TRIO Student of the Month — Kate Bosma

Kate Bosma is starting her final semester in SC4’s Associate Degree Nursing program. Although she’s nearing the end of this part of her educational journey, she faced significant barriers when she decided to return to college to pursue a career in nursing.

“Financial barriers were huge,” Bosma explained. “Coming back to college involved a major career shift, and I already had a previous degree. I was able to earn scholarship assistance, however, from both SC4 and the Community Foundation.”

It had also been a while since Bosma had taken classes, so relearning how to be a college student again was also a major hurdle, but resources like SC4’s Achievement Center and the TRIO Student Support Service Program paved the way for her success.

“Returning to college presented emotional struggles, too,” Bosma recalled. “But support from my amazing husband, my perfect daughter, and my family helped to keep me going whenever I wanted to give up.”

Bosma heard about the TRIO program during an orientation session for the ADN program. After hearing the requirements, she thought she’d be a good match, especially as a returning student with a family and a full-time job. “I knew I could use all of the help I could get to succeed,” she said.

“TRIO helped me succeed in many ways. Personal advising sessions, encouragement and words of advice, and stress relief from cultural enrichment opportunities offered through the program allowed me to take a break from my books and get some stress relief,” Bosma said. “I’d recommend TRIO without a doubt! College can be hard, so the more support systems you have built up will only help you succeed.”

Bosma is grateful to many people at SC4 for helping her make it to the finish line of her degree.

“Where to start?” she laughed. “Shawne Jowett and Amy Hengehold in TRIO have been so helpful. The free tutors in the Achievement Center got me back on my feet and into the groove of being a student again. Anne McPherson helped me find resources to aid in my success and taught me how to study effectively. Professor Carrie Dollar, whose classes I took when I was at SC4 the first time and now during my return, helped me develop confidence while completing the biology pre-requisites for the ADN program.”

All of her instructors have pushed Bosma to succeed and have given her the tools she’ll need to be a nurse. “I’ll look back and remember the women who not only taught me skills, but who also made me realize exactly why I want to be a nurse, even on the hard days.”

Bosma will graduate in May, then will take the NCLEX licensing exam to become an official Registered Nurse. She plans to enter the workforce while also continuing her nursing education.

“The opportunities are endless,” she said, “and my story is just beginning.”

For her dedication to her educational goals, Kate Bosma is the January 2021 TRIO Student of the Month. Congratulations!

TRIO Student of the Month – Alissa Bonney

Attending your first college classes can be exciting, but there can also be surprises and frustrations that make success more difficult. Having support, especially at the beginning, can make the difference.

Alissa Bonney learned that the hard way. She took some classes and ran into some barriers. Then she learned about SC4’s TRIO Student Support Services program.

“I tried taking classes without accommodations at first,” Bonney explained, “and the hardest challenge was communicating with my professors and getting help when I needed it the most. I applied to the TRIO program because I found out about the great benefits, including tutors to help you in any subject and college trips to help you plan the rest of your degree.”

She worked closely with her TRIO advisors to select the classes that would help her achieve her goals in the pharmacy field. TRIO has also helped her improve her study habits and plan out major projects and papers. Her monthly visits with the TRIO team have made her feel more comfortable talking with other people.

“I’d recommend TRIO to anyone because of how close everyone gets while in the program,” Bonney said. “Sometimes classes can be all business, and TRIO can be a relaxing place to study and most importantly get help when you need it.”

Bonney originally chose SC4 because she wanted to start off on the right foot by getting her general education classes out of the way at a community college. She plans to continue to a four-year university after completing her associate degree, studying pharmacy so she can move up from her current job as a pharmacy technician to becoming a pharmacist.

“I’m particularly grateful for the TRIO and SC4 advisors and tutors who have not only helped me in my classes but also listen to my family stories,” she said. “They always ask me how I’m doing.”

While Bonney is thankful to many SC4 faculty and staff members for their support, she singles out Amy Hengehold, TRIO support staff member.

“She’s always so happy and joyful,” she said, smiling. “Amy is always willing to listen to my stories.”

Because of her inspiring success at SC4, Alissa Bonney is the December TRIO Student of the Month. Congratulations!

TRIO Student of the Month: Jenna Linton

Jenna Linton likes being independent, but also appreciates having extra support when she needs it. A competitive runner, Linton chose SC4 both because she had the opportunity to continue her cross-country career at the college level and because Port Huron wasn’t close to her hometown.

“I wanted to live and see another part of Michigan,” she explained. “I knew I could live by myself. Moving away from home and into the dorm was a challenge. I’m pretty good at managing schoolwork with my running and my friends, but I had to learn other life skills. I have to make sure I prepare enough food for the next week or two, and I had to learn how to manage my spending and saving better.”

Linton wears hearing aids in both ears, which helps with the challenge of hearing and understanding people. It can be hard to catch everything in a conversation, and she’s had to stick up for herself and ask for help when she needed it. She’s found success in working with her SC4 professors to ensure she gets the best education possible. She also applied for the TRIO Student Support Services program at SC4, because she’s always been a student who needs a little extra help along the way.

“TRIO has been helpful by checking with me to see how I’m doing, both educationally and personally,” Linton said. “They’ve also helped me set realistic school and personal goals. We talk about my classes and my plan to get my work done on time. We set goals for writing papers and how I can get a better grade by including other writing skills. Having a tutor available for my harder subjects gives me less stress to worry about.”

Linton enthusiastically recommends the TRIO program to other students. “They are an amazing support program with a lot of resources to help students succeed. The TRIO classroom in the Achievement Center is also a major resource, with computers to work on, a quiet place to study, and staff available to help you with anything you need.”

She’s thankful for all the help she’s received in her time at SC4, especially from her professors who have had to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic while still teaching effectively.

“This semester has been difficult with school being online,” Linton said. “The professors have been working non-stop to provide us with resources we need to succeed. I’m extremely thankful that my professors are working through this learning curve with me and even laughing through the hard times that have made SC4 a little bit better.”

Linton is planning to transfer to Northern Michigan University in Marquette to major in Elementary Special Education. She plans to keep running at NMU, either on their club team or just on her own to stay healthy and in shape. She wants to hike and explore, too, because there are plenty of trails and other outdoor activities to participate in. Eventually, she’d like to move to Montana to teach and start her family.

For her perseverance and dedication to improving herself through education, Jenna Linton is the November TRIO Student of the month.

TRIO Student of the Month: Giovonni Carden

Giovonni Carden always wanted to be a nurse. She knew SC4 had a great program and it was also close by, so her choice was simple. But the decision to go to college often involves additional challenges that aren’t quite as simple. So Carden also got involved with the college’s TRIO Student Support Services program at the suggestion of some of her friends.

“I heard great things from others about the [TRIO] program,” Carden said, “and I thought that I could use some help along my journey in college.”

Her intuition about joining TRIO turned out to be a great choice.

“TRIO has helped me obtain my goals by mentoring me, addressing questions and concerns I had, and walking me through the steps to prepare for and apply to the nursing program,” she explained. “Shawne Jowett [Interim Director of TRIO at SC4] has been there for me every single time I needed her help. I’m extremely grateful for her. I really can’t thank her enough for all the help she has given me.”

For her achievements at SC4 and in the TRIO program, Carden is the October TRIO Student of the Month.

Balancing college and everyday life aren’t easy. Carden notes that she needed to work, pay her bills (including tuition), while also finding time to do well in her classes. “It wasn’t easy at the time, but I took everything one step at a time and didn’t worry about events I couldn’t control,” she said.

Carden would recommend the TRIO program to current SC4 students as well as incoming freshmen. “TRIO has such a broad spectrum of resources anyone could benefit from it,” she said. “Also, it’s full of sweet, caring people who are always there to help when you need them.”

She’s planning to complete her nursing degree at SC4 and then move on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. She’d like to be an operating room nurse or maybe a labor and delivery nurse. Later, she may investigate becoming a doula (someone who provides emotional and physical support during pregnancy and childbirth).

“I want to be there to help and make sure they’re comfortable,” she said.

SC4 President’s Honor List for Summer 2020

A total of 218 St. Clair County Community College students earned a spot on the President’s Honor List for the 2020 summer semester, which ended Aug. 7.

Students must take at least six credits and have a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher to make the list.

President’s Honor List for the 2020 summer semester, ordered by hometown:

Algonac — Alexis Semaan.

Allenton — Shelby Husovsky.

Almont — Chelsee Berger, Maria Bussone, Alyssa Soave and Timothy Wolf.

Armada — Kayla Campis and Nicole Sawitzky.

Attica — Miranda Pekala.

Avoca — Samantha Chauvin, Camryn Griffith, Emily Kean, Sarah Koch, Joseph Robinson and Doug Schoenberg.

Berlin Township — Dylan McCarroll.

Birmingham — Olivia Freshwater.

Bloomfield Hills — Roxanne Martin.

Brockway Township — Abigail Westrick.

Brown City — Isabel Woodall.

Burtchville Township — Brooklynn Wilton.

Capac — Kari Bastian, Benjamin Geliske, Dakota Killingbeck, Priscilla King, Terra King and Kathryn Oliver.

Casco Township — Daley Boyd.

China Township — Katie Tyrrell and Kristin Malcolm.

Clay Township — Anya Gerstenberg, Jenna Graham, Ashley Huber and Marianne Karos.

Clifford — Amanda Pratt.

Clyde Township — Jordan Berg, Madison Berg, Melissa Graham, Kelly Peters, Emma Purdy and Mackenzie Witt.

Columbus Township — Kimberly Berman, Alison Billeaudeau, Amber Delor, Kalie Foxwell and Carrie Rush.

Cottrellville Township — Kelly Bonam.

Croswell — Pertrilla Brown, Eden Jenkins, Matthew Kerrigan and Breanna Ngow.

Deckerville — Mitchell Noble.

East China Township — Desaray DeSnyder, Daniel Ferrone, Adrianne Henderson, Elsa McClure, Charles McKay and Kelsey Russell.

Emmett — Angela Heiden and Matthew Wetter.

Fair Haven — Matthew Privaloff.

Fort Gratiot — Zachary Brockway, Bailey Compton, Julia Cope, Dofonso Fernando, Ryan Hunt, Amanda Isaac, Larissa John, Ethan Kane, Taylor Kelley, Hope Knowlton, Jordyn Knowlton, Jon Laffrey, Madison Loviska, Roman Lucido, Michele Niehaus, Clara Scheid, Alexis Shreeve, Jennifer Steinke, Sophia Vani, Ian Wilson and Luke Zeller.

Goodells — Eva Wiegand.

Greenwood Township — Morgan Asselin.

Harbor Beach — Skylar Deer.

Imlay City — Dominique Perreault, Kayla Schocke and Shelby Webb.

Jeddo — Heather Porter and Maxwel Terry.

Kimball Township — Allison Cole, Andrea Dunn, Gale Kicinski, Davon Morris, Garrett Royce, Jenna Russell, Beth Seibert, Brianna Swantek and Paj Yang.

Lexington —Riley Bongard, William Patterson and Naomi Wildey.

Marine City — Hailey Butler, Melanie Carlson, Emily Dart, Thomas Kaminski, Conner Mathews, Jamie Stanislawski and Alyssa Westrick.

Marlette — Rebecca Jar.

Marysville — Mathew-James Alcorn, Sirena Bond, Aric Chojnowski, Eric Decker, Hunter Fite, Karlie Franz, Jacob Gilbert, Gwyneth Glombowski, Kaitlynn Kindsvater, Zane King, Kirsten Kish, Isabella Mills, Ashley Nevarez, Cade Perrin, Angella Rathsack, Adam Tuckey and Hannah Wiegand.

Melvin — Caitlin Houde.

Memphis — Taylor Kreger, Jenna Lesch and Casondra Sumpter.

Miami, Fla. — Ariel Dominguez.

Mussey Township — Sherri Domzalski, Pamela Lerash and Danielle Sawyer.

New Baltimore — Ashley Kraft.

New Haven — Christene Marcum.

North Branch — Katrina Guldi.

Port Huron — Morgan Alexis, Christopher Ballard, Kiera Barnes, Alexander Bird, Alexzandra Carr, Kayla Cartier, Faith Chmielewski, Noel Cosby, April Cox, Lindsey Crane, Elizabeth Dewey, Kaitlyn Douglas, Shylah Drouillard, Rachel Dubs, A.J. Fagan, D. Hope Galarza-Amaro, Porfirio Garcia, Latonya Harmon, Camille Harrison, Katherine Hollingsworth, Morgan James, Desiree Markopoulos, Syrys Molesworth, Remy Reynolds, Niurka Rodriguez, Dawn Silk, Adrienne Slossar, Daniele Soper, Lindsay Thoms, Lily Vella, Kobi Voelker, Stacey Wahl, Haley Werth, Nicholas Wik, Cheyna Williams, Julia Wing and David Wolven.

Port Sanilac — Olivia Espinoza.

Richmond — Regina Long and Isabella Tollis.

Riley Township — Shelby Enders and Emily Wyszczelski.

St. Clair — Avery Aiello, Katelyn Bartholomew, Julianna Cataldo, Maranda Decker, Brenda Domagalski, Julie Felbarth, Andre Fleury, Zacchaeus Gilbert, Joshua Hilton, Allison Kaczperski, Sharon Kalbaugh, Therese Kalbaugh, Leigh Knox, Sumner Malcolm, Morgan Mead, Zachary Nicholson, Robert Pelka, Bailey Sazehn, Jeffrie Seros, Sarah Shell, Jacqueline Sikora, Noah Simone and Brendan Weeks.

Sandusky — Rachael Roff.

Smiths Creek — Ross Hinkley.

Swartz Creek — Kallie Albert.

Toronto, Ont. — Jamal Armstrong.

Troy — Jen Minchella.

Wales Township —Emily Marchand, Alexandra Smith and Jacob Weidner.

Yale — Caleb Bollaert, Jada Janes, Joseph Nunley, Carleigh Randolph, David Regan, Kaycee Reid and Franki Whittaker.

SC4 student finds college success in TRIO program

When Mikayla Phetteplace decided to restart her college career in 2018, she attended an orientation session for the TRIO program. With a six-month-old baby girl, Mikayla’s schedule wasn’t flexible enough for on-campus classes and she was going to need some help getting back into the swing of college classes. SC4’s TRIO Student Support Services program looked like a great choice.

“After [the TRIO] orientation, I had an advising appointment,” Mikayla explains. “The advisor highly recommended TRIO. I was amazed at the opportunities and benefits of being in the program, so I didn’t hesitate to fill out the application.”

Mikayla has been in the TRIO program for five semesters, and she’s sure she wouldn’t have had the success she’s had at SC4 without it. “Shawne (Jowett, then-TRIO advisor and current Interim Director of the program) kept me on track and made sure that the classes I was taking were online and needed for me to graduate. The early enrollment opportunity and the tutoring were the services I benefited from the most.”

With a full-time job and family responsibilities, Mikayla’s biggest challenge is time, and the help provided by her instructors and the TRIO team has been essential. “There are never enough hours in the day,” she says. “I have found that the trick to having the time is making it. It has seemed impossible sometimes, but things always get accomplished by the deadline. I try to remind myself to breathe and always ask for help when I need it.”

While it was important that she was able to complete her associate degree in computer information systems completely online, being able to travel 30 minutes to campus if she needed additional help was also important to Mikayla’s success. “SC4 is local, so unlike some online schools where literally everything is done online, if I need to come to campus I can.”

Mikayla has had support from many SC4 faculty and staff, but she is particularly thankful for the support of three people. “I’m most grateful for Professor Colleen Forsgren. She has been the most supportive, informational, and just all-around the best professor I’ve had at SC4. I’ve learned so much under her instruction,” Mikayla says. “I’m also grateful to Amy (Hengehold, TRIO Support Staff Member) and Shawne. They’re both so wonderful.”

Because of her overall success at SC4 and the impact that the college’s TRIO SSS program has had on her, Mikayla is the TRIO Student of the Month for September 2020.

Mikayla is planning to graduate in December with her associate degree, and eventually hopes to transfer to a university to complete her bachelor’s degree. She currently works as an administrative assistant and she and her husband hoping to buy a home in the area to give their daughter a place to grow up in and enjoy.

“TRIO has been one of the brightest spots of my college career,” Mikayla says. “There is nothing not to like about TRIO. They are helpful, kind, supportive, and always there if anyone has questions or concerns.”

SC4 radiologic technology program celebrates impressive seven-year, 100 percent first-time passage rate on national exam

The St. Clair County Community College radiologic technology program has continued for a seventh year, its impressive 100 percent first-time passage rate on the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Exam, a national registry exam that grants certification in radiologic technology.

Twelve SC4 graduates passed the 2020 exam, bringing the total number of SC4 graduates passing on their first try to 73 since the program began at the college in 2012.

According to SC4 Vice President for Academic Services/Chief Academic Officer for Occupational Studies and Health Sciences Tamara Kenny, the excellent training and preparation provided to students is thanks to the expertise and dedication of Professor of Radiologic Technology Sandra Geliske and Program Director Monica Rowling.

“A perfect record like this is uncommon,” Kenny said. “It illustrates the high level of commitment we have to our students in ensuring they are ready to thrive in this career path upon graduation.”

SC4 radiologic technology graduates work at Beaumont hospitals, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital, Hills and Dales Medical Center, McKenzie Health System, McLaren Lapeer Regional Hospital, McLaren Port Huron, Lake Huron Medical Center, Concentra clinics, Henry Ford Macomb Health Center, Orthopedic Associates, Advanced Orthopedics and Ascension hospitals, chiropractor offices, and other clinics and facilities.

“I continue to be impressed by the commitment and perseverance of our Blue Water Area students,” Rowling said. “They make me so proud every year and make a positive difference in the lives of patients here in Port Huron and far beyond.”

SC4’s radiologic technology associate degree program prepares students to become radiologic technologists by combining imaging technology with patient care skills to create quality radiography images. The program has a 24-month, competency-based curriculum that includes practical experiences in hospitals and imaging centers. It received an impressive maximum eight-year accreditation award from the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) in 2020.

There are 21 other radiologic technology programs in Michigan, including 16 associate degree programs, two bachelor’s degree programs and three hospital-based programs.

SC4 hosts a Virtual Job Fair

PORT HURON – St. Clair County Community College will host a Virtual Job Fair on Aug. 18 and Aug. 20, 2020. The event will allow employers to connect with job seekers who are actively seeking work in the Blue Water Area. The college has several partners helping to make this event a success, including the Economic Development Alliance of St. Clair County; the City of Port Huron and McMorran Place; Macomb/St. Clair Michigan Works; and the Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce.

The deadline for employers to set up open positions and 15-minute long appointment slots is Friday, Aug. 7. Job seekers will then review the list of job openings, select appointment times, and enter their contact information during the week of Aug. 10 to 14.

Job Seeker on the telephone

Employers can sign up for as many appointment slots as they desire. SC4 is handling registration and communications with employers and job seekers.

For more information and to register as a company or job seeker, visit

More than 1,500 SC4 students earn honors in winter semester

A total of 1,597 St. Clair County Community College students earned a spot on the President’s Honor List for the 2020 winter semester, which ended May 8.

Students must take at least six credits and have a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher to make the list.

President’s Honor List for the 2020 winter semester, ordered by hometown:

Ada — Brooke Engles. 

Algonac — Molly Bartolomucci, Laura Buchs, Jenna Crowe, Rachel Davis, Michael D’Eath, Caitlyn Diss, Cara Diss, Erica Erdmann, Emily Escobar, Sarah Essenmacher, Sarah Falke, Raven Gunnells, Emily Hagstrom, Lauren Hodnett, Nicole Jackson, Maria Jones, Sanja Jovanovska-Hall, Jasmina Jovanovska-Spence, Emily Kemp, Brett Leuffgen, Connor Lewis, Christopher Luke, Jaime McCabe, Jadine McCullough, Joseph McKenzie, Evan Melick, Timothy Merlo, James Mertz, Rachel Metcalf, Brendan Pittiglio, Hayley Richardson, Madelynn Saddler, Michaela Schulz, Alexis Semaan, Kassandra Sepanski, Natalie Thomason and Tristin Wiegand. 

Allenton — Chelsea Ellis, Sarah Ford, Megan Gibson, Alexis Hill, Emma Horetski, Leanna Konarski, Joshua Simpson, Aubree Smith, Brooke Vandeberghe and Morgan Woods.

Almont — Chelsee Berger, Maria Bussone, Jack DeMara and Alyssa Soave. 

Applegate — Tabitha Flitton, Dylan Kuhn and Alexander Lewis. 

Attica — Dillynn Bryant, Hannah McNary, Miranda Pekala, Colton Ruhlman, Janel Schuh and Cori Weidman.

Avoca — Hunter Abram, Ethan Bartee, Levi Beaver, Reagan Clark, Madison Desloover, Holly Engel, Lee Frantz, Paige French, Parker Goodmen, Camryn Griffith, Nathan Hazel, Jamie Hill, Mackenzie Hiller, Jacob Kandt, Russell Keuning, Jenna Kuhlman, Garrett Lauzon, Sean Lauzon, Kelsey Lodge, Haley Matthews, Julia McMillin, Matthew Monaco, Nicholas Preston, Jared Ramsey, Jeffrey Ramsey, Danielle Ripenbark, Olya Rybak, Doug Schoenberg, Christopher Stokes, Hunter Trombley and Robert Wessel. 

Bad Axe — Bethany Alderman, Melissa Bischer and Alexis Muether. 

Berlin Township — Olivia McCarroll, Steven Sly and Ashley Wampfler. 

Bloomfield Hills — Roxanne Martin. 

Brockway Township — Alecia Boland, Brittany Brookins and Kaitlyn Hinz. 

Brown City — Breanna Brown, Alexander Carpenter, Alexis Crenshaw, Andrew Geiger, Sara Guarneros-Castillo, Joseph Hermann, Olivia Jackson, Nicole Jones, Samantha Jones, Zoe Mathews, Chealse Miller, Jordan Palmer, Jenna Titcombe, Amber Trowbridge, Mark Vaerten, Isabel Woodall and Sarah Woodall. 

Burtchville Township — Alexia Barr, Abigail Britz, Alexandria Burson, Brenda Cracknell, Samantha Dennison, Paige Evans, Nolan Lacey, Lauren Luke, Victoria Montgomery, Bayle Paul, Bethany Pomaville, Breanna Smith, Brooke Snyder, Brooklynn Wilton and Jennifer Wiswell. 

Burton — Lindsy Hall. 

Capac — Natalie Akers, Autumn Baird, Trevor Boers, Jonathan Botwin, Timothy Edie, Ashlynn Fistler, Tarah Gaier, Benjamin Geliske, Tim Hall, Hannah Kemp, Dakota Killingbeck, Terra King, Stephanie Kluger, Laura Lindsay, Spencer Malburg, Grace McCarthy, Alondra Munoz, David Oliver, Kathryn Oliver, Alyssa Orlando, Megan Orlando, Samantha Rhein, Grace Ruegsegger, Sage Senyk, Ashley Slank, Jenah Ternes, Joshua Trojanowski, Thomas Tyson and Candy Vigiletti. 

Caro — Rylee Thane. 

Carsonville — Taylor Barrett, Quinn Bobbio, Sydney Clark, Emily Cross, Adam Eugster, Elliot Geiger, Anna Hill, Robert Knobloch, Tanya Noble, Justin Ritchie, Chandler Rizzo and Andre Withey. 

Casco Township — Anthony Ales, Daley Boyd, Elisha Cielecki, Nathan Esders, Maria Galante, Juliet Geck, Robert Gorniak, Alexis Jarvis, Rachel Simon and Kassadi Snyder. 

Chesterfield — Kimberly Bowen, Kathy Bryant, Giovanni Coletti, Alexandra Passarell, Jelena Ristich, Leah Rospierski, Thomas Shipley, Samantha Spencer, Macenzie Williams and Megan Williams. 

China Township — Alana Cook, Jack Kammer, Kristin Malcolm, Heather Meldrum, Allison Pietrykowski, Emily Schaff, Joseph Spencer, Colby Walker, Riley Wood and Olivia Young. 

Clarkston — Lisa Bassett. 

Clay Township — Elizabeth Bowen, Abigail Folkerts, Jennifer Fox, Anya Gerstenberg, Jenna Graham, Ashley Huber, Kayla Jewell, Jessica Keast, Katlyn Koach, Amy Oliver, Sarah Periard, Riley Petit, Tosha Sabbagh, Alyssa Semaan, Morgan Shelton, Jayden Siwila, Nathanal Thorson, Abigail Todino, Margaret Tyll and Lauryn Ziolkowski. 

Clifford — Anhaella Hinojosa, Courtney Rosell and Heidi Westover. 

Clinton Township — Vedrana Jaric, Taylor Raymo, Stefany Shumerski and Zachary Shumerski. 

Clyde Township — Brennan Ainsworth, Dakota Alexander, Celestial Atherton, Cameron Barlass, Joseph Baslock, William Baxter, Samantha Boughner, William Bowman, Blake Burgess, Dylan Clyne, Jenna Louise Cooper, Hunter Davis, Megan Debuf, Rebekah Delmedico, Abigail Diller, Connor Dobson, David Gardner, Melissa Graham, Molly Hillis, Tyler Holbrook, Aiden Horn, Emma Huston, Alexander Kilbourn, Katelyn Leonard, Nickolas Leonard, Brandon Mack, Katie Marcero, Rebecca Maxfield, Sarah May, Kelly Peters, Colleen Provost, Emma Purdy, Cameron Sanders, Connor Scahill, Alyissa Schweihofer, Gavin Schwentor, Tiffany Siewert, Leatha Smith, Riley Soulliere, Thomas Stevens, Evan Vandenbossche and Jacob Wilson. 

Columbiaville — Caitlyn Rogers.

Columbus Township — Kimberly Adolph, Seth Aguinaga, Jackson Allen, Alison Billeaudeau, Lauren Bral, Zachary Bral, Carolyn Brown, Hunter Grippe, Alyssa Hoist, Ryan Johnson, Dean Kalebjian, Lucy Kalebjian, Jamie King, Rylee McGuffin, Maisie Meyers, Ian O’Neill, Mellisa Parmann, Austin Roland, Maria Sanchez-Cerda, Dominic Spahn, Carlee Watson, Katelyn Wright-Vespie and Kevin Zoeplitz. 

Cottrellville Township — Kelly Bonam, Elizabeth Coverdill, Hailey DeMerritt, Lydia Fowler, Robert Jewell, Derek Kierszykowski, Heather LeFaivre, Karleigh Mistretta, April Storey and Amy Watson. 

Croswell — Christian Alexander, Kennedy Beauchamp, Mackenzie Beauchamp, Alexandria Biscorner, Emilie Bower, Madison Brewer, Courtney Brooks, Pertrilla Brown, Taylor Bussey, Hannah Caldwell, Rhiannon Carter, Jordan Chrzanowski, Nathanael Cote, Joseph Cottrell, Austin Deview, Lindsay Fazio, Niilo Fenner, Meredith Francis, Amanda Gravish, Eden Jenkins, Savannah Kane, Alexis Knofski, Hanna Longerbeam, Grayson Manczyk, Erin Manns, Taryn Mathis, Breanna Ngow, Adam O’Mara, Mikayla Phetteplace, Carla Reimel, William Romine, Kyra Schroeder, Thomas Short, Austin Smith, Alexandrea Walters, Lauren Witham and Jessica-Ann Woodard. 

Decker — Calsi Henry. 

Deckerville — Lindsey Blackmer, Katie Noble, Mitchell Noble and Dillon Vermeesch.

Deford — Kendra DeLong. 

East China Township — Kristjan Allen, Jacob Ameel, Allison Bica, Shelby Biscorner, Megan Bishop, Jessica Bohm, Zachary Burt, Kayle Cole, Joshua DeCoste, Desaray DeSnyder, David DeVlaminck, Shelby Devries, Brandi Doherty, Nicholas Eggers, Carter Fisher, MaryJane Francis, Denver Gohr, Nicole Hogan, Jessica Hopkins, Amy Jabe, Randall Kammer, Kristin Knockeart, Mary Langell, Eric Marshall, Donald Mason, Elsa McClure, Charles McKay, Morgan McNabb, Jacob Moore, Emily Morris, Lauren Morris, Kennedy Osterland, Rose Ostrowski, Gabrielle Quackenbush, Karly Scharf, Allison Schunk, Erin Sims, Michelle Thomas, Lauren Westrick, Jaclyn Yost and Katelyn Zoeplitz. 

East Lansing — Julia Heim. 

Eastpointe — Melissa Savine.

Emmett — Hailie Austin, George Beck, Kaelee Bobcean, Claire Delpy, Mark Donnellon, Elizabeth Fleming, Angela Heiden, Tessa Horon, Whitney Hughes, Samantha Hull, Haydn Hurley, Jenna Idziak, Karly Jones, Christina Keegan, Jordan Kelly, Kathryn Lozowski, Lucas Malone, Fisher Maul, Alyssa Miller, Kaycee Miller, Gage Monaco, Meagan Montgomery, Matthew Pohlman, Graceanne Powell, Madison Raymo, Shawn Robertson, Amanda Salisbury, Bradley Schaefer, Garrett Snider, Chad Soucek, Janette Uribe, Jasmine Vicencio, Jillian Warner and Matthew Wetter. 

Fair Haven — Anna Campbell, Madison Campbell, Autumn Distelrath, Hunter Hickner, Ashley Howard, Isabella Kawalec, Ozzy Kinch, Matthew Privaloff, Miranda Starr, Marjorie Walt, Elizabeth Wells, Drew Whetstone and Emily Wielgopolski. 

Ferndale — Teresa Sweeney.

Fort Gratiot — Kyla Archer, Tyler Bajis, Jeannette Baker, Caroline Banka, Jacob Beem, Kathryn Belval, Sean Berg, Taylor Biniek, Lydia Bonney, Brooke Booth, Zach Booth, Aleeya Boychuck, Alexander Brady, Christine Bright, Michael Brittain, Zachary Brockway, Teddi Brymer, Alexandria Canas, GeeGee Carden, Cameron Clark, Sarah Conant, Whitney Cook, Julia Cope, Matthew Cronce, Megan Cronce, Brian Dey, Alexandria Downing, Tim Doyle, Lindsay Dubay, Sabrina Dunlop, Jaden Dunn, Jordan Dunn, Haley Eisenhauer, Taylor Elsholz, Nyssa Eveland, Elena Fernandez, Dofonso Fernando, Alexis Ficht, Lucy Forlastro, Nicole Forlastro, Anna Foster, Patrick Gallagher, Skyler Goodman, Hunter Guilds, Hannah Halifax, Abbigayle Haskell, Julie Hedges, Michael Heifner, Angelina Hill, Seth Houle, Keenon Huss, Alisa Ide, Amanda Isaac, Ashley Jobe, Larissa John, John Kaercher, Ethan Kane, Taylor Kelley, Maxwell Kenny, Alexander Kerrigan, Kimberly Kivel, Zoe Klink, Jon Laffrey, Loretta Latimer, Roman Lucido, Jacqueline Ludwig, Brendan Lyons, Ila MacLean, Bryson Majeske, Cameron Mango, Elizabeth Matthews, Tyreice McArthur, Abigail McClelland, Caleb McNeill, Connor Medford, Charlotte Mehnert, Nicole Meinert, Taylor Murawski, Michele Niehaus, Sara Nofs, Logan O’Flanagan, Alexandra Platzer, Nicholas Platzer, Matthew Podgurski, Kelly Prososki, Conner Reinhold, Haley Relken, Sarah Rhude, Tamara Rojem, Blake Rosso, Lawren Ruiz, Stephanie Rummel, Clara Scheid, Griffin Schirmer, Cassidy Schott, Megan Schumacher, Kassandra Sepsey, Sydney Sepsey, Kelleigh Shanahan, Shane Sheridan, Nathan Shoffner, Evan Showler, Alisa Shudell, Lawrence Skotzke, Ashley Smith, Zachary Stacks, Nicholas Stalker, Joshua Staples, Grace Stein, Peyton Stein, Sylvia Stephens, Amethyst Stevens, Madison Taylor, Hanna Teeple, Andrew Thibert, Tyler Tidwell, Selena Torrez, Nicole Truscott, Kristine Tyson, Justin Van Bibber, Sophia Vani, Ethan Wahl, Payge Walker, Allie Warren, Nadine Weaver, Benjamin Wentzel, Racheal Wilkie, Alexis Williams, Amaya Williams, Megan Wojciechowski and Brandon Zielke. 

Fostoria — Keegan Bonesteel. 

Fowlerville — Ashton Philburn.

Garden City — Brooklyn Taylor. 

Goodells — Lukas Bugajski, Erica Chesney, Jeremy Darling, Nathan Dickerson, Jennifer Freigruber, Allison Groff, Conner Jonseck, Tracy Lepak, Destiny McCall, Ethan McMahon, Chloe Mills, Nicole Morgan, Carson Nolan, Ryan Peters, Tara Peters, Emilee Peyerk, Dominic Pink, Archer Sagaskie, Paul Sharpe, Erin Skonieczny, Victoria Smith, Jessica Smoot, Dawson Stier, Anna Wahls, Rachel Walch, Brandon Webb, Eva Wiegand and Brittney Wuebben. 

Grant Township — Taisha Mentzer. 

Greenwood Township — Morgan Asselin, Sarah Bilinski, Kayley Cain, Mollie Ripenbark and Kaylie Wilt.

Grosse Ile — Paige Machuga. 

Grosse Pointe Woods — Christopher Photiades. 

Harbor Beach — Skylar Deer and Paige Wolschleger. 

Harrison Township — Mackenzie Bryant. 

Harsens Island — Kathy Brady. 

Howell — Heidi Cunningham. 

Imlay City — Hanna Adamczak, Renae Brewer, Shayla Goddeeris, Francisco Medina, Dominique Perreault, Allison Schlaack, Ashlee Tallis, Cassidy Tullio and Shelby Webb. 

Ira Township — Matthew Bishop, Rodney Breslin, Jennifer Darga, Alexis Epley, Kathryn Fanson, Miranda Gonyeau and Rachel Rhein. 

Jeddo — Bailey Adams, Abby Babel, Brooke Bowerman, Brandi Burch, Melissa Clay, Rachel Crawford, Austin Farris, Kristen Fleury, Megan Fleury, Taryn Frey, Ryan Fuller, Alex Hock, Monica Mullally, Donovan Paldanius, Heather Porter, Alexis Scott, Arianna Stanyer, Katherine Stevenson, McKenna Sweeney, Maxwel Terry, Cory VanBuskirk, Daria Vaughan and Katilyn Yeager. 

Kenockee Township — Logan Davies, Aniela Kujda-Roche, Elizabeth Ling, Madilyn Morris, Autumn Reece and Brooke Thompson. 

Kimball Township — Faith Aguinaga, Molly Aguinaga, Kara Alexander, Kristin Archibald, James Barden, Dawn Barr, Jessica Beattie, Sasha Bertram, Tara Blount, Timothy Blythe, Katherine Brown, Noah Buffa, Alexis Cantu, Allison Cole, Cameron Colgan, Princess Alaina- Collins, Robin Deman, Andrew Dull, Austin Dunn, Ethan Dunsmore, Jennifer Dupuis, Darien Durette, Marshall Figgins, Madison Fleming, Taylor Fogarty, Patricia Forrester, Cheyenne Francisco, Kyle Frizzle, Lauren Gaffigan, Jonathan George, Jackie Gibbs, Katie Gossman, Michael Graham, Ryan Harris, Brieanna Hartzell, Steven Henkel, Cameron Hill, Haley Houle, Alexandra Hunger, Mary Hunt, Nathan Jakubiak, Jessica Justice, Julian Justice, Daniel Kennedy, Samantha Kicinski, Nina Kindle, Issac Kish, Vera Klimovich, Josephina Kress, Tiffany Ladmirault, Ryan Lauzon, Kendall Leverenz, Maria Macey, Jared MacNeil, Shane Markel, Brynn Meadows, Kaitlyn Meldrum, Breanna Moore, Nathan Morie, Davon Morris, McKenna Mullen, Kassandra Nelson, Lillian Nelson, Tyler Nunez, Nolan Osgood, Taylor Ostrander, Elias Pagurko, Elizabeth Porter-Giles, Matthew Pringle, Nadine Ritchey, Lauryn Roff, Olivia Rousey, Katrina Roy, Gail Sayers, Adam Senyk, Selena Senyk, Shawn Sessa, Marcus Severini, Evan Sinelli, Brittany Smith, Jacob Sroka, Brianna Swantek, Emily Swierkosz, Jillian Sylvia, Kaitlyn Szukala, Max Thoennes, Emma Thurman, Hannah Wagar, Jasmine Walerych, Michaela Walkowski, Codie Warner, Angel Webb, Alyssa Wehner, Tabitha Welsh, Cheyene Williams, Kyle Williams, Jessica Wilson, Samantha Winward-Maes, Britney Wolff and Paj Yang. 

Kinde — Janis Picard. 

Lakeport — Jade Anderson, Brent Hisscock, Jennifer Knoth and Daniel Rich. 

Lapeer — Mariah Diller, Lauren Jones, Alexandria McKinstry, Abe Schneider, Kayla Schocke and Conner Withey.

Lenox Township — Kristin Tober. 

Lexington — Brooke Albrecht, Cameron Allan, Bailey Anson, Brandon Barr, Adam Baszewski, Kyle Dwyer, Trevor Herbert, Alesha Hibbs, Cody LaFave, Sarah Lawson, Tommie Elizabet Long, Benjamin Marinez, Linsay McLain, Kayleigh Mifsud, Gabrielle Nicholas, Alexander Patterson, Marissa Pennington, Connor Pink, Kylee Rankin, Kenton Rickerman, Dylan Schwartz, Brendon Shaffer, Sydney Soper, Paige Stribling, Naomi Wildey, Bradley Wilkins, Jessica Willing, Alison Wojnarowicz and Andrew Wojnarowicz. 

Lynn Township — Kaitlyn Dubay. 

Macomb — Izabella Gowen, Gisele Mikanga and Michelle Tremper. 

Marine City — Samantha Bailey, Bonnie Baker, Leighanne Bellanger, Cody Bieth, Gabrielle Borneman, Ronald Burke, Cece Carrothers-Lutz, Ethan Cecil, Brooklyn Collins, Hunter Daniels, Makanna Duvall, Jonathan Everitt, Chelsea Frost, David Frost, Jennifer Goulette, Hallie Hatcher, Melissa Heft, Lindsey Hoover, Madison Humphrey, Ezra Iannucci-Nemeth, Chelsea Itrich, Thomas Kaminski, Karl Kozfkay, Danielle Laporte, Hanna Lowes, Sydney Markel, Samantha May, Sara McKerley, Kaitlyn Merrill, Alexys Osterland, Natasha Potvin, Reagan Rivard, Gavin Robbel, Nikki Russell, Erika Sabatini, Hannah Schultz, Ryan Scott, Kaitlyn Simpson, Lily Smalstig, Darcy Spaulding, James Springborn, Evelyn Swantek, Shaylyn VanMilligan, Makailey Vantiem, Callie Wallis, Isabella Wallis, Rebecca Wend, Alyssa Westrick, Aydrea Westrick, Kaylynn Witting and Jenna Zweng. 

Marlette — Rebecca Jar and Caitlyn Rogers. 

Marysville — Mathew-James Alcorn, Zashae Armstrong, Jessica Badley, Sabrina Bahnweg, Robert Balwinski, Joshua Bemiss, Devin Bergman, Nicole Bickel, Sirena Bond, Madison Bondarek, Dylan Borum, Brian Bourcier, Emily Brower, Evan Brown, Nichole Burgess, Olivia Burkhardt, Skyler Cangemi, Kendra Causey, Aric Chojnowski, Kyle Chojnowski, Marisa Conley, Eric Decker, Erica Devigili, Marshal DiGiovanni, Tanya Earl, Gavin Feldhouse, Amber Fields, Terra Foster, Cody French, Kiersten Garrow, Jacob Gilbert, Rachel Gilbert, Timothy Giles, Kelsey Glasgow, Steven Gorski, Rebecca Heck, Kirsten Heimbach, Analiisa Hendrickson, Holly Hilgendorf, Robert Hilgendorf, Jenna Hude, Shane Hunt, Luke Jolly, Shannon Kaczynski, Shelby Kavanaugh, Kaitlynn Kindsvater, Zane King, Emilyann Koppel, Madison Koza, Kyle Kruger, Jolene Kruskie, Dylan Lang, Andrea Laparl, Elizabeth Leto, Evan Leto, Eric Lohr, Kelly Long, Taten MacDougall, Emily MacPherson, Connor Mahn, Christopher Martiny, Coryn May, Alexa McCray, David Moldenhauer, Ann Mole, Thomas Moses, Luke Mosher, Stephen Muzzi, Ashley Nevarez, Alexandra Nuculovic, Kelly O’Grady, Cade Perrin, Kylee Quirk, Angella Rathsack, Paige Raymo, Cynthia Reager, Aaron Rogers, Jacob Rubio, Matthew Schaaf, Rachel Schmaltz, Morgan Scott, Nicholas Shafran, Alayna Simpson, Theresa Smith, Lindsey Sobkowski, Laine Stephens, Danielle Tullio, Jessica Vollstaedt, Shannon Volz, Troy Walcott, Cierra Walker, Matthew Weglarz and Hannah Wiegand. 

Mayville — Jackson Schenk.

Melvin — Hailey Chisholm, Ann Demaray, Amanda Fackler, Kaitlyn Fletcher, Alissa McIntyre and Neve Owens. 

Memphis — Calia Andrzejewski-Wheaton, Allie Ashley, Jennifer Baranowski, Alyssa Chambers, Grace Cook, Kayla Coulter, Caitlin Farenger, Aidan Florka, Morgan Fulgenti, Clayton Gamrat, Madison Gross, Garrett Haberer, Jacob Hallock, Taylor Kreger, Pangying Kue, Abigail Lamberson, Lauren Lamberson, Kayla Lesch, Sierra Liebetreu, Mira Passalacqua, Alaina Pawlowski, Isabella Quesnelle, Emily Ross, Madison Shivers, Kaitlyn  Smalley, Gianna Swain, Erica Syck, Milissa Trombley, Gracie Walsh and Renee Wolschleger. 

Mount Clemens — Melissa Johnson and Jessica Ward. 

Mussey Township — Nancy Bolanos, Sherri Domzalski, Pamela Lerash, Makenzie Porter, Danielle Sawyer and Andre’ Svacha II. 

New Baltimore — Valerie Fearn, Rachel Froehlich, Megan Pelc, Kayla Putman and Mikayla Shaffer.

New Haven — Christene Marcum. 

North Branch — Katrina Guldi. 

North Street — Ashlyn Albert, Alycia Baringer, Cayden Bruno, Destiny Harrison, Logan Hinkley and Joseph Romzek. 

Oak Park — Iasia Rimson. 

Peck — Courtney Angebrandt, Samantha Bissett, Matthew Carlson, Cecilia Cyples, Alexa Hilliker and Taylor Sempf. 

Port Austin — Savannah Grosso. 

Port Hope — Evan Dodge and Laura Iseler. 

Port Huron — Chantal Abdou, Arika Achatz, Morgan Alexis, Jasmine Amador, Juliana Amey, Makayla Anglebrandt, Jacob Armstrong, Jennifer Arnold, Kaytlyn Atkinson, Sahib Aubdoollah, Ethan Avery, Aubrey Balinski, Maleiah Banks, Tyler Bark, Kiera Barnes, Katie Bartley, Jacob Bayes, Alliyah Beals, Lillian Beckman, Daniel Beedon, Madison Beedon, Yaneli Besse, Tanner Bolman, Katherine Bosma, John Bostater, Nathaniel Bottenfield, Alexandreia Bourbonais, Danielle Bower, Kayla Brabaw, Emma Brewbaker, Monica Brown, Hannah Buckley, Riley Bugg, Paige Burgos, Taylor Burkhardt, Noah Burns, Hailey Butler, Helen Cage, Zenaida Castillo, Katherine Cesefske, Andrew Chandler, Faith Chmielewski, Ryan Churchill, Michelle Cline, Noah Cokonougher, Kara Collins, Nicholas Collins, Caitlin Combs, Timothy Conklin, Kevin Conley, Asia Cooper, Noel Cosby, Marcos Coucke, Elijah Coulter, Melisa Cowan, April Cox, Lindsey Crane, Jayde Crankshaw, Evan Crosby, Monea Cureton, Jessica Czanstke, Michael Dart, Abigail Davis, Darien Davis, Jenna Davis, Melissa Davis, Madelyn Day, Vanessa Day, David DeFrain, Michael DeLacy, Kathleen DeVigili, Natasha DeWitt, Payton Dewitt, Andrew Dietz, Brittany Drouillard, Shylah Drouillard, Rachel Dubs, Brittney Dudley, Corey Easton, Noah Edwards, Ricki Edwards, Courtney Ehrler, Chelsea Elliott, Kody Ernest, Alexandria Essenmacher, Timothy Fisher, Sean Forbes, Dalton Formaz, Jocelyn Forro, Joshua Francis, Jacob Frantz, D. Hope Galarza-Amaro, Porfirio Garcia, Montserrat Garcia-Pajaro, Matthew Gardner, Makayla Geer, Desiree Gibbs, Jessica Gibson, Ashley Gonder, Hope Goodwin, Andrew Gossman, Benjamin Graham, Jarod Graham, Kylie Grambau, Danielle Grattan, Avery Greene, Samantha Gross, Jennifer Guertin, Kevin Hajarie, Andrew Hall, Kristyana Hamblin, Cara Hamlin, Jessica Harmon-Franz, Kennedy Harrell, Analisa Harrington, Gabrielle Harris, Marissa Harris, Camille Harrison, Hailey Haynes, Madison Heft, McKenzie Heft, Lillian Henion, Veronica Hill, Katherine Hollingsworth, Jillian Jackson, Paul Jacobs, Brianna Jamison, Drew Jamison, Emilia Jefferson, Adam Jerlecki, Jeremiah Johnson, Justice Johnson, Joanna Jones, Marc Jones, Leah Kain, Pauline Kania, Kerig Kearns, Tanya Keefe, Adam Keller, Logan Kellerman, Jeremy Kenney, Jayden Kennison, Holly Kidd, Marissa Kidd, Taylor Kinter, Jessica Kolman, Sarah Koveck, Shelly Lander, Emily Lask, Somer Laubert, Amanda Lemon, Marie Leniczek, Skylar Lewandowski, Tianna Lincoln, Adeline Linert, Anthony Lucido, Courtney Lundy, Julian Macatangay, Keilan Macatangay, Nicole Mallory, Bailey Mance, Addison Manuilow, Julie Markey, Desiree Markopoulos, Hilary Markopoulos, Hunter Maxon, Olivia May, Drew Mayes, Emma McArthur, Ashley McClellan, Anna McClelland, Nelle McDonald, Taylor McDonald, Keeley McGovern, Sean McKenzie, Rachelle McLeod, Mikala McMullen, Diamond Meadows, Joseph Meerhaeghe, Ryder Meilstrup-Eady, Lucas Merrill, Rachel Miller, Austin Milutin, Brent Mitchell, Robert Moews, Syrys Molesworth, Kielee Monzo, Jason Morency, Caylee Morgan, Codey Morgan, Emily Morgan, Allie Morris, Sydney Mose, John Munro, Darren Myron, MacKinze Nestle, Emily Nichols, Logan Nichols, Maryssa Nichols, Andrew Nicholson, Molly O’Farrell, Preston Palmateer, Alante Panczyk-Tellis, Zachary Panduren, Stephanie Pegg, Mallori Pelletier, Justin Pendrock, Elaina Penn, Casimir Pietrowski, Timothy Plunkett, Ethan Poor, Stephen Porrett, Margaret Ratajczak-Smith, Christopher Reed, Jillian Reed, Natalya Reid, Kaitlyn Reno, Remy Reynolds, Deschalyn Riase, Laura Richert, Johnathon Ridley, MacKenzie Ritchie, Aiyanna Rivera, Amanda Roberts, Niurka Rodriguez, Alexis Roman, Kaleb Rosenau, Brian Roskey, Ethan Roskey, Karis Roszczewski, Hannah Sagash, Irma Santillano, Sean Sapienza, Brooke Scheffler, Chloe Schmitt, Athena Schrader, Helena Schrader, Mason Schuck, Robert Schwartz, Jefri Segar, Lindsay Sergent, Trent Sheldon, Dawn Silk, Dakota Simpson, Adrienne Slossar, Tara Smalls, Aaron Smith, Cassidy Smith, Walter Smith, Breahna Snay, Faith Sobocinski, Daniele Soper, Shaylynn Southgate-Smith, Sophie Steinborn, Jennifer Steinke, Karen Stephens, Emily Stewart, Maleena Stewart, Victor Stols, Austin Stout, Autumn Strauch, Skyler Streeter Fye, Katie Stuckey, Alista Sturges, Adam Sullivan, Magdelene Swartz, Faith Swinson, Breanna Sylvia, Megan Symington, Tyler Symon, Andrew Tallmadge, Ashley Tarzwell, Brittnay Thieke, Rachel Thomas, Santia Thomason, Ceiri Thompson, Nelson Thorn, Candelaria Tibble, Elaina Tickle, Teagan Todd, Jenny Tran, Heather Travis, Charles Trendy, Dakota Trendy, Kim Tsai, Amanda Tulo, Brittany Turner, Melanie Uber, Ryan Urban, Gloria Valentin, Jordan Vanallen, Demi Varty, Lily Vella, Lillian Vertigan, Krista Visga, Kyla Visga, Kobi Voelker, Troy Voight, Dane Vos, Stacey Wahl, LeAnne Wallace, Brady Wardlow, Brendan Webster, Matthew Wedlake, Payton Westbrook, Thomaya White, Jonah Wiegand, Nicholas Wik, Kraig Wilkie, Cheyna Williams, Monique Williams, Reagan Williams, Kaitlyn Willis, Julia Wing, David Wolven, Donna Wolven, Cassandra Worden, Grace Wurmlinger, Taylor Yax, Brendan Ziolkowski and Timothy Ziolkowski. 

Port Huron Township — Jacob Raab and Marcel Trice. 

Port Sanilac — Eben Bobby, Mikaylie Earl, Olivia Espinoza, Jeffrey Henning and Madeline Saldana. 

Ray Township — Kyle Dalton. 

Richmond — Megan Baltierra, Karen Barrows, Amelia Black, Julia Hildreth, Payton Kehoe, Elizabeth Kulman, Hannah Kulman, Amber McKnight, Maryann McLeod, Leonardo Molina, Morgan Ressler, Mary Soldan, Kathryn Sutherland, Isabella Tollis and Ginger Wise. 

Riley Township — Katherine Borgne, Samantha Campbell, Tyler Carlson, Brendan Collins, Robyn Heffner, Megan Langdon, Celeste Parmenter, Dina Protasiewicz, Andrea Ren, Bryan Worden and Emily Wyszczelski. 

Rochester — Alicia Kolman. 

Romeo — Naomi Amey and Alivia Cameron. 

Roseville — Katelyn Dicken, Nicole Ricciardi and Brianna Spitaels. 

Ruby — Sarah Kovacs and Sara Pilgrim. 

Ruth — Katrina Gentner.

Saginaw — Alia Sims. 

Sandusky — Larissa Anton, Alexis Bodeis, Abigail Bolsby, Olivia Bracken, Sheridan Chappel, Madison Greer, Olivia Jacobson, Paige Levitt, Katelyn Miller, Jordon Moran, Annabelle Rich, Lucas Roff, Rachael Roff, Kailey Schomaker, Ashley Tostige, Julia Tovar, Amber Warchuck and Renee Young. 

Smiths Creek — Shelbi Beattie, Debra Devio, Joseph Mervich, Christina Robinson, Logan Roehl, Emily Schumacher, Tristin Watson and Jennifer Winkler. 

Snover — Talia Bulgrien, Samuel Gordon and Jessica Ruckman. 

St. Clair — Isabelle Agosta, Payton Aiello, Elyssa Anderson, Dana Bauer, Brent Baysinger, Alaina Bennett, Brendan Bolduc, Migdalia Bonilla, Michaela Buckley, Mikayla Cameron, Henry Carlsen, Benjamin Charron, Amanda Chase, Austin Chase, Alison Child, Andrew Coleman, Andrew Cordes, John Criger, Genevieve Decker, Shannon Dinsdale, Brenda Domagalski, Maegan Donajkowski, Jessica Fejedelem, Alicia Filippis, Andre Fleury, Leila Gallmeyer, Claudio Garcia, Jillian Gilbert, Zacchaeus Gilbert, Amelia Hamill, Luke Heid, Brittany Hengy, Lydia Hiller, David Hovis, Samantha Howell, Stephanie Jandron, Jenna Johnson, Jessica Johnson, Therese Kalbaugh, Riko Kato, Rebekah Kehoe, Tiffany Kiefer, Leigh Knox, Makayla Kolakovich, Ally Kue, Eva Kue, Stephanie Kulhanek, Desi Kuntz, Jordan Kurtz, Brittney LaBelle, Annaliese Lamontagne, Lily Lemoine, Lance Lyons, Savannah Mahn, Christopher Majeski, James Majeski, John Majeski, Sumner Malcolm, Heather Martin, Madison Mattox, Lauren McIntyre, Chase McKenzie, Michael McKinnon, Haley Medcraft, Mario Mejia, Kaitlyn Murray, Katie Nickonovich, Kaitlyn Nowak, Victoria Oldford, Robert Pelka, Kalia Prevost, June Priebe, Amalia Pytleski, John Richardson, Benjamin Ries, Timothy Ries, Bradshaw Roberts, Lauren Rozelle, Autumn Russell, Bailey Sazehn, Samantha Schovan, John Shell, Sarah Shell, Jacqueline Sikora, Noah Simone, Patricia Smith, Layney Spencer, Jared St. James, Avery Stimac, Wyatt Stimac, Ashley Stone, Amber Therrien, Nicholas Thornton, Jacob Tszinski, James Turner, Brendan Weeks, Cali White, Holly Wingate, Phillip Winterbauer, Emma Wolak, Heather Woodman and Stacy Young. 

St. Clair Shores — Devin Mayle and Sara Welles. 

St. Johns — Cody Wood. 

Sterling Heights — Zachary Huber, Vincenza Scrima and Olivia Soroka. 

Vassar — Savannah Comstock. 

Wales Township — Nolan Downey, Joseph Gentner, Austin Jaehn, Victoria Johnson, Emily Marchand, Tara Robbins, Abagail Simmons, Alexandra Smith, Seth Stier and Michelle Swoish.

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Washington Township — Riane Griffin. 

West Bloomfield — Camryn Brown. 

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Wyandotte — Heather Bruner.

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Ypsilanti — Philip Livingston. 

SC4 to open an on-campus health clinic with St. Clair County Health Department

The St. Clair County Health Department and St. Clair County Community College announce the creation of a health clinic on the college’s campus.

The St. Clair County Board of Commissioners authorized the Health Department to work with the college to create the clinic, which will have a full-time nurse on staff. The college will reimburse the Health Department up to $90,000 for staffing and also will provide the office space and utilities.

The clinic will serve as a bridge between pediatric and adult health care in the area, with direct links to the Health Department’s Teen Health and Personal Health clinics.

“This type of community collaboration is a win-win for everyone,” said Dr. Annette Mercatante, Medical Health Officer of the St. Clair County Health Department. “Health is a team effort and we are delighted to have this opportunity to work with our local college and this population.”

In addition to providing important preventative services to the area’s college-age population, it will improve accessibility to health services to those who typically are working or in class during regular clinics’ office hours.

“We’re pleased to establish a health clinic on our campus,” said SC4 President Dr. Deborah A. Snyder. “Health and safety are top priorities for our college. Having the clinic located at SC4 will further enhance the student experience and provide a vital new service to our campus community this fall.”

The Health Department and the college are finalizing the clinic’s location on campus. The clinic is expected to open during the fall semester.