Getting ready for fall semester with Professor Langan

Are you ready to start or continue your educational journey but not quite sure what path to pursue?

SC4’s business and accounting courses are a great place to start. “Minimum exposure to the topics we teach can prepare a person for a lot of the challenges and opportunities they will face the remainder of their life as either informed consumers or via employment in the business environment,” said Professor Terry Langan. He recommends that, “Undecided students should sample some classes to grow their view of the world and possible career choices.”

Professor Langan has been teaching a variety of accounting and business classes at SC4 for 30 years. The SC4 courses provide a solid base of knowledge in key business subjects such as accounting, business law, management, selling, marketing and economics.

“I’ve come to the realization that sometimes my impact isn’t immediate,” continued Langan. “I have former students approach me years later to let me know something I said or assisted with had a big impact on where they eventually found success. That is extremely rewarding.”

Professor Langan encourages new students to develop as many relationships with fellow students and instructors as possible. In the real world, it’s not always what you know, but who you know. He also advises students to take their education seriously. “Show up, be prepared, and do more than what is expected.”

Attending SC4 is a wise choice for students, especially considering its cost compared to the traditional four-year university is a real deal. “I truly believe SC4 is able to send students to university well prepared to be successful in their academic endeavors,” said Langan.

For example, our business transfer degree allows students to complete more than 60 credits toward a bachelor’s degree — with some agreements with institutions such as Northwood University, Siena Heights University and Walsh College permitting a full three years at SC4 before transferring.

Langan shared, “I’m looking forward to meeting students in person once again, getting to know them, and assisting with all aspects of their education.”

Registration for fall semester is open and classes begin the week of Aug. 23. A list of available on-campus and online can be viewed by visiting

Not a student yet? That’s ok. There’s still time. Visit and fill out your free application today.

Professor Langan and the campus community are looking forward to welcoming you this fall!

Getting ready for fall semester with Professor Jones

If you are from the Blue Water Area there’s a chance you are familiar with Jim Jones. Jones got his start as a graduate of SC4 and has been teaching criminal justice classes for the college since 1997. In addition to teaching, he brings real life experiences to the classroom — as he’s currently a part-time police officer with the Marine City Police Department and previously served 28 years as a full-time officer for the Port Huron Police Department.

“My role at SC4 is overseeing and teaching in our Criminal Justice Generalist program,” said Jones. “The excitement about being back on campus is about the students, no matter what future visions or career aspirations they may have.”

There are critical shortages of police, corrections, and federal law enforcement officers. People with a desire to help others and who want to lead are great candidates for a career in criminal justice. At SC4, our students practice crime scene investigation (CSI) techniques, attend trials and other court processes, participate in field trips, and gain exposure to the field through presentations by active police officers and other criminal justice professionals.

Jones’ advice to new students is, “Don’t count yourself out. Know you can make a difference and find successes. What you say, what you do, and what you contribute to society matters.” As a professional in the criminal justice field, “Your future, and our future, is found in your hands,” continues Jones. Let SC4 help you be successful in this chosen career path.

“As a former student and graduate of SC4, I know how important this institution can be in one’s life,” shared Jones. Often, students will begin their studies, not really knowing where the future will take them or uncertain of what career they want to pursue. “Within a few short years, the same students are found working in their field of choice and making a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and thrive.”

SC4 offers an Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences degree in Criminal Justice and four skill sets related to criminal justice in corrections, generalist, law enforcement and homeland security.

For those wishing to further their education, SC4 has a partnership with Ferris State University to complete a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice that can be completed without leaving our campus.

Lastly from Jones, “Having new students arrive every year, and getting to know them, is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of my job.”

Registration for fall semester is open at SC4 and classes begin the week of Aug. 23. A list of available on-campus and online can be viewed by visiting

Not a student yet? That’s ok. There’s still time. Visit and fill out your free application today.

Professor Jones and the campus community are looking forward to welcoming you this fall!

Popular insect lab part of Professor Webb’s BIO 101 course this fall

SC4’s Essentials of Biology (BIO 101) course addresses the nature of biology as a science. Students learn core biological concepts and engage in the analysis and communication of biological subject matter.

This is an introductory course for non-biology majors. “Students will be better informed on issues that affect their everyday lives,” said Professor Dave Webb. “They will understand how science works and how critically important it is to make decisions based on legitimate scientific evidence.”

Two current examples of the above are climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. Webb states, “Students will learn how to distinguish scientific reality from misinformation.”

Webb is one of several professors teaching this course on campus this fall. While the course objectives are the same, the labs are unique to the professor allowing them to teach to a particular area of expertise and interest.

For example, taking advantage of Webb’s training in entomology, his fall class begins with a five-week sequence of labs centered on insect identification. Students learn:

  • How to use two different types of microscopes
  • Insect anatomy and the key features of major groups of insects
  • The techniques used to identify specimens of the different major groups of insects
  • How to collect insects in the field

“A field trip to collect insects is the most popular lab of the semester,” continues Webb. “It’s close to campus, which is convenient, and best of all — we’re outside.”

It’s important for students to experience biology out in the field looking at living organisms. While laboratory biology remains undeniably important, there is still much to be learned from biologists who roll up their sleeves, go outside, and get dirty.

Registration for fall semester is now open and seats are available for BIO 101 sections. Check out a full list of classes being offered at

New to campus, visit Professor Webb and the SC4 campus community look forward to welcoming you to campus in August.

Stage Makeup class offers a fun experience this fall

Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn an everyday actor into a dramatic character? Do you want to learn how one alters their appearance with the use of makeup, or perhaps discover secrets to create the best Halloween face to surprise your circle of friends and family?

Then SC4’s Fundamentals of Stage Makeup (THA 107) class is for you! Instructor Stewart Reed loves teaching this class because it’s a great combination of academic content and fun. “It’s part theatre, part art, and part personal development,” said Reed.

Technically the course is a study of theatrical makeup, its techniques, basic principles and practical application. “Students will be able to do stage makeup on themselves or others,” continues Reed. “Whether it’s a little bit of old age on yourself, or doing fantasy makeup on 30 students — we can make great looking images and stay hygienic.”

Class assignments include creating clowns, fantasy, fake nose, medical simulations, mustache, old age, and zombie, to name a few. The class also has discussion topics related to diversity components such as age, beauty, gender, sickness, skin color, and class — all of which involve makeup. The course offers unique opportunities to collaborate with other programs on campus, such as the SC4 nursing program. “In the past we’ve had nursing professors come to class to ‘diagnose’ the student ‘illness’ based on the makeup.”

Additional topics include skin health, product safety, and part of the class is accepting your face as it is. “I like the class because we become a fun, close-knit group,” said Reed. “It’s hard to stay aloof when you’ve seen each other in a fake mustache, covered in fake blood, or make a life casting of someone’s face.”

If you are ready to explore the fundamentals of stage makeup through a combination of reading assignments, lectures, demonstrations and supervised practice sessions, space is still available. You can check out a full list of classes being offered at Classes begin the week of Aug. 23.

New to campus, visit Instructor Reed and the SC4 campus community look forward to welcoming you to campus in August.

SC4 President’s Honor List

A total of 1,455 St. Clair County Community College students earned a spot on the President’s Honor List for the 2021 winter semester, which ended May 7.

Students must take at least six credits and have a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher to make the list.

President’s Honor List for the 2021 winter semester, in alphabetical order:

Amber Abdelnour, Matthew Acre, Luke Acton, Miah Adams, Madison Addington, Savannah Adkins, Kimberly Adolph, Faith Aguinaga, Seth Aguinaga, Avery Aiello, Payton Aiello, Zoey Aikins, Brennan Ainsworth, Kallie Albert, Brooke Albrecht, Emily Aldridge, Skylar Aleman, Conner Allam, Cameron Allan, Jackson Allen, Melissa Allen, Maria Almeida Medeiros, Olivia Ameel, Ashley Andersen, Emerald Anderson, Kali Anderson, Courtney Angebrandt, Elizabeth Angell, Sydney Anger, Tristen Anglin, Heather Ansell, Nicole Antenori, Shawnna Apley, Robert Arbuckle, Trevor Arcieri, Jacob Armstrong, Jamal Armstrong, Emma Arndt, Shelby Arnett, Marissa Ashcraft, Allie Ashley, Celestial Atherton, Hannah Atherton, Kaytlyn Atkinson, Sahib Aubdoollah, Elizabeth Austin, Hailie Austin, Shayla Avers, Amanda Avery, Ethan Avery, Benjamin Babich, Jessica Badley, Alicia Bailey, Larissa Bailey, Autumn Baird, Madison Bajis, Shawn Baker, Arezoo Bakhtiari, Lina Baldwin, Laurynn Ball, Christopher Ballard, Megan Baltierra, Caroline Banka, Samantha Banks, James Barden, Alycia Baringer, Gracie Barker, Cameron Barlass, Christopher Barnes, Dawn Barr, Sara Barr, Travis Barron, Zachariah Barrows, Ethan Bartee, Katie Bartley, Joselyn Batchelder, Kristen Bauerle, Luke Baysinger, Alec Beaton, Jessica Beattie, Shelbi Beattie, Mackenzie Beauchamp, Victoria Beauvais, Levi Beaver, Lillian Beckman, Kayla Beecherl, Daniel Beedon, Madison Beedon, Jacob Beem, Jeffry Beem, Nicholas Behem, Carter Belanger, Nathaniel Belau, Katelyn Belger, Brianna Belkiewicz, Carrie Belkiewicz, Noah Belkiewicz, Eli Bell, Kathryn Belval, Emiley Bender, Howard Benedict, Erika Bennett, Madison Berg, Riley Berger, Devin Bergman, Kimberly Berman, Evette Beuschlein, Alexis Biberston, Michelle Biberston, Natalie Bicego, Cody Bieth, Mercedes Biland, Max Bilinski, Sarah Bilinski, Megan Bishop, Onika Bishop, Amelia Black, Andrea Blair, Grace Blair, Jane Blair, Judy Bloink, Adrianna Bloom, Nicholas Blythe, Quinn Bobbio, Kaelee Bobcean, Alecia Boland, Brendan Bolduc, Caleb Bollaert, Amanda Bolotta, Alexandra Bombard, Matthew Bombard, Keegan Bonesteel, Riley Bongard, Lydia Bonney, Zach Booth, Lauren Borunda, Sarah Borunda, Katherine Bosma, KayLea Bostwick, Samantha Boughner, Brian Bourcier, Michael Bower, Taryn Bowerman, Aleeya Boychuck, Alyssa Boyd, Tianna Boyd-Cleaver, Kyle Bradley, Alexander Brady, Amber Brafford, Zachary Bral, Riley Brandt, Serenity Brecken, Kellie Brennan, Michael Brittain, Abigail Britz, Stephen Britz, Zachary Brockway, Jamie Broecker, Courtney Brooks, Aiden Brown, Jill Brown, Katherine Brown, Kimberly Brown, Kristina Brown, Samuel Browne, Heather Bruner, Cayden Bruno, Keara Bruyneel, Mackenzie Bryant, Jared Bryson, Laura Buchs, Nicole Buck, Noah Buffa, Alysia Bugg, Lisa Burback, Melissa Burgess, Shannon Burgess, Ronald Burke, Olivia Burkhardt, Megan Burns, Alexandria Burson, Angela Bussone, Maria Bussone, Monica Bussone, Therese Bussone, Garrett Butler, Amy Buzzard, Emily Byrnes, Jeffrey Byrum, Alyah Cain, Hannah Caldwell, Mikayla Cameron, Samantha Campbell, Kayla Campis, Skyler Cangemi, Jenna Card, Matthew Carlson, Melanie Carlson, Amber Carnahan, Chase Carnahan, Alexander Carpenter, Alexzandra Carr, Stephanie Carrier, Jaelynn Cartier, Collin Casaceli, Fall Casali, Christina Castillo, Michelle Castillo, Zenaida Castillo, Dylan Castle, Kendra Causey, Cassandra Chance, Benjamin Charron, Austin Chase, Isaac Chase, Jessica Chase, Lucas Chase, Ashley Chattick, Alison Child, Francis Christie, Victoria Christopher, Mandy Chrzanowski, Ryan Churchill, Sherry Cichocki, Gina Cipriano, Angela Clark, Cameron Clark, Reagan Clark, Hailey Clink, Jenna Cloutier, Taylor Clugston, Sydney Clymer, Jenna Cobbs, Dominic Cocco, Andrew Coleman, Tyler Coleman, Giovanni Coletti, Cameron Colgan, Carah Colley, Princess Alaina- Collins, Austin Comstock, Makayla Conger, Natalie Conley, Lily Connelly, Alana Cook, Michele Cook, Whitney Cook, Lauren Cooney, Emily Cooper, Curtis Corby, Andrew Cordes, Audrey Cornell, Brittany Cornett, Susan Cornwell, Alicia Coronado, Jacob Corwin, Nathanael Cote, Marcos Coucke, Jack Course, Sarah Courtemanche, Joseph Cowan, Lindsey Crane, Jennifer Creasor, John Criger, Matthew Cronce, Jenna Crowe, Ethan Cummins, Anna Dalessandro, Kyle Dalton, Hunter Daniels, Jeremy Darling, Michael Dart, Logan Davies, Abigail Davis, Erin Davis, Rachel Davis, Chelsey Daws, Madelyn Day, Rosemary Day, Cristina De Gregory, Michael D’Eath, Courtney Debuf, Megan Debuf, Eric Decker, Madison Decker, Maranda Decker, Joshua DeCoste, Alanna Dedenbach, Ashly Defendorf, Claire Deiotte, Rebekah Delmedico, Kendra DeLong, Meghan Delor, Claire Delpy, Amy DelVecchio, Ann Demaray, Hailey DeMerritt, Sherry Denby, Madison Desloover, Erica Devigili, Payton Dewitt, Stephen Diaz, Katelyn Dicken, Abby Dickinson, Gabrielle Diehl, Julianne Diem, Marshal DiGiovanni, Jessica Diller, Mariah Diller, Bryan DiNardo, Amara DiTrapani, Elaina DiTrapani, Matthew Dittman, Daisi Dixon, Christopher Doan, Clifford Doan, Derek Doan, Megan Doan, Emily Dodson, Samantha Dodson, Cameron Doenges, Danielle Doering, Maggie Dollar, Megan Dombrow, Maegan Donajkowski, Mark Donnellon, Paul Donnellon, Muranda Dore, Chloe Doroh, Kobie Down, Alexandria Downing, Conner Downing, Tim Doyle, Shylah Drouillard, Megan Drummond, Rachel Dubs, Joel Duckert, Teela Duetsch, Austin Dunn, Averie Dunn, Isaac Dunn, Jordan Dunn, Melissa Dunsmore, Presley Dupuie, Samantha Dupuie, Jennifer Dupuis, Rachel Dusett, Makanna Duvall, Renee Duvall, Kyle Dwyer, Gabby Dziedzic, Danielle Eagle, Tanya Earl, Hannah Easton, Jacob Ebenhack, Autumn Edgerton, Brooke Edgerton, Julia Edgington, Carli Edmonds, Noah Edwards, Ricki Edwards, Jamie Emery, Shelby Enders, Gavin Enright, Erin Erwin, Olivia Espinoza, Kaitlyn Evans, Shelby Eveland, Jonathan Everitt, Tyler Everitt, Lucy Fabick, A.J. Fagan, Avery Falter, Brooke Fantin, Emma Farnsworth, Rachael Farr, Joseph Farrow, Karissa Fay, Autumn Fehn, Julie Felbarth, Robert Felster, Kaci Ferguson, Alysia Ferrier, Daniel Ferrone, Lauren Fiedler, Amber Fields, John Fields, Corrine Fink, Ashlynn Fistler, Hunter Fite, Gayle Fitzpatrick, Becky Fleming, Madison Fleming, Natalie Fler, Andre Fleury, Kristen Fleury, Benjamin Florence, Alyssa Florez, Alison Flynn, Abigail Folkerts, Lucy Forlastro, Patricia Forrester, Holly Forton, Alicia Fortuna, Anna Foster, Christene Foster, Allie Foucher, Jessica Fowler, Lydia Fowler, Meredith Francis, Timothy Frantz, Megan Franzel, Zach Franzel, Rae Fredendall, Bethany Fredrick, Francesca Frey, Mikayla Frisbey, Hunter Frisbie, Coleton Frizzle, Kyle Frizzle, Rachel Froehlich, David Frost, Morgan Fulgenti, Ryan Fuller, Jenna Fye, Katie Gabriel, Joeleen Gaffney, Carlos Garcia, Courtney Garcia, Matthew Gardner, Darcy Garrett, Holden Gauthier, Susan Gavagan, Kassie Gaytan, Juliet Geck, Makayla Geer, Andrew Geiger, Melissa Geiser, Joseph Gentner, Rachelle Gentner, Craig Gerlach, Ashley Gerstenberger, Jackie Gibbs, Autumn Gibson, Hayley Gilmartin, Joseph Gingell, Adam Godinez, Amy Golm, Nickalos Gonzales, Shaina Goodell, Parker Goodmen, Marcie Goodwin, Devyn Gordon, Samuel Gordon, Daniel Gore, Robert Gorniak, Katie Gossman, Naythan Gough, Spencer Gould, Kennedy Goulding, Gracie Graber, James Grabowski, Jarod Graham, Jenna Graham, Kylie Grambau, Sayge Grant, Spencer Gratz, Bryanna Gray, Kaylee Greaux, Ty Green, Kenneth Greenia, Alexandra Greer, Keegan Greer, Amber Grewe, Ryan Griffin, Leigh Grimes, Makenzie Grishaber, Mary Griskiewicz, Emerson Groff, John Gross, Sarah Grosso, Savannah Grosso, Alexis Guibord, Abigail Guilloz, Katrina Guldi, Jameson Gumtow, Raven Gunnells, Jason Gunnery, Jonathan Gurley, Garrett Haberer, Alicia Hall, Riley Hall, Tim Hall, Veronica Hall, Jacob Hallock, Brendan Hamann, Kristyana Hamblin, Nathaniel Hamblin, Amelia Hamill, Helen Hamm, Meghan Hammons, Shaylen Haney, Zoey Hankins, Marvin Hardy, Latonya Harmon, Meagan Harmon, Scott Harnden, Analisa Harrington, Breann Harris, Halle Harris, Kayla Harris, Nathan Hartman, Sam Harvey, Auttum Haseltine, Cameron Haslem, Tanya Hawil, Nathaniel Hayslett, Alana Hazelton, Rebecca Heck, Madison Heft, Chris Heiden, Katelyn Heiden, Mickenzie Heim, Marcus Heine, Jonathan Heise, Julia Hendershot-Reno, Adrianne Henderson, Elliott Henderson, Lillian Henion, Allyvia Hennika, Calsi Henry, Samantha Herman, Joseph Hermann, Jennifer Heuer, Alesha Hibbs, Brooke Higgins, Miranda Hild, Alexis Hill, Anna Hill, Lydia Hiller, Katelyn Hilliker, Kevin Hilliker, Molly Hillis, Bailey Himanek, Anhaella Hinojosa, Karissa Hinojosa, Kaitlyn Hinz, Amelia Hoag, Sofia Hoffman, Nicole Hogan, Ryan Hoggard, Alyssa Hoist, Tania Hoist, Michelle Hollosy, Jonathan Holstine, Jenna Holzberger, Jacob Hopfensperger, Brandi Hopkins, Kalien Hoppe, Jackie Horan, Emma Horetski, Aiden Horn, Tessa Horon, Jacob Horvath, Cammie Houle, David Hovis, Ashley Howard, Samantha Howard, Mackenzie Howell, Ashley Huber, Zachary Huber, Jenna Hude, Haley Hughes, Whitney Hughes, Riley Hulett, Alora Hull, Ben Hulley, Lainy Humes, Shane Hunt, Keenon Huss, Kelsee Husson, Emma Huston, Ezra Iannucci-Nemeth, Olivia Iseler, Chelsea Itrich, Chelsey Ivy, Amy Jabe, Heather Jacobs, Madison Jacobs, M’Kenzy Jacobs, Drew Jamison, Nicole Jamison, Jada Janes, Rebecca Jar, Jade Jarskey, Nael Jazrawi, Emilia Jefferson, Eden Jenkins, Jennifer Jett, Larissa John, Alyssa Johnson, Alyssa Johnson, Chris Johnson, Justice Johnson, Katrina Johnson, Maylyn Johnson, Melissa Johnson, Misty Johnson, Victoria Johnson, Brandy Johnston, Shelby Johnston, Paul Jokoty, Katrina Jolicoeur, Ella Jolley, Jase Jolley, Elijah Jones, Hannah Jones, Jacob Jones, Karly Jones, Marc Jones, Margaret Jones, Marisa Jones, Meaghan Jones, Paul Jones, Samantha Jones, Samantha Jones, Anthony Jones-Kalich, Conner Jonseck, Makenna Joppich, Olivia Jovanovich, Michael Jowan, Jason Judd, Katlyn Judd, Jessica Justice, Julian Justice, Jamie Kadarian, Leah Kain, Dean Kalebjian, Lucy Kalebjian, Megan Kammer, Randall Kammer, Rachel Kanapsky, Shannon Kasperski, Abigail Kaufman, Brock Kearns, Jacqueline Keesee, Payton Kehoe, Tristin Kelch, Logan Kellerman, Jordan Kelly, Jordan Kelly, Logan Kelly, Shannon Kelly, Jeremy Kenney, Carrie Kenny, Maxwell Kenny, Sophia Kern, Alexander Kerrigan, Matthew Kerrigan, Logan Kessinger, Christopher Ketelhut, Russell Keuning, Alex Keys, Gale Kicinski, Holly Kidd, Marissa Kidd, Dakota Killingbeck, Maggie Kimmerly, Lauren Kindle, Samantha King, Terra King, Danielle Kinsman, Andrew Kirchgessner, Christopher Kirnberger, Derek Kita, Lauren Klaus, Theresa Klein, Ashley Klemkow, Zoe Klink, Stephanie Kluger, Sam Kneebone, Kristin Knockeart, Jennifer Knoth, Ginger Knott, Leigh Knox, Katlyn Koach, Katie Koch, Sarah Koch, Scott Kochanski, Staci Koenig, Hannah Kogut, Madalynn Kohler, Kyler Kolakovich, Makayla Kolakovich, Leanna Konarski, Tricia Kotranza, Carly Kovacheff, Sarah Kovacs, Gabrielle Koveck, Karl Kozfkay, Paul Kraemer, Ashley Kraft, Heather Krawczyk, Julia Krawczyk, Krysta Krawczyk, David Kret, Nicole Kreusel, Jodi Kronenberg, Kyle Kruger, Alexandra Krywyj, Ashley Krzywiecki, Isabelle Kue, Panying Kue, Chassi Kuecken, Jenna Kuhlman, Ben Kuhns, Elizabeth Kulman, Alyssa Kunkel, Kelley Laboyteaux, Alison Lacey, Nolan Lacey, Siera Lacey, Janie Lacroix, Tiffany Ladmirault, Cody LaFave, Christina LaFlora, Harlianne LaMay, Jacob Lamb, Abby Lamberson, Lauren Lamberson, Sara Lambrecht, Cameron Land, Megan Langdon, Danielle Langegger, Eric Lardie, Toni Lasher, Emily Lask, Ben Laskowski, Somer Laubert, Seth Lauth, Chloe Lebow, Andrew Lechkun, Adriannah Lee, John Legaspi, Tracy Joy Legaspi, Lauren Leggett, Lily Lemoine, Alexandrea Lemon, Marie Leniczek, Katelyn Leonard, Tracy Lepak, Pamela Lerash, Michael Leroy, Jenna Lesch, Kayla Lesch, Christian Lester, Tabatha Lester, Melanie Leuffgen, Abigail Leveille, Brianna Leverenz, Paige Levitt, Hua Li, Tiffany Lietaert, Christopher Lilly, Laura Lindsay, John Lindsey, Elizabeth Ling, Allie Lingemann, Jared Liniarski, Melissa Livingston, Trenton Livingston, Jorden Lodge, Lucas Logsdon, Delaney Lohr, Sarah Lohr, Nicole London, Regina Long, Tommie Elizabet Long, Hannah Loose, Angela Lopiccolo, Madison Loviska, Alyssa Loxton, Emilia Lozano, Grace Lucas, Jacqueline Ludwig, Katelyn Ludwig, Christopher Luke, Lauren Luke, Kevin Lundberg, Courtney Lundy, Trisha Lusher, Brendan Lyons, Lance Lyons, Julian Macatangay, Hannah MacDonald, Taten MacDougall, Nathan MacKenzie, Ila MacLean, James MacMillan, Mikayla Madley, Connor Mahn, Tina Maiuri, Christopher Majeski, James Majeski, John Majeski, Kristin Malcolm, Allison Malinowski, Megan Malinowski, Matthew Maliskey, Nicole Mallory, Rachel Malone, Sara Mandeville, Cameron Mango, Katie Marcero, Amber Marchio, Desiree Markopoulos, Isaak Markopoulos, Mariah Marone, Branson Marrogy, Janelle Marsh, Cassidy Marshall, Chelsea Martin, Rylee Martin, Christopher Martiny, Alexia Mason, Donald Mason, Conner Mathews, Taryn Mathis, Haley Matthews, Meghan Matthews, Madison Mattox, Fisher Maul, Hunter Maxon, Samantha May, Drew Mayes, Jaime McCabe, Olivia McCarroll, Grace McCarthy, Anna McClelland, Zackary McCollum, Mark McCormick, Melissa McCracken, Logan McCulloch, Adam McFarland, Abygail McFarlane, Brody McFarlane, Corey McGlynn, William McGregor, Alissa McIntyre, Charles McKay, MacKenzie McKean, Abigail McKenzie, Chase McKenzie, Rachel McKenzie, Amanda McKeon, Sara McKerley, Jordan McKnight, Linsay McLain, Brandi McLaughlin, Christine McLeod, Courtney McLeod, Duncan McLeod, Maryann McLeod, Mikala McMullen, Meghan McNames, Jake McNaughton, Griffin McNeice, Steven McNeil, Laura McNeill, JR McPhail, Connor McPharlin, Mackenzie McTevia, Brynn Meadows, Diamond Meadows, Amanda Measel, Miranda Meier, Zachary Meier, Ryder Meilstrup-Eady, Chase Meister, Evan Melick, Holly Meno, Taisha Mentzer, Teagan Messing, Ashley Mest, Rachel Metcalf, Madison Metheny, Olivia Militello, Andrew Miller, Chealse Miller, Tresa Miller, Amelia Mills, Kristie Miltner, Austin Milutin, Haley Miracle, Juan Miranda, Amanda Miron, Asmara Miron, Hannah Mitchell, Jaida Mixon, Ann Mole, Carolynne Mole, Syrys Molesworth, John Monaghan, Meagan Montgomery, Victoria Montgomery, Grace Moore, Michelle Moore, Ariel Moran, Chloe Moran, April Morang, Kobi Moretz, Nicole Morgan, Joseph Morgulec, Allie Morris, Emily Morris, Lauren Morris, Chloe Morrow, Sydney Mose, Luke Mosher, Kasie Mosurak, Ekam Motwani, Taylor Murawski, Kaitlyn Murray, Amanda Muxlow, Jake Myers, Orianne Myres, Darren Myron, Ashton Nance, Sophia Nash, Grace Navarro, Kellie Navoni, Autumn Nay, Stacey Nazarko, Shelly Neal, Lillian Nelson, Brett Nemeckay, Scott Netter, Ashley Neumann, Ashley Nevarez, Caleb Nevison, Emily Newby, Erik Nguyen, Gabrielle Nicholas, Andrew Nicholson, Katie Nickonovich, Maxwel Nicol, Michele Niehaus, John Norton, Mallory Nowiski, Tyler Nunez, Scott Obarzanek, Luke O’Hare, Bevin Okuszka, Adam O’Mara, Brett O’Neill, Ian O’Neill, Jadzia Onorati-Phillips, Alyssa Orlando, Sarah Orrell, Stacy Osantowski, Kristina Osborne, Lily Osiwala, Alexys Osterland, Avery Osterland, Kennedy Osterland, Rose Ostrowski, Jeffrey Overway, Briana Owczarzak, Alexis Owens, Neve Owens, Reid Packan, Mitchell Packer, Lainey Painter, K’la Pallett, Kristianne Palmateer, Preston Palmateer, Samantha Pamment, Ari Panczyk-Tellis, Jarred Paquette, Matthew Parasick, Charles Parker, Celeste Parmenter, Andrew Parr, Mira Passalacqua, Leonardo Pastoria, Angelo Patsalis, Amber Paul, Brandy Pauly, Alaina Pawlowski, Samantha Pawlowski, Katelynn Paynter, Stephanie Pegg, Miranda Pekala, Megan Pelc, Robert Pelka, Samantha Peltier, Myia Pemberton, Elaina Penn, Marissa Pennington, Doug Penrod, Andrew Perpignon, Cade Perrin, Ryan Peters, Tara Peters, Emilee Peyerk, Joseph Phillips, Kaelin Phillips, Riva Phillips, Christopher Photiades, Allison Pietrykowski, Sara Pilgrim, Nicholas Platzer, Chad Plenda, Matthew Podgurski, Matthew Pohlman, Austin Pokrefky, Alyssa Pollauf, Donald Pomaville, Ethan Poor, Matthew Poor, Devin Porrett, Jacob Porrett, Lilly Porrett, Makenzie Porter, Ella Potthoff, Neenah Powell, Jaci Preston, Nicholas Preston, Justin Prevost, Kalia Prevost, Shawn Priess, Matthew Privaloff, Colleen Provost, Hannah Psink, Isabella Quesnelle, Jacob Raab, Tyler Rabine, Alicia Racz, Tawny Racz, Ashley Radomski, Maxwell Rak, Rayna Rakes, Ryann Ramirez, Jeffrey Ramsey, Blake Randall, Charles Randall, Paige Rands, Samah Rashed, Cheyenne Rathje, Jade Rattee, Madison Raymo, Sydney Raymo, Cynthia Reager, Nicholas Redinger, Katie Redner, Rebecca Reese, Denee Reeves, Matthew Reeves, Matthew Reincke, Conner Reinhold, Adam Reinholz, Grace Reinke, Andrea Ren, Robert Renner, Sydney Reno, Nicholas Rex, Brandon Rhein, Jacob Rhodes, Daniel Rich, Timothy Rich, Danielle Richardson, John Richardson, Heather Richter, Sarah Riggs, Sam Rigsby, Crystal Ringeisen, Danielle Ripenbark, Mollie Ripenbark, Nadine Ritchey, Justin Ritchie, Aiyanna Rivera, Eric Rivers, Brianna Robberstad, Bradshaw Roberts, Ashley Robertson, Sydnee Robinson, Haley Rock, Italo Rodrigues, Adriena Rodriguez, Jacqueline Rodriguez, Lillianna Rodriguez, Niurka Rodriguez, Lauryn Roff, Lucas Roff, Rachael Roff, Aaron Rogers, Caitlyn Rogers, Caitlyn Rogers, Jasmine Rogers, Kevin Rogers, Rebecca Roggenbuck, Leslie Rojas, Anna Roland, Courtney Rosell, Kaleb Rosenau, Ethan Roskey, Leah Rospierski, Blake Rosso, Logun Roth, Lindsay Rourke, Olivia Rousey, Nataley Rowbotham, Gabriel Rowland Renaud, Jessica Ruckman, Rachel Rugg, Jessica Rumble, Emily Rusch, Carrie Rush, Addysen Russel, Kaitlyn Russell, Madison Rzeppa, Madelynn Saddler, Hannah Sagash, Nick Saley, Amanda Salisbury, Ally Salvatore, Christin Sample, Violet Sanchez, Nasia Sanders, Lucas Sanderson, Sean Sapienza, Andre Sasser, Jennifer Sater, Drew Saunders, Nicole Sawitzky, Gail Sayers, Amberley Sazehn, Bailey Sazehn, Camille Schafer, 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Smith, Alexandra Smith, Alexis Smith, Alicia Smith, Amy Smith, Cameryn Smith, Cassidy Smith, Catherine Smith, Diann Smith, Jacklyn Smith, Jacob Smith, Jamila Smith, Megan Smith, Patricia Smith, Will Smith, Sarah Snider, Brooke Snyder, Kylee Snyder, Samantha Snyder, Lauren Sobier, Lindsey Sobkowski, Kendal Soles, Olivia Solomon, Erin Sommers, Abby Sorenson, Chad Soucek, Riley Soulliere, Shaylynn Southgate-Smith, Laren Spadafore, Lynnette Spafford, Kirsten Sparks, James Springborn, Emily Stalker, Nicholas Stalker, Jamie Stanislawski, Jessica Starr, Miranda Starr, Sarah Steen, Hannah Stein, Sophie Steinborn, Sylvia Stephens, Chelsea Sterling, Caryn Stevens, Sarah Stevens, Katherine Stevenson, Seth Stier, Victor Stols, Jacob Stoner, April Storey, Austin Stout, Abbey Stover, Corey Strickland, Natalie Stroh, Ethan Strong, Thomas Strunk, Trenton Strunk, Kristen Struthers, Katie Stuckey, Amelia Stuewer, Jacob Sulkowski, Casondra Sumpter, Marcus Sutherland, Gianna Swain, Brianna Swantek, Evelyn 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Getting ready for fall semester with Professor Armstrong

Fall semester will be here before we know it and Professor Sharon Armstrong cannot wait to get back into the classroom for face-to-face in-person classes.

She teaches nursing classes at SC4 and loves sharing her passion for moms, babies and nursing in general with students.

The past year has presented challenges with using the hands-on teaching strategies often found in nursing. “I’m looking forward to direct interaction with students in my advanced assessment class,” said Armstrong. “It’s hard to teach assessment online.”

A career in healthcare is a great choice. Jobs are available in our community, and the training and education received at SC4 can take you anywhere in the United States — or around the world.

Armstrong continues, “Students will be challenged and discover, though nursing is a difficulty profession to prepare for, anything worth doing is worth working hard for.”

Advice for incoming students from Professor Armstrong:

  • Plan to devote the time needed to study and learn.
  • Reach out to your instructors early when you need help.
  • Get a planner or app with a calendar to get organized and plan ahead.
  • Take advantage of the many resources SC4 offers to help you be successful.

Armstrong also shared this about choosing SC4 for your educational journey, “The small class sizes and outstanding individual support cannot be beat — you truly are known at SC4.”

Registration for fall semester is open and classes begin the week of Aug. 23. A list of available on-campus and online can be viewed by visiting

Not a student yet? That’s ok. There’s still time. Visit and fill out your free application today.

Professor Armstrong and the campus community are looking forward to welcoming you this fall!

Getting ready for fall semester with math Professor Paul Bedard

Math is part of the curriculum for all SC4 students, no matter which program they choose. While some students are intimidated by math, Professor Paul Bedard helps make math fun as he absolutely loves teaching the subject! He is looking forward to seeing students in person soon and shares some insight to help them get ready for fall semester.

“Face-to-face teaching allows me to see the wrinkle of frustration between their eyes resolve into comprehension,” said Bedard. “I can’t wait to hear them excitedly debating ideas outside my office.”

SC4 offers math courses for all academic programs and skill levels, from review of basic operations, math literacy, foundations of math to intermediate and advanced courses like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and differential equations.

Professor Bedard shares that like many students, he initially struggled with math too. His approach to teaching is to help students see math not as a burden but as opportunity. “It’s not about being right or being fast, it’s about opening up, taking a risk, and making the universe give up its secrets.”

For Professor Bedard, teaching is the privilege of being part of so many intellectual adventures, discoveries, and moments of truth. “I love to encourage students to see past their fears and self-doubt and take a leap.”

His advice to new students is to take a moment, breathe, and realize this is the only time in your life when thinking, talking, reading, discovering, exploring, and experimenting will be your main job. “Question everything. Be bold. Have fun. Demand clarity and express yourself,” said Bedard.

One more reason for students to take his class — “I hand out free candy!”

Registration for fall semester is open at SC4 and classes begin the week of Aug. 23. A list of available on-campus and online can be viewed by visiting

Not a student yet? That’s ok. There’s still time. Visit and fill out your free application today.

Professor Bedard and the campus community are looking forward to welcoming you this fall!

Exciting new virtual reality Human Biology course now available

Human Biology (BIO 160) is an introductory class that can be taken by students as a science credit and also is a requirement for some health-related programs at SC4.

Brandis Hubbard, professor of biology, is running a new virtual reality course this fall where students will be meeting with their instructor in a virtual classroom twice a week using Oculus Quest Headsets.

“When I began my teaching career at SC4, I was struck by the number of students that struggled to get to class for various reasons; including travel time, weather, and work or family constraints,” said Hubbard. “I felt VR technology would be a huge asset to these students.”

Students also will have access to the virtual space outside of class times where they will complete lab work by recording themselves in VR and submitting their work via Canvas, SC4’s online classroom platform.

Oftentimes anatomy can be hard to visualize for students – using mostly one-dimensional images within the textbook. The use of models or cadavers can be very helpful but come with their own limitations – like not being able to see the exact movement a muscle makes or how that movement effects/interacts with other body parts.

VR technology allows class attendees to be in the room and interacting with the professor in real time. The technology, while fun and exciting, does a great job of educating a student in a way that even goes beyond being in the classroom.

According to Hubbard, “VR technology overcomes the limitations we find with text images, models, and cadavers, in a fun and interesting way, leading to a better understanding of the material.”  

Specifically, within the VR space, students will be able to interact with the human anatomy as if it were a model of an entire body in the classroom but with the added benefit of being able to make some parts transparent (to see the relation to other parts), making “cuts” across the body to see the relationships between parts from a different angle, and most impressively, being able to put themselves in front of and inside of different organs as they are functioning.

One example experience is to watch a beating human heart, remove a layer to see the blood pumping through the different vessels and chambers, overlay the electrical impulses that cause the heart to pump/beat and see how those electrical impulses cause the muscles of the heart to pump blood, all while noticing how the valves work within each vessel or chamber.

SC4 is one of a few higher education institutions using VR technology to teach and  research has shown it improves student engagement, interest, and understanding of the material. “SC4 is proud of Professor Hubbard for her pioneering efforts to bring the latest technological learning experience to our students,” said Ethan Flick, chief academic officer – arts and sciences.

Moving forward, Professor Hubbard hopes to offer VR in other biology courses that are required for health professionals such as registered nurses, medical doctors, and physician assistants.

“I am very pleased to bring this exciting learning technology to the students at SC4,” said Hubbard. “I hope the course will prove beneficial to those training for future health careers.”

Registration for fall semester is now open and seats are limited for the BIO 160-64 VR section. Check out a full list of classes being offered at

New to campus, visit Professor Hubbard and the SC4 campus community look forward to welcoming you to campus in August.

Getting ready for fall semester with Professor Belleman

We know our students are excited to get back to campus — so is Professor Mike Belleman.

Throughout the pandemic, both teaching and learning have been difficult, but faculty are preparing to get back in the classroom. “The online environment fits a scheduling need,” said Belleman. “Although the in-person classes add a richer conversation to the learning process helping students understand more difficult material.”

The core of teaching for him is seeing students develop ideas and critical thinking as they begin to create their future. “Economics can be fun, no matter what others have told you,” continued Belleman. “Each class is a new learning experience and an opportunity to develop ideas and perspectives.”

His advice to incoming students is to always ask questions. Develop a mindset that you are gathering information that you will use now and later in life — like economics!

Belleman also shared some financial advice, stating “SC4 gives students the opportunity to experience different ideas, opportunities, and potential careers — and for the cost-conscious consumer — the least expensive route to a passion in life.”

Registration for fall semester is open at SC4 and classes begin the week of Aug. 23. A list of available on-campus and online can be viewed by visiting

Not a student yet? That’s ok. There’s still time. Visit and fill out your free application today.

Professor Belleman and the campus community are looking forward to welcoming you this fall!

SC4 campus culture and interaction helped alumnus Christian Jones grow and thrive

Driving through the neighborhood he serves as Executive Director of the Franklin Avenue Mission on the east side of Flint, Rev. Christian Jones sees the immediate realities of loss of jobs and lack of food that happened when the city lost its auto industry employers over the past few decades.

“There are families – men, women, and children – living in absolute, destitute poverty,” Jones said. “Homes are abandoned, burned out, and in some cases even lack running water. If the water is running, there’s little motivation for owners to renovate the pipes to mitigate the lead exposure of their tenants. Most of the schools have been boarded up and abandoned, too.”

The Franklin Avenue Mission serves this community through three key areas: The Franklin Avenue Diner, which served warm, well-balanced meals twice a week during the pandemic (a total of nearly 40,000 so far); the Clothes Closet and Personals Closet, which provide clothing and hygienic products to those who can’t afford them; and the new Luke Clinic will open this fall, providing free mobile prenatal and antenatal health services to mothers trapped in poverty.

Jones’ faith led him to devote his time and energy to the underserved and often forgotten residents of Flint. But his journey began over a decade ago on the campus of St. Clair County Community College.

“I started at SC4 in 2010,” Jones explained. “My father is a criminal justice professor at the college, which played a key factor in my decision to start there. It unquestionably made the most economic sense, and it allowed me to complete my associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees for a fraction of the cost of many of my friends.”

Jones has many great memories of his time at SC4 that go well beyond saving money, though.

“Being a student at SC4 was probably the most important and formative two years of my life,” he said. “It’s where I matured from being a high school kid into becoming an adult member of the community. I met my wife as a student at SC4. Some of the closest friends I’ve ever had were introduced to me as a student and through student activities.”

“I had some anxiety at first as I wrestled with the fact than most of my lifelong friends immediately dove into the idealized university model,” he continued. “But when I realized that many of my new SC4 classmates were experiencing the same anxiety, it created such a beautiful environment that it allowed me to form some of the closest friendships I’ve ever had. It drew us together; we organically became family, and supported each other’s dreams, goals, and aspirations in a way I’d never experienced before, and rarely since.”

Jones spent much of his time at SC4 in the Fine Arts Building, participating in The SC4 Players and the student drama club, WSGR radio, and the music club. He also spent many hours in the piano practice rooms, both playing music and using them for studying.

“I think I was labeled as ‘general studies,’ or something like that,” Jones laughed. “But I primarily loaded my schedule with English, theater, and (SC4 Professor) Scott Fernandez.”

He has fond memories for many of the instructors and staff members in the FAB, whether he had them as a teacher or not.

“Stewart Reed, David Korff, Holly Pennington, Lisa Sturtridge, Karen Jezewski, Al Matthews, Paul Miller, Gary Schmitz, Ethan Flick.” Jones paused as he listed some of those who influenced him as a student. “And Alfred Gay, who happened to be an elder at my church growing up. They all passionately fought for and supported the growth of everyone who stepped foot inside that building and their classrooms.”

One instructor was particularly important to Jones, though: Tom Kephart, who taught acting, improvisation, and oral interpretation courses and was the artistic director for The SC4 Players during Jones’ time at SC4.

“He was single-handedly the most important instructor I had across all of my collegiate studies,” Jones explained. “He graciously led by example, taking interpretive risks, showing genuine vulnerability, and giving unwavering support for his students as he challenged us to do the same. He instilled more confidence, empathy, and appreciation for the human experience in his students than any other class I took elsewhere.”

Jones graduated from SC4 in 2012 and was the commencement speaker that year. He transferred to Oakland University, where he finished his Bachelor of Arts in Communication in 2014, then moved on to Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, where he received his Master of Divinity degree in 2019.

“When I was placed in Flint after graduating from Concordia Seminary, my wife Krysti and I decided that if we wanted to make an impact here, we were going to stay for the long haul,” Jones said. “Some pastors talk about becoming mega-preacher millionaires, which is foolishness and is not Christianity. As a pastor, I cherish the times when families invite me into their realities to weep, to pray, and to sing songs with them. There is no greater privilege I’ve ever had than to simply be called someone’s pastor.”

Jones has even bigger plans for the Franklin Avenue Mission, including an early childhood education center, a low-income laundromat, and eventually expansion into Flint’s north side. They’re ambitious and service-centered goals, that all began when he graduated from St. Clair High School and walked onto the SC4 campus in Port Huron.

“I wouldn’t be who I am today if dedicated teachers hadn’t put forth their very best personal efforts to see their students grow into game-changers in their communities,” Jones said.

For more information about the Franklin Avenue Mission, visit their website at