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SC4 has many options for you that can lead to a brighter future, including short-term skill sets, one-year certificates, two-year degrees, as well as non-credit training options. Not sure what you'd like to do yet? We can help you learn more about all of the programs at SC4, as well as how to get started toward becoming a college student!

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The SC4 advantage

St. Clair County Community College offers a wide range of programs, from short-term skill sets, to one-year certificates, as well as many two-year associate degree options. Whether you're looking to get started in a new career or complete your general education requirements before transferring for a bachelor's degree, SC4 is the right place to start.

  1. Significant tuition savings
    SC4's tuition rates are much less than comparable classes taken at a four-year college or university. Even if you only take one year of classes at your hometown college, you could save $10,000 or more just on tuition — and that doesn't include housing costs! Keep that money in your pocket by making the smart choice... SC4.

  2. Quality, convenient education
    Our professors and instructors have years of experience in the classroom, and really care about their students' success. Our average student-to-instructor ratio of 19 to 1 means individual attention for your questions and needs.

  3. Financial aid and other support
    SC4 awards over $12,000,000 in financial aid every year. Our expert advisors and other support staff will help you get started and keep succeeding, every step of the way. There's no better time than today to get started on your future!