St. Clair County Community College

Higher education for the Blue Water Area and beyond

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Board contact:

Sarah Rutallie, Chief of Staff &
Secretary, Board of Trustees
(810) 989-5545

Board of Trustees members

Dr. Karen Niver

Dr. Karen L. Niver

Board Chair

Member since 2016 | Term ends 2022

Marcia A Robbins

Marcia A. Robbins

Board Vice-Chair

Member since 2019 | Term ends 2024

Dr Nicholas J DeGrazia

Dr. Nicholas J. DeGrazia


Member since 2009 | Term ends 2026

Randall S. Fernandez


Member since 2020 | Term ends 2022

John S. Lusk


Member since 2021 | Term ends 2026

Dr. Fred B. Roberts


Member since 2017 | Term ends 2022

Robert E Tansky

Robert E. Tansky


Member since 2011 | Term ends 2022