy Goulding, Izabella Gowen, Gracie Graber, Jarod Graham, Jenna Graham, Kerryn Graham, Melissa Graham, Michael Graham, Samantha Graham, Spencer Gratz, Amanda Gravish, Bryanna Gray, Christina Green, Kaitlin Green, Ty Green, Jessica Greene, Kenneth Greenia, Keegan Greer, Grace Greig, Amber Grewe, Hunter Grippe, Ronin Groch, John Gross, Ally Guibord, Katrina Guldi, Jameson Gumtow, Raven Gunnells, Jonathan Gurley, Alicia Hall, Dayzee Hall, Jacob Hallock, Ashley Halpin, Kristyana Hamblin, Nathaniel Hamblin, Amelia Hamill, Meghan Hammons, Zoey Hankins, Lejla Harambasic, Justin Harm, Meagan Harmon, Scott Harnden, Kennedy Harrell, Analisa Harrington, Gabrielle Harris, Destiny Harrison, Nicholas Hartley, Nathan Hartman, Sam Harvey, Auttum Haseltine, Cameron Haslem, Justice Hawks, Nathaniel Hayslett, Megan Hearn, Julie Hedges, Chris Heiden, Katelyn Heiden, Annette Heilman, Mickenzie Heim, Marcus Heine, Madelynne Hemby, Julia Hendershot-Reno, Adrianne Henderson, Lillian Henion, Allyvia Hennika, Joseph Hermann, Jennifer Heuer, Alesha Hibbs, Brooke Higgins, Holly Hilgendorf, Alexis Hill, Anna Hill, Kelsey Hill, Raymond Hill, Alexa Hilliker, Kevin Hilliker, Molly Hillis, KayLeigh Hinman, Anhaella Hinojosa, Kaitlyn Hinz, Amelia Hoag, Alex Hock, Monique Hoffman, Nicole Hogan, Alyssa Hoist, Roman Holbrook, Jenna Holzberger, Nicholas Hong, Kalien Hoppe, Emma Horetski, Aiden Horn, Jacob Horvath, Cammie Houle, David Hovis, Samantha Howard, Mackenzie Howell, Ashley Huber, Jenna Hude, Whitney Hughes, Riley Hulett, Alora Hull, Lainy Humes, Shane Hunt, Keenon Huss, Emma Huston, Alyssa Hyde, Austin Hyvonen, Ezra Iannucci-Nemeth, Kevin Ibula, Amanda Isaac, Olivia Iseler, Chelsea Itrich, Chelsey Ivy, Amy Jabe, Olivia Jackson, Heather Jacobs, Austin Jaehn, Stephanie Jandron, Jada Janes, Jade Jarskey, Alexis Jarvis, Emilia Jefferson, Hannah Jefferson, Eden Jenkins, Robert Jewell, Larissa John, Justice Johnson, Katrina Johnson, Melissa Johnson, Nadia Johnson, Victoria Johnson, Katrina Jolicoeur, Jase Jolley, Hannah Jones, Lauren Jones, Marc Jones, Margaret Jones, Marisa Jones, Anthony Jones-Kalich, Makenna Joppich, Olivia Jovanovich, Michael Jowan, Katlyn Judd, Emily Jurkiewicz, Julian Justice, Leah Kain, Therese Kalbaugh, Dean Kalebjian, Lucy Kalebjian, Thomas Kaminski, Megan Kammer, Randall Kammer, Hope Kananen, Rachel Kanapsky, Jacob Kandt, Ethan Kane, Marianne Karos, John Kaseta, Shannon Kasperski, Isabella Kawalec, Emily Kean, Kerig Kearns, Jessica Keast, Tanya Keefe, Elizabeth Keegan, Jacqueline Keesee, Payton Kehoe, Adam Keller, David Keller, Taylor Kelley, Jordan Kelly, Logan Kelly, Shannon Kelly, Maxwell Kenny, Alexander Kerrigan, Matthew Kerrigan, John Kerschenheiter, Christopher Ketelhut, Russell Keuning, Gale Kicinski, Samantha Kicinski, Daniel Kiehler, Maxwell Kilander, MarlieSue Kilburn, Dakota Killingbeck, Maggie Kimmerly, Nina Kindle, Kaitlynn Kindsvater, Terra King, Danielle Kinsman, Andrew Kirchgessner, Christopher Kirnberger, Mikala Kish, Jade Kivel, Vera Klimovich, Seth Klink, Zoe Klink, Stephanie Kluger, Sam Kneebone, Kristin Knockeart, Ginger Knott, Jordyn Knowlton, Leigh Knox, Trevor Knox, Katlyn Koach, Katie Koch, Sarah Koch, Scott Kochanski, Alexis Koenig, Staci Koenig, Madalynn Kohler, Kyler Kolakovich, Makayla Kolakovich, Leanna Konarski, Jeni Kosek, Sarah Kovacs, Karl Kozfkay, Emily Krajewski, Heather Krawczyk, Julia Krawczyk, Krysta Krawczyk, David Kret, Nicole Kreusel, Garrett Krikorian, Briauna Kroom, Kyle Kruger, Isabelle Kue, Ellen Kuefler, Aniela Kujda-Roche, Alyssa Kunkel, Brittney LaBelle, Christina LaBudie, Alison Lacey, Nolan Lacey, Siera Lacey, Tiffany Ladmirault, Cody LaFave, Jon Laffrey, Lauren Lamberson, Sara Lambrecht, Annaliese Lamontagne, Shelly Lander, Michael Landschoot, Megan Langdon, Mary Langell, Ti Langley, Toni Lasher, Somer Laubert, Sarah Lawson, Chloe Lebow, Adriannah Lee, John Legaspi, Tracy Joy Legaspi, Lily Lemoine, Marie Leniczek, Katelyn Leonard, Pamela Lerash, Brianna Leverenz, Eric Leverich, Paige Levitt, Hua Li, Dylan Liechty, Christopher Lilly, Emily Lindberg, Elizabeth Ling, Allie Lingemann, Jacob Lingemann, Jared Liniarski, Maria Liniarski, Jenna Linton, Kylee Lisee, Trenton Livingston, Jessie Lloyd, Jorden Lodge, Regina Long, Tommie Elizabet Long, Madison Loviska, Emilia Lozano, Kathryn Lozowski, Grace Lucas, Katelyn Ludwig, Christopher Luke, Lauren Luke, Lily Lyle, Brendan Lyons, Julian Macatangay, Hannah MacDonald, Taten MacDougall, Margherita Macera, Nathan MacKenzie, Natalie Maday, Mikayla Madley, Connor Mahn, Christopher Majeski, James Majeski, John Majeski, Jillian Maksymiuk, Kristin Malcolm, Jordyn Malinowski, Matthew Maliskey, Nicole Mallory, Lucas Malone, Rachel Malone, Cameron Mango, Katie Marcero, Christene Marcum, Hilary Markopoulos, Isaak Markopoulos, Cassidy Marshall, Rylee Martin, Donald Mason, Conner Mathews, Taryn Mathis, Haley Matthews, Tyler Maxfield, Hunter Maxon, Drew Mayes, Nathan McBride, Jaime McCabe, Dylan McCarroll, Olivia McCarroll, Grace McCarthy, Amber McCauley, Anna McClelland, Stephen McClelland, Elsa McClure, Morgan McConnell, Logan McCulloch, Abygail McFarlane, Brody McFarlane, Tyler McGaugh-Dupont, William McGregor, Charles McKay, MacKenzie McKean, Abigail McKenna, Abigail McKenzie, Chase McKenzie, Rachel McKenzie, Amber McKnight, Linsay McLain, Braiden McLarty, Duncan McLeod, Maryann McLeod, Jake McNaughton, Griffin McNeice, Laura McNeill, JR McPhail, Monica McPhall, Miranda Meier, Zachary Meier, Ryder Meilstrup-Eady, Kaitlyn Meldrum, Evan Melick, Holly Meno, Adam Merrow, Joseph Mervich, Teagan Messing, Madison Metheny, Maisie Meyers, Kayleigh Mifsud, Andrew Miller, Chealse Miller, Kaycee Miller, Tresa Miller, Chloe Mills, Erica Milot, Kristie Miltner, Elizabeth Minard, Asmara Miron, Jaida Mixon, Ashlee Moeller, Ann Mole, Syrys Molesworth, Gage Monaco, Matthew Monaco, Meagan Montgomery, Victoria Montgomery, Grace Moore, Jacob Moore, Kobi Moretz, Nicole Morgan, Joseph Morgulec, Allie Morris, Davon Morris, Madilyn Morris, Sydney Mose, Luke Mosher, Kasie Mosurak, Ekam Motwani, Alexis Muether, Seth Mullen, Taylor Murawski, Alina Murray, Kaitlyn Murray, Nikolas Muxlow, Darren Myron, Ashton Nance, Grace Navarro, Autumn Nay, Stacey Nazarko, Deion Nelson, Lillian Nelson, Scott Netter, Ashley Neumann, Ashley Nevarez, Caleb Nevison, JoAnn Newberry, Gabrielle Nicholas, Logan Nichols, Stacy Nichols, Andrew Nicholson, Michele Niehaus, Riley Niemic, Katie Noble, John Norton, Tyler Nunez, Joseph Nunley, Michael Nykoriak, Kelly O’Grady, Luke O’Hare, Bevin Okuszka, Adam O’Mara, Ian O’Neill, Jadzia Onorati-Phillips, Baffour Opoku, Alyssa Orlando, Sarah Orrell, Alex Ort, Lily Osiwala, Lily Osterbeck, Alexys Osterland, Avery Osterland, Kennedy Osterland, Jeffrey Overway, Hunter Owen, Alexis Owens, Neve Owens, Reid Packan, Mitchell Packer, Nattalie Padilla, Lainey Painter, Donovan Paldanius, K’la Pallett, Preston Palmateer, Jarred Paquette, Charles Parker, Celeste Parmenter, Andrew Parr, Breanna Pashak, Mira Passalacqua, Leonardo Pastoria, Luciano Pastoria, Angelo Patsalis, Amber Paul, Alaina Pawlowski, Katelynn Paynter, Melanie Peake, Stephanie Pegg, Miranda Pekala, Megan Pelc, Annabelle Pelton, Myia Pemberton, Justin Pendrock, Elaina Penn, Doug Penrod, Cade Perrin, Andrew Peters, Ryan Peters, Tara Peters, Quinn Peterson, Whitney Pettibone, Emilee Peyerk, Mikayla Phetteplace, Joseph Phillips, Christopher 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Roberts, Ashley Robertson, Karlie Robertson, Shawn Robertson, Emma Robinson, Caio Rodrigues, Lillianna Rodriguez, Niurka Rodriguez, Logan Roehl, Lauryn Roff, Lucas Roff, Rachael Roff, Aaron Rogers, Caitlyn Rogers, Kevin Rogers, Anna Roland, Austin Roland, Courtney Rosell, Kaleb Rosenau, Ethan Roskey, Anna Ross, Lindsay Rourke, Olivia Rousey, Gabriel Rowland Renaud, Jessica Ruckman, Emily Rusch, Carrie Rush, Addysen Russel, Kaitlyn Russell, Kelsey Russell, Olya Rybak, Elizabeth Rylander, Madison Rzeppa, Madelynn Saddler, Hannah Sagash, Tarub Saiyad, Nick Saley, Ethan Sanasie-Edwards, Lucas Sanderson, Sean Sapienza, Andre Sasser, Jadeyn Sattler, Amberley Sazehn, Karly Scharf, Angelina Schaufele, Hannah Scheible, Zachary Scheible, Merissa Schemansky, Victoria Schieman, Allison Schlaack, Rachel Schmaltz, Brandi Schmitz, Abe Schneider, Doug Schoenberg, Lauren Schoof, Athena Schrader, Olivia Schremser, Hayley Schuh, Scott Schulte, Zach Schulte, Noah Schumaker, Christopher Schuman, William Schunk, Robert Schwartz, Robert Schwartz, Delaney Schweihofer, Selina Schweihofer, Colton Sciotti, Adam Scott, Kaylee Scott, Morgan Scott, Ryan Scott, Kate Seguin, Beth Seibert, Lexi Seitz, Alexis Semaan, Adam Senyk, Selena Senyk, Kassandra Sepsey, Lindsay Sergent, Nicholas Shafran, Ally Shagena, Trent Sheldon, Morgan Shelton, Thomas Shipley, Thomas Short, Travis Shoudy, Jada Shuler, Stefany Shumerski, Zachary Shumerski, Danielle Sikora, Dawn Silk, Caitlin Simmons, Noah Simone, Alayna Simpson, Brenna Simpson, Dakota Simpson, Kaitlyn Simpson, Evan Sinelli, Victor Sitz, Alaina Siwak, Jayden Siwila, Lawrence Skotzke, David Sladowski, Adrienne Slossar, Steven Sly, Paxton Smalldon, Tara Smalls, Alexandra Smith, Alicia Smith, Austin Smith, Brendalle Smith, Cameryn Smith, Cassidy Smith, Chloe Smith, Colton Smith, Hailey Smith, Jacklyn Smith, Jacob Smith, Jesse Smith, Megan Smith, Patricia Smith, Sarah Snider, Alyssa Soave, Lauren Sobier, Lindsey Sobkowski, Laura Solgot, Erin Sommers, Jordan Sommers, Abby Sorenson, Chad Soucek, Shaylynn Southgate-Smith, Darcy Spaulding, Krystal Speedy, Layney Spencer, Katie Sperling, Clayton Spezia, Madison Spinek, James Springborn, Amber Spudowski, Zachary Stacks, Nicholas Stalker, Jamie Stanislawski, Joshua Staples, Jessica Starr, Miranda Starr, Jenna Steeb, Shannon Steffen, Grace Stein, Peyton Stein, Ceirra Stephens, Sylvia Stephens, Caryn Stevens, Seth Stier, Avery Stimac, Wyatt Stimac, Jacob Stoner, April Storey, Austin Stout, Abbey Stover, Autumn Strauch, Skyler Streeter Fye, Natalie Stroh, Ethan Strong, Thomas Strunk, Angela Sugars, Casondra Sumpter, Marcus Sutherland, Brianna Swantek, Evelyn Swantek, Adam Swarts, Ciera Swartz, Michael Swindlehurst, Erica Syck, Megan Symington, Christopher Syrie, Kyle Szablowski, Chelsea Szyska, Ashlee Tallis, Michael Taylor, Rachel Taylor, Hanna Teeple, Taylor Terpening, Maxwel Terry, Andrew Thibert, Cheri Thibodeau, Max Thoennes, Darian Thomas, Santia Thomason, Brooke Thompson, Nelson Thorn, 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Paige Wolschleger, Renee Wolschleger, David Wolven, Cody Wood, Kenton Wood, Riley Wood, Isabel Woodall, Evan Woodard, Victoria-Lynne Woodard, Heather Woodman, Susannah Woodruff, Alexandria Woodward, Cody Woolman, Bryan Worden, Levi Woycehoski, Logan Wright, Martin Wrobel, Keith Wroblewski, Allison Yeashevich, Cassandra Young, Nicole Young, Renee Young, Sara Young, Joel Zavala, Luke Zeller, Brandon Zielke, Percy Ziolkowski, Chase Zobl, Kevin Zoeplitz, Haylee Zuehlke, Alexis Zuziak and Daniel Zweng.

SC4 was the perfect way to transition from high school to college for alumnus Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis makes a difference in people’s lives everyday as a pharmacist at Meijer. That commitment to work to help others was supported by the examples he saw while a student at St. Clair County Community College.

“Janice Fritz and Joe Gibbons both sparked my interest in science and were instrumental in my acceptance to, and success in, pharmacy school,” Davis said. “I remember the passion that Dr. Fritz had for teaching and the excitement she would bring to her lectures. Anatomy and Physiology was my favorite course I took in my entire collegiate career.”

“I also fondly remember spending hours with Professor Gibbons in the chemistry lab discussing not just the course material but also life experiences,” he continued. “These professors were more than teachers to me; they were sources of inspiration as well as friendly faces I could confide in. They deserve so much recognition for the incredible work they do.”

Davis, a 2009 graduate of Marysville High School, chose SC4 for several reasons, including its convenient location close to his home and the overall cost of community college tuition.

“Going to SC4 allowed me to work full time while also enrolling in classes full time,” Davis explained. “I was able to build my schedule around everything else I had going on in my life. I got a great education for a fraction of the cost of attending a university right out of high school. I completed the majority of my prerequisite courses without having to take any student loans.”

Class size and individual attention also factored into Davis’s decision to attend SC4.

“I believe the opportunity to receive that attention from my professors was something that furthered my education beyond what a university could offer,” he said. “I spent more one-on-one time with my teachers at SC4 than I did during the rest of my undergrad and pharmacy school classes combined.”

Davis transferred to Wayne State University in 2012 and completed his bachelor’s degree and then completed his Doctorate in Pharmacy degree in 2017. He currently works at Meijer Pharmacy.

“My profession allows me to work closely with patients and make a positive impact on their lives,” Davis said. “I am an easily-accessible resource for anyone in the community to seek out advice. That brings me great career satisfaction that I can’t imagine getting in any other way.”

Davis highly recommends community college as a starting point for any student starting their college journey.

“Community colleges allow people from all walks of life the chance to improve their lives through education and experience,” Davis said. “Many barriers that exist at universities can be overcome by institutions like SC4. Students with families, full-time jobs, or other financial burdens can find an education at SC4.”

“SC4 is the perfect way to transition from high school to college,” he continued. “Community colleges offer the same prerequisite courses that universities do, but at a fraction of the cost and with a much better opportunity to receive individual attention from educators.”

SC4 checked all the boxes for alumnus Don Caluya’s mission

Don Caluya has already come a long way. But he’s just getting started.

While many people dream of traveling, Caluya’s target destination is in the night sky, about 239,000 miles away. He wants to be one of the next people to fly to the Moon, and one of his earliest steps toward that goal was on the campus of St. Clair County Community College.

“As an immigrant from the Philippines, I didn’t believe I had any chance of attending college,” Caluya explained. “SC4 allowed me to break generational barriers which gave me the confidence to follow my educational and career aspirations. Once I became engulfed in college classes at SC4, I knew that I could do more with my life.”

Caluya graduated from Port Huron Northern High School in 2008, and initially wanted to be an architect.

“When choosing a college, I looked for an option that was cost-effective, but which also had a great history and reputation,” Caluya said. “SC4 checked all the boxes and I was able to accomplish my education goals.”

SC4 offered Caluya the opportunity to get started and prepare for the bigger things he had planned.

“I got the best education at a fraction of the cost,” he said. “SC4 has top-notch educators who love their jobs and are willing to go above and beyond to help their students. The staff made helping people their top priority. They assisted me with all of the steps, including admissions, financial aid, and registration.”

Caluya is also excited about the Challenger Learning Center at St. Clair County Community College that will open on SC4’s campus in early 2022.

“The Challenger project within SC4’s walls will be the pride of the community,” he said. “It’s the first of its kind in Port Huron and the only one in Michigan. SC4 students and the community will have the resources and tools to be prodigious!”

After SC4, Caluya joined the U.S. Air Force, where he had the chance to travel all over the world. He became the proud father of “the most beautiful little girl in the world.” After the Air Force, he attended The Ohio State University, graduating in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in aviation and air transportation. He’s currently pursuing his master’s in business administration at Lindenwood University while working for The Boeing Company and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

“Long term, I’d like to be a test pilot for NASA, SpaceX, or Boeing,” Caluya said. “But my ultimate goal is to become an astronaut.”

Caluya has fond memories of his time at SC4 and believes that community college is a great place to start for students regardless of their long-term plans.

“Community colleges like SC4 provide not just an excellent academic infrastructure, but they also provide students hope, encouragement, support, and pride,” he explained. “SC4 gave me, someone from a small town in the Philippines, a sense of confidence and self-worth. I’m thankful to those who helped me along the way… my dearest and sincerest thanks.”

“Everything worth having has a stable foundation that it’s built on,” Caluya continued. “For me, this foundation came from Port Huron and SC4. Even though my bachelor’s diploma says, ‘The Ohio State University,’ it should also say ‘St. Clair County Community College,’ because a quarter of my credits came from there.”

Caluya also noted that NASA and large aerospace companies have programs that target community college students. The NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) program offers support to students looking to enter the field. “NASA never overlooks top talent,” he said, “and they know the worth of these local institutions.”

Whether your dreams are in the stars or a bit closer to home, SC4 can help you get there. Just ask Don Caluya, who’s already come a long way but is still looking up.

TRIO Student of the Month — Marshal DiGiovanni

“Not everyone comes from a situation where going to college is a family tradition.”

Marshal DiGiovanni is one of those students, and for him, SC4’s TRIO Student Support Services program has been the perfect compliment to his college experience.

“It’s the welcoming support system where everyone genuinely wants you to achieve your goals,” he said. “As a first-generation college student, this support helped me. If I ever had questions about financial aid, scheduling, or transferring, the TRIO staff have always been there. If they couldn’t answer it, they pointed me in the right direction.”

DiGiovanni chose SC4 because of the affordability of community college tuition, but it was more than just price that attracted him.

“I knew that community college classes transfer well, so I figured it was a great place to get started,” he explained. “And I’d heard about the TRIO program, which offers priority scheduling and quality tutors. It helped me achieve my goals by being my support system. There’s no reason to make college harder on yourself, and the TRIO program has plenty of resources to help you now and to prepare you for the future.”

The challenges of the past year with the COVID-19 pandemic moving many classes online or to a remote learning format posed additional challenges for many students, DiGiovanni included.

“I think I can speak for most students when I say online classes aren’t exactly my preferred method of learning,” he said. “Having to juggle tons of dates, a calendar, and a whiteboard changed my life. Face-to-face learning will always be ideal for me, but it is the current situation we live in and we must adapt.”

“I’m forever grateful to my family and my friends for always being there and supporting me,” DiGiovanni continued. “I also want to thank the professors at SC4 for their hard work during this pandemic. It’s not only the students who have been impacted; this has been a challenge for everyone.”

DiGiovanni is planning to transfer to Western Michigan University in the fall to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. He’s not sure where he’d like to work after that, but he has a “huge interest” in software development and machine learning.

“Until then, I’ll keep putting my best foot forward in the classroom and enjoying each day with those around me,” he said.

For his positive attitude and success in the classroom, Marshal DiGiovanni is the February TRIO Student of the Month. Congratulations, Marshal!

TRIO Student of the Month — Kate Bosma

Kate Bosma is starting her final semester in SC4’s Associate Degree Nursing program. Although she’s nearing the end of this part of her educational journey, she faced significant barriers when she decided to return to college to pursue a career in nursing.

“Financial barriers were huge,” Bosma explained. “Coming back to college involved a major career shift, and I already had a previous degree. I was able to earn scholarship assistance, however, from both SC4 and the Community Foundation.”

It had also been a while since Bosma had taken classes, so relearning how to be a college student again was also a major hurdle, but resources like SC4’s Achievement Center and the TRIO Student Support Service Program paved the way for her success.

“Returning to college presented emotional struggles, too,” Bosma recalled. “But support from my amazing husband, my perfect daughter, and my family helped to keep me going whenever I wanted to give up.”

Bosma heard about the TRIO program during an orientation session for the ADN program. After hearing the requirements, she thought she’d be a good match, especially as a returning student with a family and a full-time job. “I knew I could use all of the help I could get to succeed,” she said.

“TRIO helped me succeed in many ways. Personal advising sessions, encouragement and words of advice, and stress relief from cultural enrichment opportunities offered through the program allowed me to take a break from my books and get some stress relief,” Bosma said. “I’d recommend TRIO without a doubt! College can be hard, so the more support systems you have built up will only help you succeed.”

Bosma is grateful to many people at SC4 for helping her make it to the finish line of her degree.

“Where to start?” she laughed. “Shawne Jowett and Amy Hengehold in TRIO have been so helpful. The free tutors in the Achievement Center got me back on my feet and into the groove of being a student again. Anne McPherson helped me find resources to aid in my success and taught me how to study effectively. Professor Carrie Dollar, whose classes I took when I was at SC4 the first time and now during my return, helped me develop confidence while completing the biology pre-requisites for the ADN program.”

All of her instructors have pushed Bosma to succeed and have given her the tools she’ll need to be a nurse. “I’ll look back and remember the women who not only taught me skills, but who also made me realize exactly why I want to be a nurse, even on the hard days.”

Bosma will graduate in May, then will take the NCLEX licensing exam to become an official Registered Nurse. She plans to enter the workforce while also continuing her nursing education.

“The opportunities are endless,” she said, “and my story is just beginning.”

For her dedication to her educational goals, Kate Bosma is the January 2021 TRIO Student of the Month. Congratulations!

TRIO Student of the Month – Alissa Bonney

Attending your first college classes can be exciting, but there can also be surprises and frustrations that make success more difficult. Having support, especially at the beginning, can make the difference.

Alissa Bonney learned that the hard way. She took some classes and ran into some barriers. Then she learned about SC4’s TRIO Student Support Services program.

“I tried taking classes without accommodations at first,” Bonney explained, “and the hardest challenge was communicating with my professors and getting help when I needed it the most. I applied to the TRIO program because I found out about the great benefits, including tutors to help you in any subject and college trips to help you plan the rest of your degree.”

She worked closely with her TRIO advisors to select the classes that would help her achieve her goals in the pharmacy field. TRIO has also helped her improve her study habits and plan out major projects and papers. Her monthly visits with the TRIO team have made her feel more comfortable talking with other people.

“I’d recommend TRIO to anyone because of how close everyone gets while in the program,” Bonney said. “Sometimes classes can be all business, and TRIO can be a relaxing place to study and most importantly get help when you need it.”

Bonney originally chose SC4 because she wanted to start off on the right foot by getting her general education classes out of the way at a community college. She plans to continue to a four-year university after completing her associate degree, studying pharmacy so she can move up from her current job as a pharmacy technician to becoming a pharmacist.

“I’m particularly grateful for the TRIO and SC4 advisors and tutors who have not only helped me in my classes but also listen to my family stories,” she said. “They always ask me how I’m doing.”

While Bonney is thankful to many SC4 faculty and staff members for their support, she singles out Amy Hengehold, TRIO support staff member.

“She’s always so happy and joyful,” she said, smiling. “Amy is always willing to listen to my stories.”

Because of her inspiring success at SC4, Alissa Bonney is the December TRIO Student of the Month. Congratulations!

TRIO Student of the Month: Jenna Linton

Jenna Linton likes being independent, but also appreciates having extra support when she needs it. A competitive runner, Linton chose SC4 both because she had the opportunity to continue her cross-country career at the college level and because Port Huron wasn’t close to her hometown.

“I wanted to live and see another part of Michigan,” she explained. “I knew I could live by myself. Moving away from home and into the dorm was a challenge. I’m pretty good at managing schoolwork with my running and my friends, but I had to learn other life skills. I have to make sure I prepare enough food for the next week or two, and I had to learn how to manage my spending and saving better.”

Linton wears hearing aids in both ears, which helps with the challenge of hearing and understanding people. It can be hard to catch everything in a conversation, and she’s had to stick up for herself and ask for help when she needed it. She’s found success in working with her SC4 professors to ensure she gets the best education possible. She also applied for the TRIO Student Support Services program at SC4, because she’s always been a student who needs a little extra help along the way.

“TRIO has been helpful by checking with me to see how I’m doing, both educationally and personally,” Linton said. “They’ve also helped me set realistic school and personal goals. We talk about my classes and my plan to get my work done on time. We set goals for writing papers and how I can get a better grade by including other writing skills. Having a tutor available for my harder subjects gives me less stress to worry about.”

Linton enthusiastically recommends the TRIO program to other students. “They are an amazing support program with a lot of resources to help students succeed. The TRIO classroom in the Achievement Center is also a major resource, with computers to work on, a quiet place to study, and staff available to help you with anything you need.”

She’s thankful for all the help she’s received in her time at SC4, especially from her professors who have had to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic while still teaching effectively.

“This semester has been difficult with school being online,” Linton said. “The professors have been working non-stop to provide us with resources we need to succeed. I’m extremely thankful that my professors are working through this learning curve with me and even laughing through the hard times that have made SC4 a little bit better.”

Linton is planning to transfer to Northern Michigan University in Marquette to major in Elementary Special Education. She plans to keep running at NMU, either on their club team or just on her own to stay healthy and in shape. She wants to hike and explore, too, because there are plenty of trails and other outdoor activities to participate in. Eventually, she’d like to move to Montana to teach and start her family.

For her perseverance and dedication to improving herself through education, Jenna Linton is the November TRIO Student of the month.

TRIO Student of the Month: Giovonni Carden

Giovonni Carden always wanted to be a nurse. She knew SC4 had a great program and it was also close by, so her choice was simple. But the decision to go to college often involves additional challenges that aren’t quite as simple. So Carden also got involved with the college’s TRIO Student Support Services program at the suggestion of some of her friends.

“I heard great things from others about the [TRIO] program,” Carden said, “and I thought that I could use some help along my journey in college.”

Her intuition about joining TRIO turned out to be a great choice.

“TRIO has helped me obtain my goals by mentoring me, addressing questions and concerns I had, and walking me through the steps to prepare for and apply to the nursing program,” she explained. “Shawne Jowett [Interim Director of TRIO at SC4] has been there for me every single time I needed her help. I’m extremely grateful for her. I really can’t thank her enough for all the help she has given me.”

For her achievements at SC4 and in the TRIO program, Carden is the October TRIO Student of the Month.

Balancing college and everyday life aren’t easy. Carden notes that she needed to work, pay her bills (including tuition), while also finding time to do well in her classes. “It wasn’t easy at the time, but I took everything one step at a time and didn’t worry about events I couldn’t control,” she said.

Carden would recommend the TRIO program to current SC4 students as well as incoming freshmen. “TRIO has such a broad spectrum of resources anyone could benefit from it,” she said. “Also, it’s full of sweet, caring people who are always there to help when you need them.”

She’s planning to complete her nursing degree at SC4 and then move on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. She’d like to be an operating room nurse or maybe a labor and delivery nurse. Later, she may investigate becoming a doula (someone who provides emotional and physical support during pregnancy and childbirth).

“I want to be there to help and make sure they’re comfortable,” she said.