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TRIO Student of the Month: Mark Hinkle

St. Clair County Community College student Mark Hinkle hasn’t let dyslexia stop him from pursuing a college degree.

“It does impact my education by making schooling more difficult, but it didn’t change my motivation to obtain my degree,” Hinkle said, mentioning that he chose SC4 due to its proximity to home, affordability and program options.

Hinkle – like his older brother – applied to the TRIO program and found it to be a crucial component in his educational journey.

“The TRIO program always made sure I was taking the right courses,” he said. “It is very advantageous as they know all the answers. The academic advising and priority registration support services have been very beneficial.”

He added, “My advisor Shawne Jowett helped me map out all of my courses when I started. I knew from the moment I became a TRIO student what my schedule would look like each semester. She would help me build my schedule and always made sure I was on track to graduate. I will be graduating in December with the exact number of credits required for my program.”

Going forward, Hinkle remains steadfast in proving he and others with dyslexia are just as capable as others. He plans on finishing his degree in criminal justice law enforcement in December before applying to the Police Academy and gaining employment as a police officer.

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