Strive Mentorship Program

The program

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Mentorship is one of the most important tools for professional development. It’s the key to acquiring unique skill sets, leadership skills and building relationships.


Our vision is to guide and cultivate future leaders from all backgrounds.


Our mission is to actively support and guide underrepresented students in their wholistic development preparing them for success in and beyond the classroom.


Mentors/mentees will meet regularly to maintain communication to discuss mentorship goals, objectives and academic progress. Each member will be provided a program outline designed to help stay on course and schedule.

Mentors/mentees are expected to be respectful of each other’s time, availability and answer all communication in a timely manner.

Benefits for mentors are; gain new perspective, give back, find new talent, networking opportunities, strengthen communication and validate your leadership skills.

Program overview for students

Street Wise Partners

The STRIVE Mentorship Program is seeking students for the new program that will begin in January 2022. The program will provide an opportunity for students to be paired with a mentor (SC4 staff, faculty or community member) and includes the following support: In person, and/or virtual mentor/mentee meetings, academic encouragement, career and professional development, culture and arts opportunities like fieldtrips, DEI sponsored cultural events, visits to four-year colleges and universities, workshop events like career preparedness, behavioral intervention and academic topics.

Students also will have the option to work with a career mentor through collaboration with StreetWise Partners, which includes a 13-week workforce development workshop and a succeeding nine-months of career development support. An overview of the topics covered are as follows:

  • In person and/or virtual mentor/mentee meetings
  • Academic encouragement
  • Career and professional development
  • Cultural and arts opportunities; fieldtrips, DEI sponsored
  • cultural events visits to four-year universities
  • Workshops on career preparedness; behavioral intervention and academic topics

Benefits for mentees

  • Build trust
  • Career support
  • Improved confidence
  • Networking opportunities
  • Self development
  • Skill building

StreetWise Partners highly-developed employer-driven curriculum

  • Week 1: Mentor and Mentee Training
  • Week 2: Community Building and Contracting
  • Week 3: Goal Setting and Job Search
  • Week 4: Resume and Cover Letter
  • Week 5: Networking: Elevator Pitch and Informational Interview
  • Week 6: Resume and Job Description
  • Week 7: Online Presence and Review
  • Week 8: Speed Networking
  • Week 9: Interview Skills
  • Week 10: Interview Prep
  • Week 11: Mock Interview Day
  • Week 12: Nine Month Work Plan
  • Week 13: Presentations

Information sessions — located in the College Center Cafe

To learn more about the STRIVE Mentorship Program, attend an upcoming information

  • 9:30 to 10:30 a.m., Monday Nov. 22
  • 3 to 4 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 30

For questions about the STRIVE Mentorship Program or to register for the program please contact the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at (810) 989-5565 or email

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