Mental health and wellness

Behavioral Education Success Team (BEST) Services

In response to the needs of our students, the college created the Behavioral Education Success Team (BEST) Services in the fall of 2019 which is comprised of professional staff who are dedicated to helping students become “the best student they can be.”

Professionally-licensed mental health staff are available to meet with students by appointment only to provide assistance with college and community support services, as well as, any personal life concerns students wish to discuss. The college does not offer counseling on-campus, but does offer services for assessment and referrals to local mental health providers in a safe, confidential, and professional educational setting. BEST Services is committed to serving our students who may be struggling with some personal issues including anxiety, depression, grief/loss, test anxiety, homelessness, alcohol/drug concerns, and relationship difficulties just to name a few.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, then please contact BEST services at any of the following phone numbers by calling BEST Services at (810) 989-5856, the Director of Behavioral Intervention at (810) 989-5552, or Student Services at (810) 989-5560. You also can email BEST services at:, or