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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

The Therapeutic Massage program is a cooperative effort between St. Clair County Community College and Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage. The program combines occupational-specific courses at Lakewood and general education courses with the required competencies for graduation from SC4. Earning the degree from SC4 will give students an edge when looking for jobs. A job seeker with an associate degree would stand out from other workers with similar massage training and certifications.

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For academic programs leading to professional licensure

SC4 Health Sciences Programs prepare students for State and National exams leading to professional licensure. Please be aware that additional steps (background checks, applications, fees, etc.) may be required to apply for licensing in the state of Michigan or other states. It is recommended that you contact the appropriate licensing agency in your state if you are considering an academic program leading to a professional license. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements in your state of residence.

“This program was great because it prepared me for my career as a massage therapist by teaching me the skills and providing the training I needed to confidently and professionally do my job.”

Angie Stragier, Massage Therapist, Shaw Chiropractic