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Students are assigned an SC4 email account at the time of application for a college credit program. Students are bound in their use of this email service by the Acceptable Use Policy. Appropriate uses of this service include communicating with:

  • Faculty regarding coursework, as approved by the instructor.
  • College staff regarding the enrollment process, financial account status or any other administrative process.
  • Classmates regarding course and campus activities.

All students must activate their email accounts. SC4 uses email to communicate with all students taking classes for credit, regarding important information about billing, classes, deadlines, events, refunds, financial aid, and registration. Accounts will be inactivated after students have not enrolled in credit classes for a period of two years.

Setting up your SC4 email

Email is an important communication channel at SC4 and you are highly encouraged to utilize your SC4 email account.

Existing students:

  1. From the Portal home page, click the button labeled “College email.”
  2. You will be redirected to the Office 365 login page, where you can enter your SC4 email address and password.

New students:

  1. Initials passwords for newly created accounts are included in your SC4 acceptance letter.
  2. When logging into the Office 365 portal for the first time, you will be redirected to the password reset web page to register your account with the Microsoft self-service password reset tool.
  3. Once the password has been changed, you can log in to the SC4 Portal and access email by clicking on the “College email” button in the top right of your Portal home page.

Students can forward their SC4 email to other accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo! email services. To do this:

  1. Log into your SC4 student email account.
  2. Click “Options” (on the top left).
  3. Click “Mail” under “Your app settings” (on the bottom right).
  4. Click “Forwarding” (on the left side).
  5. Click “Start forwarding,” and enter the email address that all mail should be forwarded to.

Note: Students should add their SC4 student email address to the address book of their personal email account. This is to help ensure the two accounts work with each other. St. Clair County Community College does not guarantee the delivery of email forwarded to personal accounts, because of spam filters and other technical issues. The best way to ensure you are getting your email is to check your student email account.