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Michigan Transfer Agreement

Transfer Students

Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

Michigan Transfer Agreement

SC4 is a member of the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), which simplifies the transfer of credit for SC4 students between community colleges, four-year public colleges, and some private colleges in Michigan.

The agreement stipulates that 30 semester credit hours of 100-level and above, compatible, general coursework will be given smooth transferability to other participating Michigan colleges and universities. Credits will be awarded toward a student’s general education requirements.

Participating colleges and universities

View the list of colleges and universities that have signed the Michigan Transfer Agreement.

MTA Requirements

Required Courses

  • ENG 100 – English Composition I with Basic Writing Skills or ENG 101 – English Composition I 
  • ENG 102 – English Composition II or SPC 101 – Speech Communication
  • 2 courses in Social Science from two disciplines
  • 2 courses in Humanities from two disciplines 
  • 2 courses in Science, including one with laboratory experience, from two disciplines 
  • 1 course from appropriate Mathematics pathway 

Range Total Credit Hours/Range Total Contact Hours = 30/30+ 

Note: Students must earn a minimum 2.000 GPA in all MTA courses. Students whose completed MTA coursework meets the above criteria, but does not add up to 30 credits, must take additional MTA-approved coursework to meet the 30 credit minimum. If not already MTA-approved from a previous institution, students must complete one college credit at SC4 in order to have their transcript evaluated for MTA qualification. 

MTA Approved Courses

English/Communications – choose one course from each line below:

  • ENG 100 – English Composition I with Basic Writing Skills or ENG 101 – English Composition I 
  • ENG 102 – English Composition II or SPC 101 – Speech Communication

Social Science – choose two courses (must be from two disciplines):

  • Anthropology (ANT) 
  • Economics (ECON 221, 222)
  • Geography (GEO 102, 233 only) 
  • History (all History courses except HIS 101, 102)
  • Political Science (PS) 
  • Psychology (PSY) 
  • Sociology (SOC)

Humanities – choose two courses (must be from two disciplines):

  • Art (ART 120, 221, 222) 
  • History (HIS 101, 102 only)
  • Literature (ENG 202 or higher) 
  • Modern Language (FR, SP, GR) 
  • Music (MUS 106, 110, 120, 123)  
  • Philosophy (PHL) 
  • Theatre (THA 101, 105) 

Sciences – choose two courses from the science categories below; courses must be from two disciplines, and one must contain a laboratory:

    Biological Science

  • Biology (BIO)

    Physical Science

  • Astronomy (AST) 
  • Chemistry (CHM) 
  • Geology (GLG)
  • Geography (GEO 101, 105, 137, 175 only)
  • Physical Science (PHS 101)
  • Physics (PHY)

Mathematics – choose a mathematics course for your appropriate pathway:

  • Associate of Arts (AA) = MTH 1100 or 1101, MTH 1120 or 1121, MTH 1130 or higher 
  • Associate of Science (AS) = MTH 1120 or MTH 1121 or higher

MTA verification

Students completing the following MTA requirements must request from the SC4 Enrollment Services office to have their transcript marked as “MTA Satisfied.” This request can be made by emailing

Upon meeting MTA criteria, the following notation will be posted to a student’s transcript (located at the end of the semester course detail in which MTA criteria was met): 
*****MTA Satisfied

Transferring from SC4

Students transferring from SC4 have many opportunities and paths, including taking advantage of the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), additional courses that indicate transferability under the Michigan Transfer Network, university partnerships and articulation agreements, and more. With so many transfer pathway options, be sure to plan ahead and work with SC4 advisors to ensure all your credits transfer with you. Contact our advisors with questions at (810) 989-5571 or

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University Partners

SC4 partners with a wide array of four-year colleges and universities to offer seamless transfer pathways. These include 3+1 programs, articulation agreements and more.

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MiTransfer Pathways

MiTransfer Pathways build on the MTA, outlining additional courses that will transfer to participating institutions for SC4 students.


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