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Have money don’t let it, have you!

stack of money

Oliver Wendell Holmes once stated, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us!” Often, I would read that quote and only see it from a positive perspective of moving forward from bad things and not focusing too much on the future because we have now. Although a great interpretation, I have grown so my perspective is different from when I first came across this quote. I know you are thinking, what does this have to do with Financial Literacy? Perhaps our financial literacy has to do with “what lies within us.” Our attitudes, behaviors, and heart posture concerning money are major factors contributing to our relationship with our money.

We all have negative emotions toward money. When we clear out the negative thoughts, we can remove the blockages that are preventing money from flowing to us. In a class during college, I recall reading that shame, anger, and fear are the most common emotions that surround money. Money has even been the reason that induvial have taken their own life. On the flip side when we have money it can cause us to have positive emotions and even be different people. A large amount of money can cause a status of arrogance to set in as well. Once again revealing “what lies within us.”

Where does the deeply seeded emotion about money come from? I submit that possibly our thoughts on money stem from childhood. How our parents handle money provides the foundation for how we may handle money. This is the reason generational poverty and general wealth exist. Poor people impart bad money habits and beliefs to their children. As well wealthy individuals often impart their strategies and philosophies on how to handle money to their children. I am not saying that it is your parent’s fault that you have negative or positive emotions toward money. I am saying that your foundational understanding of money must change if you have poor financial habits.

Emotional money hack exercise

I want to present to you a way to change your emotions about money. I encourage you to split a sheet of paper in half the long way. On one side I want you to write out each of your negative thoughts/emotions toward money and where each of them stems from. On the opposite side of the paper, I want to write directly next to the negative emotion a remedy for that negative thought/emotion. Then I want you to speak the positive thought out loud by starting each sentence by stating “I believe that money…” In combatting those negative thoughts toward money, you are dismantling your negative beliefs by hearing the positive affirmations about your money.

Why is this financial literacy blog here talking about emotions towards money? Here in TRIO, we believe in you and your ability to transform your life. We believe that you are valuable and deserve the life you have dreamed about. You can have money and be financially literate, just make sure it does not have you. Let’s Build!