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High School Counselors

High School Counselors

High School Counselor

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High school counselors, you play a key role in the lives of countless students, helping them make important decisions about their post-secondary education. Our goal is to be as helpful to you and your students as possible.

Resources for High School Counselors

For dual enrollment process help, contact Deb Lacey at (810) 989-5847 or Deb is your go-to person for any questions related to dual enrollment or early/middle college registration.

For additional information about the Blue Water Middle College, please call (810) 989-5841 or visit the BWMC office, located on campus on the 2nd floor of the SC4 Welcome Center.

For additional information about the Career and Technical Middle College, please call (810) 455-1010 or (810) 989-5639, or visit the CTMC office, located on campus on the 2nd floor of the SC4 Welcome Center, Room 202.

We look forward to working with you to make your students’ college experience great!


Office of Admissions
Phone: (810) 989-5571
Text: “Start Here” to (810) 777-7211

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