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SC4 faculty, staff honored for years of service

St. Clair County Community College faculty and staff members were honored at a staff luncheon ceremony Friday, May 3, on the college’s main campus. Forty-seven employees received awards and recognition for their dedicated service to SC4.

“SC4 faculty and staff members work hard to maximize student success on our campus every day,” said SC4 President Dr. Deborah A. Snyder. “We are pleased to honor and recognize retirees and employees for their continued commitment and service.”

Retiring employees:

  • Linda Becker of Marine City, associate degree nursing professor, 29 years.
  • Christopher Hiebert of St. Clair, engineering graphics professor, 29 years.
  • Kelli Kearns of Marysville, workforce development coordinator, 17 years.
  • Patti Lindgren of Emmett, accountant, 18 years.
  • Gail MacGregor of Clyde Township, financial aid representative, 36 years.
  • Larry Mavis of Chesterfield Township, chemistry professor, 25 years.
  • Daniel McCarty of Marysville, business administration professor, 9 years.
  • Matthew Morabito of Port Huron, electronics professor, 33 years.
  • Pennie Munro of Avoca, associate degree nursing professor, 18 years.
  • James Neese of Fort Gratiot, English professor, 31 years.
  • Marilind Roff of Port Huron, office administration professor, 27 years.
  • Celeste Skalnek of Clay Township, director of college, cultural and alumni relations, 10 years.
  • Lis Tollander of Port Huron, academic services coordinator, 21 years.

Employees honored with service awards:

  • Jessica Brown of Grosse Pointe, director of TRIO student support services, 5 years.
  • Tangie Christmas of Port Huron, speech professor, 20 years.
  • Christine Deaton of Smiths Creek, payroll manager, 35 years.
  • Bonnie DiNardo of St. Clair, director of community education and relations, 30 years.
  • Carrie Dollar of Grosse Pointe Woods, biology professor, 10 years.
  • Julie Easton of Port Huron, advising secretary, 30 years.
  • Frank Edwards of Port Huron, physical plant staff, 20 years.
  • Jason Eveningred of Port Huron, physical plant staff, 10 years.
  • Patty Fasbender of St. Clair, executive assistant to the chief operating officer, 15 years.
  • Scott Fernandez of Fort Gratiot, education and history professor, 20 years.
  • Jessica Flann of Port Huron, director of advising, 10 years.
  • Jim Frank of Burtchville Township, English and French professor, 20 years.
  • Patricia Frank of Burtchville Township, history professor, 20 years.
  • Celina Grondin of Fort Gratiot, director of institutional research, 10 years.
  • Elizabeth Jacoby of Armada, English professor, 5 years.
  • Thomas Kamsickas of Fort Gratiot, physical plant staff, 15 years.
  • Mike Kindle of Port Huron, physical plant staff, 20 years.
  • Laurie Lamont of Lakeport, associate degree nursing professor, 15 years.
  • Roger McClelland of Kimball Township, emergency services program director, 5 years.
  • Joe McFalda of Casco Township, welding professor, 20 years.
  • Brent Morton of Port Huron, senior campus patrol officer, 15 years.
  • Barry Moses of Croswell, physical plant staff, 35 years.
  • Marci Orrell of Emmett, assistant director of financial aid, 10 years.
  • Darlene Pauly of Fort Gratiot, veteran and sponsorship billing representative, 30 years.
  • Julie Perry of Croswell, clinical nursing professor, 5 years.
  • Julie Ruiz of St. Clair, advising and career specialist, 20 years.
  • Jessica Smith of Clyde Township, project and purchasing manager, 10 years.
  • Marie St. James of East China Township, mathematics professor, 10 years.
  • James Thomason of Port Huron, physical plant staff, 35 years.
  • Stacey Turo of Riley Township, associate degree nursing clinical instructor, 5 years.
  • Michael Ward of Fort Gratiot, physical plant staff, 20 years.
  • Jeffery VanHamlin of Chesterfield Township, mathematics professor, 10 years.
  • Michelle Watta of Port Sanilac, psychology professor, 10 years.

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