Criminal Justice

There are critical shortages of police, corrections, and federal law enforcement officers, as well as an increased need related to homeland security. The criminal justice field seeks those with an open mind, an interest in helping people, a desire to lead others, and has an understanding of both professional and personal ethics, honesty and integrity.

At SC4, our students practice crime scene investigation (CSI) techniques such as fingerprint and evidence collections, attend trials and other court processes, participate in field trips to the local jail and state prisons, and gain exposure to the field through presentations by active police officers and other criminal justice professionals.

Professor of Criminal Justice James Jones

SC4 offers the Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree in Criminal Justice (Generalist). This degree prepares students to enter police or corrections academies, as well as entering the workforce as court advocates, private security workers, or other positions in a public service capacity.

SC4 also offers four skill sets related to Criminal Justice, that can be taken separately or as part of the electives for the Criminal Justice (Generalist) AAS degree:

  • Criminal Justice - Corrections
  • Criminal Justice - Generalist
  • Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement
  • Homeland Security

The skill sets listed above require 15 to 16 credit hours and can be completed within a single academic year. Please note that, with the exception of the Homeland Security skill set, the above skill sets are pending approval for federal Title IV funding.


See a complete list of classes for the Criminal Justice (Generalist) associate degree.

See a complete list of classes for the Criminal Justice - Corrections skill set.

See a complete list of classes for the Criminal Justice - Generalist skill set.

See a complete list of classes for the Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement skill set.

See a complete list of classes for the Homeland Security skill set.

For those wishing to continue their education towards a bachelor’s degree, the associate degree prepares you to transfer to many four-year schools. SC4 has a partnership with Ferris State University to complete a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice that can be accomplished through additional SC4 courses and then Ferris State courses without leaving our campus. Find out more by clicking the "Continuing Beyond SC4" tab above.

Gainful Employment information for the Homeland Security skill set.


SC4 University Partner
Ferris State University

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

SC4 has a partnership with Ferris State University to offer classes toward their Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Students who choose to follow this path with FSU complete their AAS degree in Criminal Justice at SC4, then continue to take classes on SC4's Port Huron campus or online - taught by Ferris State faculty members - to complete their bachelor's degree.

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The Ferris State Criminal Justice baccalaureate degree prepares students for a professional career in the Criminal Justice system in Michigan and throughout the country. This Generalist option prepares the student to seek federal, state and/or local Criminal Justice agency employment or admission to law school or graduate school, and it gives students an education with a broad focus in Criminal Justice. The program offers small class sizes, usually between 15 to 30 students, and our degreed faculty members have extensive Criminal Justice experience and utilize a pragmatic approach to prepare students for a career in Criminal Justice. The most common positions for graduates of this program are: police officer, corrections officer, community correction officer, probation officer, detective, federal agent, and investigator for a multitude of public and private agencies and/or corporations.

A transfer guide for this program is available, or you can visit the Ferris Statewide website.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

Beginning in January 2018, the Ferris State University School of Criminal Justice will begin offering classes for students interested in pursuing their master’s degree. Students will be able to begin classwork for their Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Administration on SC4's Port Huron campus.

Two courses will be offered each semester for students. Courses are offered in a student-friendly format utilizing a hybrid approach of face-to-face and online learning. A standard college semester is 16 weeks in length and two courses will be offered during each semester, with one class being offered in the first eight weeks and an additional class in the following eight weeks. Each course is set up to meet five Saturdays each semester within an eight-week period. This allows the instructors to offer a hybrid assignment for one to two online assignments or meetings reducing the number of on-site classroom hours. 

This format is friendly for working students who will not have to sacrifice their work or personal life to get their education. Students committed full-time can graduate from the program in two years. The Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration offered by the School of Criminal Justice is a degree designed to help the practitioner advance in their career and obtain qualifications to teach Criminal Justice in a college program.

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration requires 30 semester credit hours for graduation. The master's degree emphasizes four core areas: Administrative and Leadership Skills, Personnel and Budgeting Management, Research and Evaluation and Crime and Violence. Individuals who pursue this degree come from all branches of criminal justice.

For more details, including application requirements, visit the Ferris CJA department homepage.

A short video about the Master's degree program is also available for viewing.

“SC4 enhanced my knowledge on a lot of different topics and gave me the basic fundamentals on what police work is about.”

Joe Platzer, Lieutenant, Port Huron Police Department

Joe Platzer, Lieutenant, Port Huron Police Department