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SC4 president puts the emphasis on ‘community’ with new Experience Center

St. Clair County Community College President Dr. Deborah Snyder began in her role in 2016 focused on enhancing the student experience and re-establishing the college as an integral community partner.

That’s why just four months into her term the visionary alumna, who had already launched numerous other initiatives, boarded a bus with SC4 faculty and staff members to visit the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum.

“I had the idea then to connect Ann Arbor specialists and resources with college experts to bring hands-on STEAM learning opportunities to our current and future students in the Blue Water Area,” Dr. Snyder says. “That kind of broader partnership, to my knowledge, has not existed in a community college setting in Michigan, so I’m sure it was a little ‘outside of the box’ initially for some people.”

Only two years later, Dr. Snyder’s vision has become a reality.

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