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Mentor/Mentee Agreement

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

STRIVE Mentorship Program Mentor/Mentee Agreement

First, we would like to thank you for your participation with the STRIVE Mentorship Program. This program is designed to set students up for professional and personal success.


A mentor’s role is to provide support and encouragement to their mentee. Additionally, the mentor will provide feedback on the mentee’s progress and meet with them regularly.


As a mentee, their responsibility is to seek out opportunities and experiences to enhance their learning, communicate regularly with their mentor and review their progress.

Mentoring agreement purpose

This Mentoring Agreement is to ensure ensure mentees and mentors develop a mutual understanding of expectations from the beginning of their relationship. It allows you to set goals and a standard for evaluating progress. This document is to help the mentor and mentee:
• Establish communication expectations
• Identify goals for this mentoring relationship
• Outline skill areas to be enhanced or developed through this partnership

As a mentee, I agree to do the following

1. Meet regularly with my mentor and maintain frequent communication. (Communication methods should be discussed and agreed upon).
2. Participate in the STRIVE cultural enrichment programs and field trips.
3. Review my progress and adjust my contract as I work towards my identified goals.
4. Attend all required StreetWise Partners meetings, mentor Sessions, Workshops, etc.

As a mentor, I agree to do the following

2. Provide feedback regarding their mentorship contract, progress and experience.
3. Meet in person on campus grounds or communicate regularly with my mentee to review their progress and help them work toward identified goals.
4. This agreement outlines the goals and expectations agreed upon by the mentor and mentee listed below.

Although the thoughtful completion of this form is a requirement, it is understood that items will change and adjust naturally to fit the needs of both parties as the mentoring relationship grows. If at any time during the duration of the mentoring contract one member of mentoring pair does not feel like the other is able or willing to fulfill the items agreed to above, please contact the SC4 DEI Coordinator at
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