D.E.I. Leadership

Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown leads the office as Director, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and works to develop a comprehensive and cross-functional emphasis on these critical issues at SC4. Brown has more than a decade of higher education experience, having worked previously at Davenport University, Rochester College, and Macomb Community College before joining the SC4 team in 2014.

She served as the director of the college’s TRIO Student Support Services program from September 2015 until July 2020. The program works with first-generation and other high-risk college students to support them throughout their college career and has been very successful in increasing student retention and graduation.

She also is a member of SC4’s Global Diversity Advisory Council. Brown has Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Strategic Management degrees from Davenport University.

“My vision is that we come together to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity, preserve the educational, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community. When we open our ears to hear and our hearts to receive is when change begins to happen.”

– Jessica Brown

When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become a wiser, more inclusive, and a better organization.”

– Pat Wadors, Chief Talent Officer / Service Now

Global Diversity Advisory Council

Mission statement: To advise the college on actions to bring together the college served communities, SC4 faculty, staff, and students in support of the DEI office and initiatives that will promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Below is a list of Task Force groups within GDAC that will help in delivering key events throughout the upcoming school year:

President – Dr. Deborah Snyder
Director – Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Jessica Brown

Task force #1

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration – to support the DEI office with coordinating the MLK celebratory events.


  • Kevin Totty
  • Cara DenUyl
  • Kevin Watkins
  • Alphonso Amos
  • Haran Stanley

Task force #2

Juneteenth – to support the DEI office with coordinating educational events to bring forth awareness of Juneteenth history and legacy.


  • Joi Price
  • Alphonso Amos
  • Kevin Watkins
  • Kevin Totty
  • Haran Stanley

Task force #3

Students United – to support the DEI office with assistance on student focus groups along with promoting multicultural awareness of opportunities for engagement.


  • Lisa Beedon
  • Brent Forsgren
  • Pete Lacey
  • Bethany Mayea
  • Shawne Jowett
  • Donna Galvan
  • Elizabeth Jacoby
  • Sherry Artman
  • Paul Bedard
  • Donna Galva
  • Scott Fernandez
  • James Frank
  • Chris Hilton
  • Bob Hunckler
  • Cat Jeffers-Goodwin
  • Jim Jones
  • Anne McPherson
  • Ray Torrez
  • Robert Hunckler
  • Debbie StaCruz
  • Michelle Watta

Task force #4

Community Outreach – to support the DEI office’s reach into the communities served by the college in support of DEI events or activities.


  • Cara DenUyl
  • Lisa Beedon
  • Amy House
  • Bonnie DiNardo
  • Alphonso Amos
  • Melissa Amos
  • Shawne Jowett
  • LaTanga Christmas
  • Laura Burrell
  • Ray brown
  • Gigi Mericka
  • Nigar Hussain
  • Doreen MacDonald
  • Mr. Joseph Sazyc
  • Tom Seppo
  • Ms. Juanita Taylor
  • Randy Fernandez