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Assistive technology, note taking and organization

Kurzweil 3000An assistive technology, text to speech learning tool, including “Read the Web” and is available to all SC4 students. Please contact Anne McPherson for details on how to self-register.

Sonocent and Glean: Powerful notetaking apps for in-person and online classes. See Anne McPherson details on obtaining a license.

Microsoft OneNote:  All SC4 students have access to Office 365, including OneNote, a robust program for organization, notes, recordings, and more.

OtterAi: Generate rich notes for lectures and other important voice conversations with Otter, an AI-powered assistant. The basic, free plan is easy to use on mobile devices and computers and allows for 600 free minutes each month.

Remember the Milk: Offers a smart to-do system. Available in a free or upgraded version.

Evernote: Evernote is the home for everything you need to remember and everything you want to achieve. Free version available.

Bullet Journal: Combines mindfulness practice and organization in a paper/pen journaling system.


Calm: Provides relaxation and meditation to help improve your sleep and reduce stress with music and melodies

Headspace: Provides to assist with sleep & waking up, stress & anxiety, and movement & healthy living.

Stop, Breathe, and Think: Meditation and mindfulness experience that helps you find peace with meditations and videos.

Smiling Mind: A daily mindfulness and meditation guide at your fingertips, including free programs for children and adults.

Happify: Provides tools for measuring your overall mental health and well-being by reframing negative thoughts and tracking habits.

YouVersion: Engaging resources, including plans with audio and video.


Trello: This app provides boards, lists, and cards that enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.

Focus Booster: Tool to help you track your time, stop procrastinating, and focus consistently.

Me: This habit-tracking app will allow you to build and maintain good habits.

My Study Life: Provides one space to organize your classes, tasks, exams, and assignments with the ability to set reminders.

Youper: Take control of your emotional health through conversations, meditations, and tracking your mood.

Forest: Stay focused, stay present. Timer program available on mobile and an extension in Chrome.


Mind Shift: Interact with tools to help you take action for a positive change.

SAM: This tool helps you understand and manage your anxiety.

AnxietyCoach: (iOS, $4.99): A comprehensive self-help tool for reducing a wide variety of fears and worries from extreme shyness to obsessions and compulsions. 

Sanvello: Provides digital self-care to manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

WorryWatch: ($3.99): Keep an anxiety journal so that you can later reflect and reason with what was making you anxious.


Panic Relief: Guides you through panic attacks and helps you overcome your fear.

Breath2Relax: Teaches a skill called “diaphragmatic breathing” to help users feel more relaxed.

The Mindfulness App: Meditation and mindfulness experience that helps you find peace with meditations and videos.

Rootd:  A panic attack and anxiety relief tool.

MoodTools: Provides users with a thought diary, depression test, and the option to develop a safety plan.

General Mental Health

What’s Up: Provides helpful tools for managing depression based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

MoodKit: (iOS, $4.99): Over 200 mood improvement activities that can be tailored to your specific needs.

iMoodJournal: ($1.99): This app combines a journal, personal diary, mood trackers, and habit trackers.

Lifesum: Helps you reach your health and weight goals through better eating.

Moodpath: Keep a mental health journal and answer questions to receive regular mental health reports.

Operation Reach Out: (iOS): Aimed at preventing suicide among military personnel and veterans.

Relax and Sleep Well: Hypnosis and mediation recordings to help you alleviate stress & anxiety and sleep well at night.

Worry Knot:  Teaches you to manage your worry with lessons, distractions, and a proven worry management technique.

SuperBetter: Builds resilience – the ability to stay strong, motivated, and optimistic.

MediSafe: Helps with medication reminders.

Bonus resources

Breathing videos from Breath by James Nestor

The SC4 Library has created resources fortest anxiety and resources to assist students throughout their health sciences education; from incoming students preparing to take the HESI entrance exam to recent graduates studying to take the NCLEX exam. The ebook Solving the Procrastination Puzzle by Tim Pychyl offers quick tips. If off campus, you will be prompted to log in using your SC4 Portal name and password.

Mindtation: Mindtation provides achievable experiences and strategies to help take control of our thoughts and emotions through the introduction of Mindtation’s Five Touchstones. Each one has been designed to improve all aspects of our mental and physical health. The Touchstones include meditation, mindfulness, breath, intuition, and sound.

Do you have a favorite app or website that you find helpful? If so, please share.

Anne McPherson, MS
Coordinator of Academic Success and Disability Resources
St. Clair County Community College
323 Erie St., PO Box 5015
Port Huron, MI 48061-5015