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First Edition of DEI Podcast Features Ray Torrez

Ray Torrez
Ray Torrez

The first edition of our new DEI podcast features Ray Torrez, a member of the Office of Informational Technology team at SC4, discussing Hispanic culture. The podcast is available on Spotify and is hosted by Jessica Brown.

Ray is a graduate of SC4 and lives in the Croswell area. A migrant working family raised him with a large family base, including three sisters and a brother, on his father’s side. His mother’s large family grew up in an inner-city environment. They traveled from Houston, Texas, to the north to work in Michigan’s farm fields to help keep food on the table.

Ray was a migrant worker himself as a youngster, then worked in the food industry as a teenager. He moved into retail management as a young adult and then information technology at SC4 after graduating.

Jessica Brown
Host – Jessica Brown

Ray loves his culture and life experiences and takes an interest in other great cultures of the world. He loves listening to Tejano, reggaeton, hip-hop, rock and roll, jazz, blues, and much more, as he was raised on all aspects of music. His love for people is genuine, and he always is willing to open up and learn what others have to say and think. His life’s mission is to unite all people and show everyone that no matter what color, age, the religion you are, you are here for a purpose and love, so live and enjoy your days and embrace that you are different and enjoy the diverse world and things within. Life is short, so wake up, smile, and know that you can only take one day at a time!

Ray and his wife, Amber, have four children: Amaiya, Elaina, Brennan, and Damon.