Guided Self-Placement procedure for English – Summer 2021

For the Summer 2021 semester only, new students (and transfer students who have not taken an English course at the previous school) should use the following Guided Self-Placement procedure to determine their first English course at SC4.

Follow each of the steps below. Each step may result in a different recommended initial English course. In that case, use all of the information as a whole to make a judgment on which course would be best suited to your current knowledge and experience as a writer.

If you have questions or need help working through the steps, contact an academic advisor.

Step 0: Transfer students only

If you’re transferring from another college or university to SC4 and have already successfully completed an English composition or writing course, simply choose the next course in the sequence.

  • If you successfully completed a remedial or developmental course similar to ENG 050 or ENG 075, take ENG 101.
  • If you’ve already successfully completed ENG 101 (sometimes called English Composition I or Freshman Composition I at other schools), take ENG 102.
  • If you’ve already successfully completed both ENG 101 and ENG 102 equivalents at your other school, you aren’t required to take another English course at SC4 to meet basic degree requirements (some programs may require other ENG courses for other reasons).

If you took the course at a Michigan college or university, you can check how your previous English courses would transfer to SC4 by visiting If you took the course outside of the state of Michigan or have questions, please contact an SC4 Academic Advisor.

Step 1: If you’ve already taken a standardized admissions or placement examination

Use this chart if you’ve already taken any of the following exams for admission or placement. You may use scores taken any time from 2010 or later and you may use scores taken at SC4 or at other locations. You may also choose to schedule an appointment to take the WritePlacer exam at the SC4 Testing Center by calling (810) 989-5555.

If you don’t have your exam scores handy, you may be able to view them on either the College Board or ACT, Inc. websites if you have previously created an account there. If you took Accuplacer, WritePlacer, or COMPASS at SC4, those scores will already have been added to your student account and you can see what English course is recommended in your Student Planner.

ENG 050ENG 075ENG 101
SAT Writing and Language (test dates 2017 or later)10-2122-2425-40
ACT English (multiple choice)0-1415-1718-36
WritePlacer (essay)0-345-8
Next-Generation Accuplacer (multiple choice)200-236237-249250-300
Original Accuplacer (prior to 2019, multiple choice)20-4950-8485-120
COMPASS (prior to 2016, multiple choice)0-3738-7273-100

Step 2: Use your last graded English writing course from high school

If you received at least a “B” in your last graded high school English writing class, consider taking ENG 101. Otherwise, use the exam score(s) from Step 1 and the information in Step 3 to make a decision.

Step 3: Compare your previous English writing experience with the goals for each of SC4’s starting English courses

SC4 English professor Christopher Hilton explains the course outcomes for each of the college’s starting English courses in this short video:

The course descriptions for each of the three starting English courses are listed here for your convenience:

ENG 050 – Basic Skills for College Writing

This course is designed to help students become competent writers at the college level. In addition to reviewing grammar and editing rules, students will learn about the writing process and how to write various types of sentences, paragraphs and multi-paragraph assignments for a college reader.

ENG 075 – Basic Writing Skills II

This is a basic writing course that can either be a continuation of ENG 050 for those students who are still not adequately prepared for the rigors of ENG 101, or a basic writing course for those students whose writing skills are too advanced for ENG 050, yet not strong enough for satisfactory completion of ENG 101. Emphasis will focus on the writing process used to produce 300-500 word paragraphs and 500-1,000 word essays work on sentence combining to address grammatical errors and to develop the stylistic maturity needed for the writing required in ENG 101.

ENG 101 – English Composition I

This course includes various types of current prose, a study of English usage, and intensive practice in composition, all of which is designed to improve a student’s ability to express ideas in a clear, logical and forceful manner. Normal prerequisites are either successful completion of writing assessment or ENG 050 or ENG 075 or placement by exam into ENG 101; this requirement has been waived for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 only.

Step 4. Use the information from Steps 1-3 to make a determination of the best English course for you and register online.

When you register online using Student Planner, you may see a message that you haven’t completed a recommended prerequisite for the course you’ve chosen. These prerequisites are being waived for the Winter 2021 semester. You may continue and register for the class you’ve placed yourself into.

If you need additional help doing this self-placement for English, please contact an SC4 Academic Advisor.