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SC4 Love Stories

Happy Valentine’s Day! Colleges are known for educating, but many individuals meet their lifelong partners while on campus as well. We asked our SC4 community to share their SC4 love stories, and here’s what we received.

“Professor Brent Forsgren and I met at SC4, of course. For our first date, we met in on campus before going out to dinner. We kept the fact that we were dating so quiet that almost all of our colleagues on campus were surprised to find out that we were married when we returned to campus for the fall semester in 2012.” – Professor Colleen Forsgren

“We met in January of 2020 at SC4 when Andrew [Geiger] was on the basketball team and I was on the softball team practicing in the field house. We had a class right across from one another the semester before we met but never ran into one another. We are now both up at CMU together still playing club basketball and club softball!” – Evelyn Swantek

“My husband, Jake, and I met in January of 2010 in Mr. Archer’s minority relations class in the North Building. On the first day of class, I sat next to him… and his girlfriend at the time. Who knew 11 years later we would be married for six years and have two wonderful kids! We reconnected that summer when mutual friends met up at Boat Night and he was newly singly and so was I! The rest is history!” – Brenna Vernocke

“Mark [Vaerten] and I met in a business class in January of 2019. Even though we weren’t dating yet, he would always wait outside of class after a test until I was done.” – Allison Schlaack

“I met my significant other, Johnny Ridley, the second year of SC4 cross country. It was my sophomore year and my second year running for SC4 and his freshman year running at SC4 when we first met on the first day of practice. Flash forward five years later, we’re engaged! We both love SC4 and are forever grateful it brought us together as well as a great group of forever friends ours.” – Caterina Gryspeerd

“Dan Beedon and I met in Jim Jones’ juvenile delinquency class and introduction to corrections class in the winter 2020 semester. We started dating a week before the whole world shut down from Covid-19. He is currently attending the Oakland Police Academy to become an officer.” – Lillian Beckman

“Nathan and Laura McDonell met in 1997 at SC4 in Spanish class. They are endurance athletes, High School teachers, parents to three amazing kids and have been married for over 20 years.” – Laura McDonell