Honors program

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You may earn an honors degree in any associate degree program at SC4. Apply as an incoming freshman or as a returning student.

Download the application and program requirements form.

Download the honors option contract, which allows any class to be made into an honors course with faculty approval.

Be challenged

The SC4 Honors Program is designed to satisfy the needs of hard-working, self-motivated students who are curious,appreciate exploring a topic in depth, and enjoy strong interaction with instructors and fellow students.

If you are looking for a more stimulating college experience, have high academic standing and are highly motivated, the Honors Program may be right for you.

Honors courses cover all the requirements of a regular course but probe the subject matter in greater depth, focusing less on lecture and more on active student involvement and greater student-teacher and student-student interaction.

Discover the benefits

  • Honors degree and Honors Program credential on transcript
  • Greater academic challenges
  • Greater depth in subject matter
  • Stimulating coursework with greater interaction
  • Smaller class sizes