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Grade appeal process

Grade appeal process

Any appeal for a change of grade, other than a final grade, must be initiated in the semester during which the student is enrolled in the course. Appeals of a final grade for the semester must be made prior to the last day of classes of the subsequent semester with the option (student) of excluding summer semester. There will be no formal grade appeals during the week of final exams or during semester breaks. Grade appeals occurring during the summer semester will adhere to the process with timelines to be established by the Residence Life and Conduct Manager with reasonable flexibility as needed. The only grounds for a student grade appeal shall be as follows:

  • The grade is allegedly based on an error in calculation.
  • The grade assigned allegedly did not follow the grading criteria as stated in the course syllabus.

It shall be the responsibility of the student to prove that the grade is incorrect or unjustified. A student wishing to file a grade appeal begins by contacting the Residence Life and Conduct Manager for information. Procedures for the formal appeal are available online on the SC4 website.

Updated: April, 2022 by dpg