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Strive Mentorship

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

STRIVE Mentorship Program

The program

Mentorship is one of the most important tools for professional development. It’s the key to acquiring unique skill sets, leadership skills and building relationships.


Our vision is to guide and cultivate future leaders from all backgrounds.


Our mission is to actively support and guide students in their holistic development preparing them for success in and beyond the classroom.

Time commitment

Beginner students:

  • Attend one (1) DEI cultural event of your choosing
  • Attend one (1) STRIVE workshops
  • Meet with your assigned mentor regularly

Advanced students:

  • Attend one (1) DEI cultural event of your choosing
  • Attend assigned StreetWise Partners Workforce Development Sessions
  • Meet with your assigned STRIVE and StreetWise mentors regularly
  • An additional 9-months of career development support from StreetWise is included.

Program overview

The STRIVE Mentorship Program will run during the Fall and Winter semesters. Students who are accepted will be assigned to the Beginner cohort or the Advanced cohort based on readiness. Each student will get an opportunity to be paired with a St. Clair County Community College mentor (Staff, Faculty, Alumni, or Community Members).

Mentors/mentees will be asked to meet regularly to maintain frequent communication to discuss goals, objectives, and monitor progress.

Mentors/mentees are expected to be respectful of each other’s time and availability and to answer all communications promptly.

Benefits for mentees

  • Build trust
  • Career support
  • Improved confidence
  • Networking opportunities
  • Self development
  • Skill building

For questions about the STRIVE Mentorship Program, StreetWise or to register for the STRIVE Mentorship Program please contact the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at (810) 989-5564 or email

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