Employee Training Cohort (ETC)


The Employee Training Cohort (ETC) is a collaborative effort by area companies aimed to reduce the cost of training for their employees.

ETC Lean Leadership class taught by Chuck Mouranie of EDSI Consulting. It is one of the Professional Development classes offered at SC4.

Have you ever been in the situation where you needed to send a single employee to a training course, but that course was too expensive for a single participant. The ETC program provides a forum for companies to come together to share the cost of training for their employees. The ETC allows companies to open up their training courses to other companies’ employees, lowering their per participant cost to make the class more economical. This can lead to more training opportunities for your employees.

Through this training collaboration, ETC is able to help the region’s companies:

  • Fills class seats requirements by filling seats with employees from multiple companies needing the same training
  • Share training costs
  • Develop combined training opportunities at various locations
  • Utilize different training resources

There are two ways to register and pay:

Contact us

For more information and billing questions, please contact Pauline Schwanitz at 810-989-5793 or peschwanitz@sc4.edu.