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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Combine your love of art with the use of computers to gain the skills necessary to obtain a job you’ll truly enjoy. Students experience working with real-world clients as they develop skills in print and digital design in studio-based classrooms that provide one-on-one interaction with professors. Software programs such as Adobe Design, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver are the tools used to develop the skills in making art, communicating ideas, and organizing visual and verbal messages.

Opportunities in the workforce include positions as entry-level designers, press operators, and freelance artists, as well as internships with major companies such as Amazon and Pixar. As technology advances, it’s important to adapt and evolve your skills sets along with the technology. Many graduates continue to four-year programs in graphic design or fine art at Kendall College of Art and Design, College for Creative Studies, Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, and Wayne State University.

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“It really gave me the idea of what it’s like to be a graphic designer in the business world — or really any art field that’s more business-related — working with clients.”

Sean McManaman