Board Policy 3.3

General Purchases


By the approval of the annual budget, the Board of Trustees authorizes the administration to spend the amounts indicated in the budget and authorizes up to $25,000 for each expenditure in plant funds. Principal responsibility for effective administration of the purchasing function shall rest with the Treasurer of the College. 


  1. The general purchasing policy of this College shall conform, insofar as possible, with the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Purchasing Agents as interpreted by the National Association of Educational Buyers. This policy is applied unless a more stringent requirement is necessitated by a funding source (grant for example).
  2. All purchases of goods $25,000 or more shall be publicly bid, less than $25,000 but more than $5,000 shall be quoted. In general, bids shall be noticed publicly. In general, solicitation of bids and quotes shall be to three or more vendors. Quotes and bids shall be in writing. Award shall be made to bidder/quote determined by the Board of Trustees (or authorized designee) to be in the best interests of the College.
  3. All purchases of services in excess of $25,000 shall be made after receipt of proposals that provide criteria for evaluation and shall be made to the firm determined by the Board of Trustees (or authorized designee) to be in the best interests of the College.
  4. All purchases of $5,000 or less shall be made at the discretion of the Treasurer.
  5. In determining what is in the best interests of the College, the Board of Trustees may consider the benefits of using the following:
    (1) St. Clair County bidders
    (2) Michigan bidders.
  6. Exceptions to these policies shall be possible under the following conditions:
    a. Where a specific item having unique characteristics of purpose or performance is available from a single source.
    b. Where, in the opinion of the President’s Cabinet, the urgency of the situation dictates such exception.
    c. Where consumable supplies, contracted services or similar items are purchased on a regular continuing basis from the same vendor(s). In such cases, costs shall be reviewed on at least an annual basis.
    d. Where computer equipment is purchased on a regular continuing basis, request for purchase shall be completed on an annual basis; costs reviewed on a continuing basis.

Approved by Board of Trustees – October 9, 1975, effective October 13, 1975 
Revised: November 14, 1985 
Revised: August 12, 1999 
Revised: April 11, 2013