Resident and non-resident policy (determines tuition rate)

Residents of the St. Clair County Community College district pay taxes to support SC4 through a voter-approved millage rate. The current SC4 district is based upon St. Clair County K-12 school districts and does not include persons living in St. Clair County who reside in Anchor Bay, Armada, Richmond, Brown City, or Croswell-Lexington school districts.

SC4 students are responsible for maintaining an accurate address at the college for the purpose of billing tuition appropriately, as well as mailing refunds or other pertinent information. Because residency corresponds to a student’s address and consequently determines the student’s tuition rate, a student wishing to be classified as an SC4 in-district resident must meet the following requirement:

  • Must have been a bona fide resident in the SC4 college district prior to the start date of the intended semester of enrollment

NOTE: International students (i.e. those students attending SC4 on an F-1 visa) cannot establish residency.

Residency of all students under 18 years of age follows that of their parents or legal guardians. Students who falsify their residency will be subject to payment of tuition at the correct residency rate. Charges in such cases will be retroactive.

Students who have moved from out-district or out-state to in-district must complete the following steps, and submit documentation, prior to the first day of the intended semester of enrollment to be charged at the in-district rate:

  1. Complete a Proof of Residency Form.
  2. Provide a copy of a valid Michigan driver license, Michigan ID card, or Voter Registration card showing the current in-district address dated prior to the start date of the intended semester of enrollment.

Appeals may be made to the Registrar. 

Please note that all changes in residency status should be reported immediately to the Enrollment Services office.