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College Housing Drug Screening Assessment Policy

College Housing – Drug Screening Assessment Policy

St. Clair County Community College Housing maintains a healthy and safe living environment for its residents. As part of this commitment, the college has established a substance free living area for all of its residents. The Student Code of Conduct has been established to ensure healthy and safe living for all students living on campus in College Housing. For any College Housing student who violates the Student Code of Conduct, there is a process as follows for addressing these infractions:

Coaching Conversation – low level infractions and verbal discussion
Strike 1 – a second infraction leading to the initial phase intervention
Strike 2 – a third infraction leading to more intensive intervention
Strike 3 – a fourth infraction leading to dismissal

(See Exhibit A – Housing: Student Code of Conduct Violation Procedure)

Students who are suspected of drug usage, including, but not limited to marijuana, narcotics, opioids, et. al. they may be referred for mandatory drug testing. At the discretion of any Housing Committee team member which includes the Chief of Human Resources, Residence Life and Conduct Manager, and Manager of College Housing, the student may be asked to adhere to the following procedure or face further disciplinary measures, up to and including suspension and/or dismissal from College Housing.

  1. If there is ‘reasonable cause’ to suspect drug usage while in College Housing, any Housing Committee member may interview the student to discuss the reported concern(s).
  2. If the student admits to drug usage and appears to take ‘reasonable responsibility’ for his or her behavior, he or she may be referred to the appropriate community resource for substance abuse counseling, inpatient treatment, and/or to Narcotics Anonymous (NA) support group while being on a 90-day probationary period in College Housing. The student may be asked to sign a Release of Confidential Information so the Housing Committee member(s) may support the student in his or her recovery. Upon follows through and completion of the College Housing 90-day probationary period (beginning on the day of the violation) and substance abuse treatment, the student may be reinstated to a College Housing student in ‘good standing’ with no further documentation required contingent upon the recommendation from the professional provider. The initial intent of this policy is to be rehabilitative in nature.
  3. If there is ‘reasonable cause’ and the Housing student denies an interview for further discussion with a Housing Committee member, he or she may be mandated for drug screening at Industrial Health – McLaren Port Huron. The student will need to complete the IH-Medical Authorization Form for drug assessment. The College will pay for said testing and shall have access to the student’s drug screening assessment test results. The Housing student will be advised to go to Industrial Health – McLaren Port Huron immediately for drug screening assessment upon recommendations from any Housing Committee member.
  4. If a student refuses to complete the drug screening assessment at the direction of any Housing Committee member, this will be considered an admission of guilt and further disciplinary measures shall commence, up to and including, suspension and/or dismissal from College Housing.

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