Board Policy 2.20



Statement of Board Intention

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees of St. Clair County Community College that the College and all of its employees adhere to the provisions of state and federal copyright law including the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 (“Copyright Act”). The Board of Trustees directs the administration to provide College employees with guidelines of its policy requiring compliance with the Copyright Act.

Prohibitions of Infringement

The Board of Trustees prohibits the institution’s employees from duplicating, selling, performing or displaying copyrighted material unless specifically allowed by the 1) Copyright Act, 2) fair use guidelines, 3) Licenses or contractual agreements, or 4) other permission. Use of copyrighted work must be by the written permission of the author, producer, or copyright holder of that work

Liability for Willful Infringement

The Board of Trustees policy prohibits unauthorized duplication, sale, performance or display
in any form. Employees who willfully disregard the Copyright Act or other copyright laws are in
violation of the Board of Trustees’ policy. Employees that violate this policy do so at their ow
risk and assume all liability.

Copyright Officer

The Director of Library Services is hereby named as the Copyright Officer with the responsibility to establish and implement appropriate procedures, prepare and distribute a copyright manual, and conduct training programs to assure that college employees are advised on the current copyright law so that they can perform their duties in compliance with the law.

Copyright Manual

The Copyright Officer shall develop and keep current a copyright manual designed to inform employees of their rights and responsibilities under the Copyright Act and other applicable laws.

Copyright Warnings

The Board of Trustees mandates that appropriate copyright notices be placed on or near all equipment on the College campus capable of duplicating copyrighted materials.

Copyright Records

The Board of Trustees mandates that the Copyright Officer maintain appropriate records regarding the approved use of copyrighted materials by employees.

Approved by Board of Trustees – May 11, 2006
Revised – October 13, 2010