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Register for classes

Register for classes

Students may register and pay for classes online through Student Planning. Student Planning provides students with real-time schedule information, including the number of openings available in each class section.

  • The public can view available classes at
  • In order to register for classes, you must first apply to SC4 if you haven’t done so already.
  • Upon receiving your acceptance letter, follow the instructions to set up your SC4 Portal account, from which you can access Student Planning. Within Student Planning, you can create a degree completion pathway, as well as register for classes each semester. If you have already applied and are unable to log into Student Planning or have other questions, call us at (810) 989-5500 or send an email to
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions about Student Planning or call (810) 989-5500 for assistance.

SC4 offers classes in a variety of formats including day, evening, weekend, online, short-term and other formats. Students are encouraged to register early each registration period in order to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Please be sure to view information on payment plans as well.

There are two ways to register for classes:

Online: Students may register for classes via the Service Center at

One-Stop Center: Students may receive assistance with the registration process in the SC4 Welcome Center.

Registration periods vary. Refer to the academic calendar for specific registration dates/times.

It is the responsibility of the student to follow the established procedure for adding, dropping, or withdrawing from classes. It is also the student’s responsibility to confirm the accuracy of both registration and billing information at the time of enrollment. Award amounts listed for students receiving financial aid and/or scholarships are “pending” and may be adjusted following registration. Students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees not covered by financial aid and must drop classes within the established refund period. In the event that a student declines a financial aid award, or does not register for the minimum number of required credit hours to receive a financial aid award, the student is responsible to drop the class(es) prior to the final drop/add deadline date.


Students have the option of “waitlisting” for a class(es) if a desired section is full. There is no charge to waitlist.

Students who waitlist must be diligent in checking their Student Planning tool and SC4 student email account to monitor their progress on the waitlist. If/when a student is notified of a waitlisted class permission to register, the student has two days to take action and register for the course. Students receiving permission to register who then miss the two day registration window are removed from the waitlist for the class.

Once the waitlist is ended, any openings in classes are available on a first-come, first-registered basis. Students must make arrangements for tuition payment at the time of registration.

Registration Restrictions

SC4 students will not be allowed to register or make adjustments to their class schedules if they do not have a valid address on file with the college or if they have an outstanding balance to the college for tuition or fees. A registration restriction will be imposed for students who have been dropped for non-payment twice in the same semester. Students who have this registration restriction on their records are required to register in person in Room 214, Main Building.

Class Audit

If a student wishes to register for a credit-bearing course and receive no credit, the student must indicate “audit” when registering. “Audit” means that a student has registered, paid, and is attending a college credit course, but will receive no credit or grade for the course. Students auditing a class are still required to meet all course prerequisites.

Students who choose to “audit” a class must designate this registration status at the time of registration or by the end of the drop/add period. Once a class has been registered as an “audit,” no adjustments may be made to change the course status to college credit after the drop/add period has ended. Conversely, once a class has been registered for college credit, a student may not change the status of the class to “audit” after the drop/add period has ended. Students failing to comply with this requirement will be held responsible for the resulting consequences. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the registration and billing statement.