Transition ADN program cost

PrerequisitesContact hoursOut DistrictIn-District
HHS Application Fee$25$25
ADN 2033$996$618
BIO160, 272, ENG101, HE101, 22418$5,166$2,898
Lab Fees$65.50$65.50
Preadmission HESI$60$60
Student Fee (per semester)$95$95
Prerequisites Total$6,407.50*$3,761.50*
1st Semester - WinterContact hoursOut DistrictIn-District
ADN 124, 201, 201L21.5$7,138$4,429
ENG 1023$861$483
Lab Fees$435$435
Uniforms, shoes (approximate)$250$250
Student Fee$95$95
Malpractice Insurance (approximate: student provides)$75$75
Semester Total$8,854*$5,767*
2nd Semester - FallContact hoursOut DistrictIn-District
ADN 233/233L, 234/234L19.5$6,474.00$4,017.00
PSY 1804$1,148$644
Lab Fees$295$295
Student Fee$95$95
Semester Total$8,012*$5,051*
3rd Semester - WinterContact hoursOut DistrictIn-District
ADN 226/226L, 235/235L, 23616.5$5,478.00$3,399.00
HE 210, PS 1015$1,435$805
Lab Fees$247.50$247.50
Student Fee$95$95
Graduation Pin$35$35.00
NCLEX Review Class (no additional cost to student)$0.00$0.00
Semester Total$7,690.50*$4,981.50*
Grand Total$30,964*$19,561*
Type of tuitionCost per credit hourNotes
In-District Tuition:$161(includes Tuition & Technology fee)
Out-District Tuition:$287(includes Tuition & Technology fee)
Nursing In-District:$206(includes Tuition, Program fee & Technology fee)
Nursing Out-District:$332(includes Tuition, Program fee & Technology fee)

Note: Tuition and fees subject to change
*Books not included